Wolf Girl

I am Jessica Rattey. I walk with wolves, I live with wolves. Wolf is my life, they are my family. But I wasn't always a part of the pack. I was once quite human, but now I am wild at heart. Having wolves at my side, together, we can conquer anything. We together stand strong, this is where I belong. No longer call me by the name of Jess, for now I shall go by the name of WolfGirl!


3. Also Alone

As I sat there, sobbing uncontrollably into my hands, nothing else mattered. I cried on for ages, anonly stopped when heard some leaves on the ground rustle in the distance. I perked up quickly, scanning my surroundings nervously like a deer does. I heard quiet whimpering coming from a pile of leaves a few metres away. I wiped away my tears on my sleeve, and began to slowly stand up. I approached the leaf pilewith caution. As I got closer I realized the noise was a bit like a puppy whimpering. The way I was feeling, I also felt like whimpering. When I finally reached the pile of leaves, I carefully began digging my way through the leaves to discover it's centre surprise. What saw below the leaf pile was ever so cute. It was a baby wolf cub. His fur dark brown, with black marking going down his back. He had huge paws for such a small cub, and was very well built in a muscular way.

I spoke sweetly to the wolf cub, and in an understanding way. "Were alike in so many ways you and I. Unwanted by others, no family to turn to. Forced to go on the run, and hide from our harsh realities". The little wolf cub didn't appear to be listening. He got up and bounded towards me, collapsing lovingly on my lap like a trained domestic dog would. With that he fell asleep in my arms. I pushed him away so he continued to sleep on the floor. I was unsure wether he might bite, or carry a disease. That night in the forest I felt like I had found a friend and was no longer alone. This little wolf cub felt like to me, my first ever friend. I sat there for ages watching him sleep on the cold hard ground. Wiggling his nose, kicking his back legs, snd whining out in disscompfort.

I gently scooped the heavy wolf cub into my arms, and held him close for comfort. He really was like a big, warm, cuddly teddy bear. I was keeping warm and ready for my first night sleep in the forest when I got to thinking about a name for my new found friend. I was thinking about bears because he was like a teddy bear. I thought of thed biggest bear I could think of, the Polar Bear. I then decided to call him Nanuq. This means Polar Bear in Alaskan. I cuddled close to my new friend, and fell into a deep, and peaceful sleep.

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