Wolf Girl

I am Jessica Rattey. I walk with wolves, I live with wolves. Wolf is my life, they are my family. But I wasn't always a part of the pack. I was once quite human, but now I am wild at heart. Having wolves at my side, together, we can conquer anything. We together stand strong, this is where I belong. No longer call me by the name of Jess, for now I shall go by the name of WolfGirl!


5. A New Member

I woke up to Nanuq barking at a racoon a few inches away from him. The racoon was making angry noises, and swiping threateningly at him. One swipe slashed across Nanuqs nose causing him to yelp. I got up quickly saying "no Nanuq! Get away from there!" Nanuq went back for more as he thought it was just a fun game. I had to throw rocks to scare away the racoon, before Nanuq got hurt any worse. I scolded Nanuq telling him not to do it again. I then told him to follow me, as we both set deeper into the forest together in search for food. We saw an old cabin in the distance which appeared to be deserted. I knocked on the door to see if anyone was in, but when I got no reply, I just walked right in. I screamed in shock as I saw two dead bodies that appeared to have been mauled by a large wild animal. I tried not to freak out as I went past the dead bodies and headed towards the cuboards to find resources. I founnd a rucksack on the sofa, which I filled with a few slightly out of date tins I found in the cuboard. I also found a fresh bit of deer meat that was kept in the freezer so it would last longer. I looked at Nanuq and said with a smile "you and I won't go hungry today".

Once I had found everything that was worth having, I quickly got out of their just in case the wild beast came back. I was aboutto leave the cabin behind when I heard a dog crying out desperatly. I walked behind the cabin to find a white wolf, slightly older than Nanuq, but still young, with grey marking down her back tied to a metal peg in the ground by a rope. I approached her slowly as to prevent startling her. She began to growl baring her teeth, and her ears back against her head with rage as her eyes lit up red. I said calmly as I lowered myself to her level "It's ok, I'm here to help you". The wolf stopped growling as if she understood every word. She began to whimper as she tried to pull away from the peg in the ground. She was shaking uncontrollably swith fear. I began to untie her from the peg. As soon as I had she leapt upon me realizing she was free. She began making a lot of fuss over me, thanking me from freeing her. As she lickd my face affectionatly I untied the rope from around her neck so she wouldn't hang herself on it. I then walked away with two wolves now accompanying my jorneys.

As all three of us returned to the place me and Nanuq first met, I sat down and started to think of a name for my new friend. I couldn't think of anything at first so I just called her Tikaani because it means 'Wolf' in Alaskan. I then decided to lengthen her name as she was as white as snow and so small and cute. I called her 'Mikki Sesi Tikaani'. This means 'Little Snow Wolf'. But I will just simply called Tikaani for short. I watched the two wolf cubs playing together. It was just so cute. They seemed to have an instant connection. It was as if they were meant to be together.

I sharec the deer meat between the two, and popped open a tin of beans for myself. After a good meal the two wolf cubs led down together, and I decided it was time I joined them.


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