Wolf Girl

I am Jessica Rattey. I walk with wolves, I live with wolves. Wolf is my life, they are my family. But I wasn't always a part of the pack. I was once quite human, but now I am wild at heart. Having wolves at my side, together, we can conquer anything. We together stand strong, this is where I belong. No longer call me by the name of Jess, for now I shall go by the name of WolfGirl!


1. Prologue

Things wern't always as good as they are now. I was once trapped in the past, it seemed once that I had no future. I was bullied terribly at school. Nobody understood what it felt like to be treated like a diseased wild animal. I was as jumpy as a deer, and as wild as the wolf. Bullys made me that way. They treated me like an animal, so I gave them an animal. People avoided me so I knew what it was like to be alone. I called myself The Lone Wolf back in those days. As the days got better I began to call myself WolfGirl. After all it was the whole wolf thing that got me through the harsh reality of life. I have pet wolves. They are called Tikaani, Nanuq, Eve, and Raven. Living life like a wolf, and growing up around them inspired me to write this book.


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