Ellie is just a normal 14 year old girl but when her parents leave her home alone for the night her normality is over. She lives a different life with no friends, no school, who will save her or will she be like that forever...?


1. First day back to school.

'What does the fox say' my phone alarm was ringing, hitting it was the way to turn it off 'boom boom boom'. So, I'm Ellie and I'm 14, it's my first day back to school today after my terrible accident and I'm so excited to see all my friends especially Anna. I jumped out of bed and turned the shower on, I stripped myself naked and looked in the mirror, 'Still not perfect' I told myself with a sigh. I stepped into the shower, warm water droplets covered my leg and dripped down as if it were a race. I covered my body in the same shaped water droplets, I squirted my shower gel all over my body. The coldness of it sent shivers up my spine and goose bumps settled everywhere. I rubbed it in being careful not to get it on my cut from where I fell over in the garden yesterday. I washed my hair until it was silky clean. I hopped out of the shower and grabbed the nearest towel, I wrapped it 'round my body To warm me up and dry me off. The drips of water settled into the softness of the towel. I felt really dizzy as if I had been hit in the head, sickness started to fill up in my body. I grabbed the side of the sink and slowly crouched down to the floor.

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