Harry Styles

Madelyn Smith is a 17 year old girl who has an older brother called Corey and a mum called Kelly, she has a best friend called Becci and they go to the same school together. Madelyn didnt notice that there was a group of boys that go there and she never seen them but her friend had seen them and already likes one of them. What happens when a curly haired boy called Harry likes her and then Louis starts to like her. Read to see what happens.


3. Chapter Three

Skipping to afternoon


When the bell finally rang for home time, me and Becci started walking out the gate when the guys caught up to us, "Hey, we'll meet you at the beach yeah" said Zayn then Becci squealed, "Obviously it’s a yes" I said smiling at them and they laughed except for Harry who smiled a little bit then he frowned, "Ok cool, hope to see you in your bikini" said Louis wiggling his eyebrows and I just laughed, "Oh you will" I said flirtatiously and winking at him, Louis bit his lip and winked then the guys said bye, well except Harry of course, but he gave a little wave then walking off with the guys, me and Becci walked to the front door then I got my keys out of my bag and unlocked the door then went inside, Corey wasn’t home because it was quiet and the door was locked, well he would've locked it even if I wasn’t here, that’s how stupid he is, "Maddie where's your brother" Becci said looking around, "He's probably hanging with his friends, they're like brothers to me" I said smiling, "Except one" I mumbled and scowled when she wasn't looking,  "What were his friends names again" she said thinking, "Justin, Cody, Austin and Jackson" I said remembering when Austin was all touchy feely with me but I never told Corey about it, but I love the other guys, I shuddered at the moment, "What’s wrong Maddie" said Becci looking at me in concern, "Oh um nothing" I said putting on a fake smile, "Oh ok, then let’s get ready to go to the beach" Becci squealed with excitement, "Ok let’s go" I said smiling, then we went up to my room and changed into our swimmers, but I went in my bathroom, then we put our cover up on, when we were done we went back downstairs, "OK LETS GO" shouted Becci obviously excited to see Zayn shirtless or something, we walked out the front door and I locked it and we walked down the steps where we saw the guys here, um what, "Hey, I thought we were meeting you guys at the beach" I said confused, "Oh we thought we might walk there with you girls" said Zayn winking at Becci then she blushed and looked away, I chuckled, then I saw that Harry was looking at me and he then looked away, "Ok so let’s go" said Louis winking at me, I winked back and bit my lip but only playfully, Harry started staring daggers at Louis and if looks could kill he would be dead no more than a second, but I'm still gonna talk to Harry later on, "LEGGO!!" me and Becci yelled and fist pumped in the air, the guys laughed and Harry had a little smile on his face that showed his cut dimples and then it faded, we then started walking and Louis put his arm around my waist but I didnt wanna be rude so I left it there, I looked at him and he winked and I playfully winked back, I glanced at Harry and he looked mad and I think Liam noticed this, "You alright Harry?" he said concerned, "Yeah I'm fine" he said a little bit loud, maybe because everyone keeps asking if he's okay, "Ok" said Liam a little hurt, I patted Liam's shoulder, "He's gonna be okay, he's just in a bad state" I whispered and smiled a little bit, he smiled back and nodded, while we were walking Zayn and Becci were in a deep conversation, Niall's eating a bag of chips, ha typical, Harry was quite the whole way and Louis still has his arm around my waist.


When we got there we all put our towels down and the guys took their shirts off, Harry looked really sexy and fit, in fact they all looked really fit, Becci started staring at Zayn and then he noticed, "Like what you see love?" he smirked and winked and Becci started to turning like a tomato, then we all started laughing while she was embarrassed, Becci took her cover up off to reveal her black polka dotted bikini and Zayn and the guys whistled, she looked like the colour red, poor child, we all laughed at her even Harry was laughing a little, "Hey Maddie your turn" said Louis winking, "No way, not yet" I said putting on a serious face and shaking my head, all the guys laughed and even Harry was still laughing, "Come on, it’s not that bad" said Louis putting his arms around my waist and winking, the guys were laughing, I guess they like to laugh, Harry stopped laughing and started glaring at Louis, "Come on hurry up" said Niall still laughing, his laugh was the funniest thing I ever heard, "Ok fine" I said giving up and walking out of Louis' arms, "But don’t look" I said looking at all of them, Harry was pretending to look away and glancing at me, then I grabbed the bottom of my shirt and started pulling it up, I saw Louis biting his lip and looking at me, so I didnt care anyway, then I took it off to reveal my white bikini, all the guys wolf whistled and Becci was laughing, I started blushing a lot, I looked at Harry and he had his mouth open, when he noticed I was looking at him, he quickly looked away, "Come on lets go to the water" said Niall running toward the water, me and the guys started running after him and we just splashed water at each other, then I noticed that Becci and Zayn weren’t here and I looked to where they were and saw that Becci was pulling him lightly toward the water, I guess he didnt like the water, then all of a sudden I felt a big splash of water hit me and saw that Liam, Niall, Harry and Louis were laughing, yeah very funny guys, "Ok, who did that" I said playfully glaring at them, "It was Niall" they said pointing to Niall, "Ok Niall you’re gonna get it" I said running straight to him and tackling and we landed in the water, it was freezing and all the guys were laughing, I got some water and put it in Niall's face, he then turned us around and started tickling me, oh how I hate getting tickled, I started laughing hysterically and moving around, "I'LL SAVE YOU MADDIE" yelled Liam and Louis and they pulled Niall off me and tackled him, then they started wrestling, I was still lying in the water catching my breath and I probably look like a beached whale, I saw Harry coming towards me and held out his hand to help me up, I grab his hand and he pulled me up, "Thanks" I said smiling at him, "Your welcome" he said smiling his cute dimpled smile, I sighed, "Look Harry me and Louis aren’t together" I said holding his arms, "Yeah I know, I just got a bit jealous" he said looking down, I was shocked that he even said that, does he like me or something, "Why would you be jealous" I said grabbing his face in my hands and making him look at me, "Uh...I...well...like...you" he said blushing, "Well I like you too" I said smiling and looking at him in the eyes, he has the most prettiest eyes I've ever seen, "Really" he said smiling really big, then out of nowhere I kissed him and he was shocked but he kissed me back, then I wrapped my arms around his neck and he wrapped his around my waist, our lips were moving in sync and it was the best feeling ever, I felt butterflies flying around in my stomach, after about 2mins we pulled back and smiled at each other, "Uh, that was nice" I said putting arms down and he put his down too, "Yeah, I liked it" he smiling at me, "So, what now?" I said not knowing what to do, "Maddie, would you like to be my girlfriend?" he asked looking in my eyes, "Harry, I would love too" I said smiling proudly at him and he smiled really big and kissed me again, I felt the butterflies come again, "Well look what we have here" said Liam laughing and we pulled away quickly, gee thanks Liam, "Are you two together" Niall said pointing at the two of us, "Yes we are" Harry said proudly and holding my hand, I nodded happily, when I looked at Louis he looked hurt and I felt really bad, "Let’s go sit down for a bit" said Liam walking back to the towels, we all nodded and followed after him, when we got there we sat down with Becci and Zayn, I didnt even know they were still sitting there, Harry sat down and pulled me down so that I was sitting in between his legs, I looked at him and smiled then he winked, he put his arms around me, "What’s going on here" Becci said eyeing the both of us, "They're together" said Liam rolling his eyes and smiling, me and Harry both nodded our heads smiling, "Huh" Becci said confused, I just pattered her head smiling and looking towards the ocean and the boys laughed, we were just talking about random things and laughing at jokes Niall told, Harry kept kissing my cheek, I looked up at him and kissed him, then we pulled away after a few seconds, all of us were enjoying the moment and talking, everything is perfect.

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