Harry Styles

Madelyn Smith is a 17 year old girl who has an older brother called Corey and a mum called Kelly, she has a best friend called Becci and they go to the same school together. Madelyn didnt notice that there was a group of boys that go there and she never seen them but her friend had seen them and already likes one of them. What happens when a curly haired boy called Harry likes her and then Louis starts to like her. Read to see what happens.


1. Chapter One

“MADELYN, TIME TO GET UP" my mum yelled from downstairs, I groaned and rolled over, it was 6:30am, I got out of my bed to put my phone on the charger and then I took a shower and let the hot water wake me up a bit. Once I got out I wrapped my towel around my body and went into my room to get some clothes to wear, I wore pink skinny jeans and a white t-shirt with a pink heart in the middle and I put my black converse shoes on, then I put some eyeliner on and a little bit of foundation, I walked out of my room and downstairs to the kitchen and saw that my older brother Corey was already there eating cereal, he's 19 and I'm 17, I got the toaster out of the cupboard to make some toast. "Morning brother" I said happily and patting him on the head and sitting next to him waiting for my toast to pop up, "Morning loser" he replied patting me on the back smiling, well that’s my brother for ya, "Lovely, where'd mum go" I said, "She went to work" he said finishing his cereal, oh no wonder I didnt hear because I was in the shower, then my toast popped up and I got up to get them out and put some cheese on it and sat back down.


Once I finished eating my toast, I got up and put my plate in the sink and went to room to get my phone of the charger, I walked out of my room and downstairs where Corey was sitting and texting, he was probably texting his friends, "Well I'm going now, see ya" I said to Corey and walking out of the door, "Bye loser hahaha" he said laughing, "You’re not funny, " I yelled from outside and walking down the stairs and off to school, "I know I am" he yelled back, idiot. While I was walking my phone vibrated in my pocket, I took it out of my pocket and looked at the caller ID, it was my best friend Becci and I answered it, "Hey Bec ready for school" I said sarcastically, "Oh yay, fun" she said sarcastically back, " Are you nearly there?" I said, "Yeah almost" she said, "Well I'll see ya when I get there, bye" I said, "Ok bye" she replied, then we hung up.


A minute later I finally got there and I was looking for Becci and I finally saw her, she was sitting at the bench, "Hey Becci" I said walking up to her and sitting down, "Hey Maddie" she said back, but she wasn’t looking at me, she was staring at something or someone else, "Hello earth to Becci are you there" I said snapping my fingers in front of her face, "Huh what" she said finally looking at me, "What are you looking at?" I said wanting to know, "Oh nothing" she said innocently, "I know your lying, so tell me" I said giving her the look, "Ok, ok fine it’s that guy over there at that table" she said pointing in the direction she was looking, when I looked where she was pointing, I saw that there were 5 boys sitting at the bench, one had black hair who had a little mirror in front of him, the one that was sitting next to him had blonde hair and was eating a sandwich, the one next him had short brown hair, the guys across them, one had brown curly hair and dimples that are shown when he smiles and next to him had brown hair to the side, they were probably the popular guys that all girls fall for, "Which one are you looking at" I said looking her, "The one with black hair, his name is Zayn Malik and he is cute" she said dreamily and fanning her face, "Ok lovely" I said smiling and shaking my head at her, "I know right" she said looking at him again, I rolled my eyes laughing a little, when she was still looking at him, he was looking around randomly probably in his own world when he caught her looking at him and he smiled, then she blushed and looked away, "Hahahahaha" I laughed at her and she elbowed me in the stomach, "Ow what was that for?" I said rubbing my stomach while frowning and pouting at her, I looked over at the guys' table and Zayn was smiling then I looked back at Becci, "It wasn’t funny, now he knows that I like him" she said embarrassed and then I started laughing again, she looked at him and he was already looking her, he then said something to the other guys and they all turned to look at us and smiled, Becci was blushing like crazy and I was actually still laughing at her, she told me to shush but I couldn’t help it, it was just so funny, then I looked at them and covered my mouth to keep myself from laughing but that didnt help at all, but once I start laughing I don’t stop, the one with blonde hair smiled and whispered something to Zayn and he nodded, he then got up and came towards us, I then stopped laughing and smiled really big at Becci, she was still blushing and then she looked at me, I winked at her and she punched me on my shoulder, "Act normal" I said smiling at her and she nodded, Zayn's friends were still looking over at us, he then approached us and he smiled at Becci, "Hi I'm Zayn, what’s you name" he said looking at her, "Becci and this is my friend Maddie" she said looking at him and pointing at me, well, "Hi Maddie" he said holding out his hand to shake mine, "Hi Zayn" I said shaking his hand smiling at him, I let go of his hand and looked at the other guys who were still sitting down and looking at us, the guy with brown curly hair caught my eye and he winked at me, I felt like there were butterflies in my stomach and I felt my face turn a dark shade of red, then I looked away.


They all started to come over to us and smiled, "Hi I'm Liam" he said the one with short brown hair smiling politely, "I'm Louis" said the one with brown hair to the side and he winked me, huh, "I'm Niall" said the blonde one with food in his mouth, "And I'm Harry" said the one with curly brown hair and he winked at me then I blushed, he was really cute, "Hi" me and Becci said at the same time and the boys laughed, Zayn and Becci started to have their little conversation, while me and the other boys just talked about random things and Harry making flirty comments making me blush, "Excuse Harry he's the flirt in our group" Louis said smiling and rolling his eyes, "Yeah he flirts all the time" said Liam shaking his head laughing and Niall nodded with food in his mouth, then I laughed, "And Niall eats a lot" Liam said laughing and shaking his head, "Yeah I think I noticed that already" I said smiling at them and they laughing and Niall just smiled with a lot of food in his mouth, lovely.

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