Goodnight Daddy

(Sequel to Are You my Father?)
"The baby's yours Dustin,"
But what happens when Dustin leaves unexpectedly...what do they do then?


31. Chapter 25


   It was nice to be home. It really was, especially when no one else was home to pester me with questions. Where were you? What were you doing? Why didn't you call? On and on and on...and on. The quiet was peaceful. Honestly I'd thought it would be hard to deal with; the constant stillness of air instead of breathing, the always present calmness instead of chatter was welcomed with open arms.


   The incident with Foster really opened my eyes to what was happening to my life. It was spinning closer and closer to destruction, if it hadn't reached it already. So I decided something. Dustin wasn't the light I was looking for, he was the exact opposite. The path to light was one I never thought I'd take again. I was done looking for someone who didn't want to be found. So here I am, sitting on a creaking bus to the one place where I'd finally said goodbye. The place where, when I step on that train again, I will be double taking on my past, double taking on my life. As we bumped under an arching bridge, I realized that my destination was closer than I had ever wanted to be to it again, but there was no going back now. The last person I had saw there was Louis, and the chunnel that goes back and forth from London to France was not a favorite place of mine. But I was going back to the light, back to my family, back home.


   "Got any Ace's?"

   "Go fish." No one can judge me. No one. Because if you were kidnapped by the psychotic pair that I was, you'd take any chance you got to not be in a room all by yourself. Even if that included playing card games with the two most bile creatures on the earth.

   "I swear she cheats." Maybe. I slipped the Ace father up my sleeve. When I woke up the other day I was still in Issac's sister's room, nothing had changed. Nothing...nothing. But, something would, soon...soon.


  Jason had been awake for a couple of days, but tears still came to his eyes every time he even caught glimpse of the wheel chair. Liam hadn't been much better, but he was holding it together for Lily. Lily still didn't understand why her brother couldn't play, but I volunteered to go down to the children's break room with her every time she asked. Whether it was to keep Jason somewhat sane or to keep myself from seeing the strongest person I know cry, I didn't know.

   Today he was being released from the hospital's care. Today we would all finally go home. Liam, Zayn, Kale, Emily, Harry, Lily, Hannah, and I have all been staying in the hospital waiting room for that last few nights, and if you've ever been in one of those rooms, we take up almost the entire thing. Once I was woken up by a man whose wife was in labor at two in the morning, asking if she could sit where I was laying. Quickly I had gotten up, only to have to water break all over the seat she now occupied. I've been obliged to sleeping on the floor ever since.


   I swear the wheel chair isn't even the worst part. Through further testing, the doctors determined that with physical therapy I had a good chance of walking and participating normally on my own two legs again...I wouldn't be stuck on two wheels forever. The worst part is that my so called "mom" doesn't even bother coming back to see me. Either of them in fact. My biological mother, Danielle, was too busy rehearsing for Broadway, but she sent her regards in the form of a 'just roll with it' wheelchair card. And on the other hand, Sophia couldn't be bothered considering that she only cares for her real daughters Hannah and Lily. I can hear my dad arguing over the phone with them every day when he thinks I'm asleep. Little does he know that there's not an invisible wall separating the room that I can't hear his raised voice through. That's the worst part.

   On the upper hand, I finally get to go home today.

   On the lower hand again, our house isn't wheelchair proof. I have to sleep in the den where Lily plays her pony video game before cartoons come on the morning. I will get absolutely no sleep for the six month period I'm supposed to be in this stupid chair; and that's considering the fact that the therapy might take even longer than that. I will be waking up to neighing every day for who knows how long exactly...on second thought, maybe that's the worst part.


   Later the same day I grabbed the disc, I secretly went back home to check out what was on it. You really want to know why Jason and Jasper were shot? Well, here's the answer... : Aliens. I'm just kidding, but the real reason was kind of freaky. Apparently the family that this disc belonged to where terrorists because there were multiple scale drawings of bombs and directions to make them. I that was the only copy of the disc they had. I shredded that thing the second I could. It also contained quite a few emails back and forth from a person named Collette and 'Master' saying that she set up the perfect family "drama" so no one would suspect her of ever trying to hurt someone. Apparently she faked her mother's death to cancer and the loss of her baby. The emails abruptly end with one last sentence, "Abort mission, Raven and Chick were made."


   When I opened the doors I never thought I would again, the whole house seemed to whisper, 'welcome home'.

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