Goodnight Daddy

(Sequel to Are You my Father?)
"The baby's yours Dustin,"
But what happens when Dustin leaves unexpectedly...what do they do then?


29. Chapter 23

I feel terrible. I've been so stressed with midterms, family, friends, my ASL class, etc. I'm sorry that I didn't update when I said I would. I'm sorry :/. BTW, another long one ;)


   "That's why she's gone?" I breathed, not able to bring my voice to a louder volume. No one moved, no even a nod to tell me that I was right. Then the doors open. At this time, the car and chunnel ride were over, leaving us rushing to the front desk of the hospital in France.

   "Jason Payne and Jasper Styles," Harry gasped, trying in vain to fill his lungs in the thinly aired room. The secretary's eyes glanced up, narrowed, and then she seemed to take her sweet time in pulling up the room number.

   With a heavily accented voice she spoke, "Jasper's in room 207, 4th floor, but Jason is still in surgery. Jasper obtained..." but we were already gone, the elevator doors closing behind us, and the secretary's voice echoing over our shoulders. Even though I never really knew them, I couldn't help but remember how accepting they were that first day I found out that Zayn was my father. I finally felt like someone cared, like I finally had brothers. They're important to me. They're family. The slow 'dings' of the passing floors seemed to find their way into my throat to clog it, taking my ability to breath away from me. Just when the weight on my chest seemed crushing, the machine stopped and soon after the door pulled open. Before they were even partly cracked, we were all out, scanning the halls for a sign that would take us to our destination.

   "Your son is down that hallway," The voice came out of nowhere. We all spun around.

   "Excuse me?" Harry questioned, taking a step in the direction of a lady wearing all tight black clothing. A newspaper hid her face, but when she pulled it back, it wasn't the only thing keeping her identity a secret. Large black sunglasses framed most of her face, overpowering her features almost as much as the bright red lipstick that stuck out against the dark material.

   "Your son is down that hallway Mr. Styles. I saw them wheel him in. Don't worry, he's fine. He didn't lose as much blood as the other boy," Then she nodded at Liam. "Hope your boy makes it, nice kid," The corners of her lips turned up in a sympathetic yet amused look. I couldn't see them, but I swear her eyes were flickering with malice, her smile seemed to contain a smirk. Something about her set me off, so when the nurse told us that only two of us could go in at a time, we let Liam and Harry in. Zayn and Emily went to the cafeteria, telling me that they would bring something back. And me, well...I stayed in the waiting room with the so called sympathetic witness. She was hiding something, and I was going to find out just what that something was...


   I think I won their trust. They're no longer tying me up, chaining me to the bed. They're no longer keeping a padlock on the door, but the one on the window still remains. They're no longer keeping a guard at my door, but the security is maintained out in the dining room; and if I wasn't mistaken, they were playing cards right now, I could hear the constant stream of cussing echoing off the walls.

   "Should we check on her?" After the longest line of foul language yet, a gravely voice sounded. My heartbeat sped, my breathing getting labored. They were coming. The trust I had acquired didn't keep them from checking on me regularly. Before there was an answer from outside the door, footsteps sounded down the hallway, and I fell backwards onto the bed. My eyes shut just as the door swung open. I tried to keep my breathing slow, but my racing heart was making that slightly hard.

   "She still alive?" The same voice yelled from the dining room.

   "Shh! She's asleep," Issac's whisper quieted the man. Then his footsteps sounded over by the edge of my bed. Tears pricked my eyes. When the bed dipped, I knew that he had sat down, his fingers moving the stray hair off my forehead. When his lips touched my forehead I felt nothing but hatred. How could he do this to me and then have the nerve to be nice?! "I wish you would see..." He began, his breath tickling my ear, his lips skimming them. Another kiss landed on my forehead. "...that I mean no harm. I just need your help," The weight of his body on the bed left, but his lips didn't. Right against my ear he whispered, "And I know you can hear me. You're not asleep. I know you can hear me," With that, he was gone. With that, the tears welled up. With that, I finally let the tears that I had been holding back for days fall, staining the mattress with little wet marks as they dripped.


   I had been going to Callie's house every day since she was kidnapped, looking for a clue to where she was taken, looking for hope that she would return. So far, I had found nothing, and since Louis and Kirsten were due home any second, I wouldn't find anything more than nothing today. My hands gripped the door knob, turning it within them, then I froze. Something had caught my eye from my peripheral vision. I glanced over at what it was, taking in the sight of papers that were showing the very edges of themselves out of the closet. My hands pulled the doors open, scooping up one paper to scan my eyes over the lettering. Phrases like 'You know where she is', 'don't lie to me. Don't lie to yourself', and 'finding her will help everybody' stayed in the back of my mind. Even when my mind was swimming with the new information, those phrases covered it all, like a thin veil, keeping me from really seeing the meaning within all the other words. They obscured all my other thoughts. This is who must have taken her, this is where she must've gone. But, there were two unidentified people in the letter. 'She' who was missing, was in my thoughts Rosalie, but who was the writer? My eyes scanned the paper again, searching for signs of a signature, but the only thing they caught was the little 'i' that was signed at the bottom of the paper. Shaking my head and with a determined look on my face, I grabbed the rest of the papers. Then I tried again to leave the room, arms stacked with paper, but voices were already coming from the kitchen. How long was I reading that paper? How could I miss hearing a car come up the drive way...or by the sound of the voices, two cars coming up the drive way?

   "What do you want now Niall?" That was Louis.

   "Sorry to bother you, I just don't know who to turn to. Liam, Zayn, and Harry are always away now. You're the only one I have left," After a long hesitation, Louis spoke again, softer this time.

   "Kirsten, go wait in the living room please," I heard the click of heels that was quickly fading away. "What's going on Niall,"

   "Louise and I have been fighting lately..." Niall began. He seemed to take a deep breath before spilling out the next words in a hurry. "Before it happens, I just wanted someone to know, someone I could trust,"

   "O...k...? Niall what's going on?"

   He sighed before saying, "I'm filling for divorce," The papers dropped from my hands.


    The doctor came out of the surgery room, pulling the mask from her face and wiping her forehead with a gloved hand. My feet couldn't carry me over to her fast enough.

    "How is he doc? Is he going to be alright?!" I frantically asked, reaching out to grab onto the doctor's arm. I must've squeezed it too tightly because the next thing I know, she is cringing under my touch. I released. "Sorry," The words sounded like a mutter.

   "It's fine," She sighed. "He did good through surgery, but I'm sorry to inform you that his chances don't look too good," The color drained from my face.

   "Wh-Wh-What do you m-mean?" I stuttered, not caring if I did or not at this point.

    "Mr. Payne, I'm sorry. But your son has a 20% chance of living," My stomach dropped, my heart stopped beating, my limbs suddenly felt like lead, my head was swarming. The world was spinning, tilting to the side every so often, but becoming faster and faster as what felt like years ticked by. Suddenly, the doctor's face came back into view, but it looked distorted, like something that you'd see in a fun house mirror. "Mr. Payne, are you ok? Mr. Payne? Mr. Payne!" The last thing I felt was two strong arms catch me as I fell backwards, and the last line 'I gotcha buddy. Hang in there,' spoken behind me from Harry. As the sentence ended, so did my consciousness. And, just like that, I was gone.

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