Goodnight Daddy

(Sequel to Are You my Father?)
"The baby's yours Dustin,"
But what happens when Dustin leaves unexpectedly...what do they do then?


26. Chapter 21

Well, I'm a girl of my word :) plus that was a nasty trick I played on all of you ;)


   "Hi Kale," My dad spoke, smiling slightly at me. "What are you doing here? I thought we decided you were going to stay with your mom," I shrugged.

   "That doesn't mean that I can't come see you," It was his turn to shrug, a chuckle following.

   "True. Your mom knows right?" I nodded. ", come get some dry clothes," He lead me up to a room with a big black 'J' on it. "All his clothes are in the drawers," I nodded, then he added, "He won't mind, he hasn't been here in a while anyway," I turned my head back to see that his face had dropped.

   "Thanks," I spoke. He looked up, smiled, and nodded.

   "No problem," With that, my dad turned to walk out of the room, but stopped with the door cracked just enough to see his face. "You know that you're welcome here anytime right? Sorry if we made you feel like you weren't, but as you can tell Emily adores you," He laughed a little, and so did I. Finally he shut the door, walking back down the steps that we had come up. I changed into gray sweats and a black t-shirt before picking up my phone. There were 7 unread messages from my mom and half-sister, 13 missed calls, and 11 voice mails. I had only been gone for a day. And, to answer Zayn's No, my mother didn't know I was here...


   I was done waiting. If Collette wasn't going to give us answers, then I was going to find them myself. My hands found the ground to push myself to a standing position. Before I knew what I was doing, my body was walking around the side and into Collette's backyard. There had to be a door back here somewhere...

   "Mate, what are you doing?!" I heard Jason yell from over the fence, then his body slid in next to mine through the gate. When I didn't answer, he asked again, "Earth to Jasper. What are you doing?" He waved a hand in my face like he was trying to snap me out of a trance. I batted his hand away before walking up to the back door that I had spotted. No more words came from Jason's mouth until we entered the house through the unlocked back door. Even then, it was just a gasp of surprise.

   "Fuck," I whispered under my breath. The place was torn apart! The couch was overturned and pressed against the far wall where there was a good sized hole from it. The TV was fuzzy and making a dreadful noise. Everything was thrown everywhere, and the rest of the house looked no better. Food was spilled in the kitchen, water flooding the bathrooms, and the beds all torn apart. How Jason and I didn't hear or notice any of this before was a mystery to me. My brain was taking in all the images, but I never once registered what had actually happened in my brain.

   "Some one must've been watching us..." Jason whispered as he came up behind me. We had been looking through the biggest room, the room whose closet had been turned into an unused nursery. "To know when they could come in and rob her,"

   "Do you think this room was for Rose's baby?" I completely ignored his question, instead waiting for him to respond to mine.

   "Maybe...did you hear me? Jasper?" I couldn't answer. I wasn't the father of this baby, I mean I had a condom on, but...I couldn't help but feel attached to it still. Rose was out there somewhere, probably with Dustin, but that wasn't much help, and her nursery was here. I had known Dustin for a long time, there was no way that he was going to help Rose if it really was his baby. He would leave. I knew it. "Jasper?" I snapped out of my train of thought.


   "Do you think someone was watching us to rob her?" I shook my head.

   "Why would someone go to all the trouble just to rob her. I think they were looking for something, something that Collette was hiding," A strange voice erupted out of nowhere.

   "Something like this?"


   My bags were packed within the hour. As I descended the stairs, too impatient to wait for the elevator, I ran into another familiar chest.

   "Where are you going?" His accent rang through the air.

   "I've got to go Foster, but thanks for everything," I couldn't bring myself to look into his eyes. I tried to get around him, but in the narrow stairwell, he caught my shoulder with a gentle hand, pulling my softly back to face him.

   "What happened?" I shrugged.

   "I don't really know," I said with a slight laugh. "He just left," I whispered. He wasn't supposed to hear that last part, but he did.

   "Dustin? He left?" A sigh escaped my mouth, pushing its way past my lips. Taking my bottom lip between my teeth, I finally looked into his bright eyes and nodded, praying that the tears didn't fall. He looked shocked. I couldn't stop the first tear from falling. He caught sight of this and brought his hand up to wipe it away with his thumb. His face leaned closer to press a simple kiss onto my forehead. "Hey, it'll be ok. I promise. Ok?" I nodded. "How bout you stay here, I'll look after you here," He whispered the ending part, and I wondered if that was for my ears or only his. My mind raced back to the text: Don't come after me. Did he really mean it? No, no he didn't my mind screamed, but my heart ached with the real answer: Yes, yes he did. But, that doesn't mean that I'll listen to him. I was going to look for him one way or another.

   "No Foster. I've got to go find him," My feet tried to step backwards, pushing away from him, but he came after me. his hands wrapped themselves around my upper arms.

   "Please, just for the night until you calm down. This stress isn't good for the baby," He breathed. I shook my head.

   "No. Foster, I've got to find him," His eyebrows creased, just before his head dipped down to press his lips to mine. Before I could register what happened, I was kissing him back, my natural instincts kicking in. My back was now pressed against the wall. Inside myself, there was a battle going on.

My head screamed: No! You have to find Dustin, find out why he left! Go! He's the father of your baby and your boyfriend! What are you doing?!

But, my heart whispered: Don't stop...

   And, surprisingly, I listened to my heart...

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Tut tut tut Rose. Tut tut tut. If only she knew that kissing Foster was what got her into this mess in the first place ;). Well, hope no one hates me after the last chapter lol, but Rose is still in Paris guys :).

1) Where do you think Dustin went?

2) Who do you think is in the house with Jasper and Jason?

3) What happened with Kale and his mom that made him run away to his dad's?

4) Proposal ideas for Zayn to propose to Emily?

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