Goodnight Daddy

(Sequel to Are You my Father?)
"The baby's yours Dustin,"
But what happens when Dustin leaves unexpectedly...what do they do then?


17. Chapter 16


   Jason and I were wandering the streets, trying to see if anybody knew where Collette could have gone...she knew something.

   "Isn't this the street we were on a few hours ago?" Jason called, lagging behind like a turtle. I think the adrenalin was wearing off, we were both asleep on our feet. I looked around to see the sane dark houses that we passes what seemed like ages ago, but they were them. I huffed, shaking a stay curl out of my eyes.

   "Yup," I spoke quietly, popping the 'p'.

   "Can we sit down then? Rest a little while? I'm getting really tired," Jason complained, but I couldn't argue. I nodded, leading him towards a building that seemed abandoned at the end of the alley. I pushed the doors open, too tired to wonder why it wasn't locked. As soon as we got in there, we noticed the blankets. We each wrapped our self in one, trying to block out the still, icy wind even though it was coming around to spring time. Almost immediately we fell asleep, lulled into the darkness by the chirping of a bird perched nearby.


   It was light out when the bus finally stopped in Paris. Dustin and I were among the eleven people still on it, but now it was the end of the line, we had to get off. I through some money at the driver as we walked off the steps, into the streets covered in other cars.

   "Welcome...home?" I said, turning it into a question at the end. I looked over my shoulder at Dustin, raising my eyebrow at him. We both laughed a little, him kissing a spot on my forehead before grabbing my hand and pulling me to a nearby motel. When we walked in, the place wasn't fancy or anything, but it wasn't trashy either. It had a softly colored lobby, a wooden desk sitting in the middle. Behind it was a younger looking guy with red, curly hair that fell a little into his eyes. His gray eyes stood out from beneath the locks that were semi held back by a beanie that matched his eyes. His shirt was darker gray, and black skinny jeans fit on his legs. Tattoos covered everywhere else on his skin. His black converse were untied as he walked over to meet us, shaking hands with Dustin and kissing the back of mine, his silver lip ring tickling my skin. I blushed a slight bit. Trying not to show it, I looked to the ground, but I think they both caught it. His eyes lit up as he smiled, Dustin went ridged beside me, holding his grip on my other hand tighter. I had to admit that this guy was cute...No Rose! You can't think like that, you're with Dustin. You're having his baby, stop thinking like that. But, once again, that pesky little voice in the back of my head went off, reminding me of what I thought on the train, 'Ah, but, what if you love another?'

   "How can I help you?" He asked, directing the question at me, snapping me out of my thoughts. He didn't seem bothered by the fact that I was pregnant, or he hadn't noticed yet...

   "Can we get a room please?" I asked him. He nodded, gesturing for us to come up to the desk. He went behind the computer, typing something in, asking some questions, then handed us two room keys.

   "Room 127, third floor. I hope you'll enjoy your stay there, and if you need anything, anything," At this point he had grabbed my empty hand again, staring right into my eyes. " just call me, k?" I nodded as he placed a card in my hand. I glanced down to see a plain business card, but on the back was a number scrawled in pen. I nodded, smiling. Dustin pushed his body in between ours, separating our hands. He looked at the guy with a ice cold stare, speaking in a monotone with a slight hiss to it, daring him to touch me again.

   "Thanks, but I think we got it," With that he returned his hard stare to the area ahead of us, pulling me along as he rounded the corner into the elevator. The last I saw of the guy, whose name I never got, was his making a 'call me' sign with his hand, mouthing it as the doors closed. I looked over at Dustin to see if he saw it, but he was staring at the number above, anxiously waiting for it to get to the number three. I smiled to myself, stuffing the number in my pocket before Dustin could remember to take it away from me. Once we got to the room, Dustin said that he was going to take a shower. I nodded, as he took off his shirt there. I watched him as he walked to the bathroom, waiting til the water started until I took the number from my pocket and put it into my phone. Glancing around like there was hidden cameras that were gonna get me in trouble with Dustin, I grabbed my phone and headed out onto the balcony. My thumb hit the call button as soon as the sliding glass doors were closed.

   "Hello?" His voice echoed through the phone, sounding higher pitched than it did in person.

   "Hi, It's Rosalie," Realizing I sounded desperate for calling so soon, I made up an excuse. "I-I just realized I never got you name," I heard his quiet chuckle through the phone. He knew that was only half the reason I called so soon.


   "Cool name," I blushed, realizing how stupid I sounded. He laughed louder this time.

   "I guess," The question came out before I could stop it.

   "Why'd you give me your number?" I asked him, hoping he wouldn't think I was being rude. I felt like I could see him shrug.

   "Thought you'd like it, didn't seem like you were really into that Dustin guy you were with, seems like a dick to me," I was taken aback by what he said. Suddenly the urge to defend Dustin over came me.

   "Well that's a real prick thing to say now isn' t it?" I wrapped my free arm around myself, wishing that I could end this conversation soon, so I could go back inside.

   "Woah, that's not what I meant. I'm sorry if I offended you,"

   "I have to go," With that I hung up the phone, rolling my eyes and running a hand through my hair in frustration. I went back inside, flipping on the TV to pass the time.


   I woke up before Jason. These past few months have made me used to no sleep, I didn't care that I was still a little tired, I wanted to get moving to find Rosalie. Even Collette would do at this point, I just needed someone who knew something about where those two were. I stood up, stretching. My foot almost kicked Jason gently to rouse him, until my eyes caught sight of something on the ground. About four feet away, there was a big red mark. It was dark, stained into the hard floor, seeming out of place. My legs carried me over there before I knew what they were doing. Blood. My eyes flickered up to something else, something that I identified instantly. It was a dark purple, velvet bag. It was little, about the size to hold one of those cheap bracelets that you can find at any store. I grabbed it, examining it before I went over to Jason, shaking him with my free arm.

   "W-Whaa?" He asked, sleep mumbling his words.

   "Look at this," I shoved the bag in his face. He recoiled a little before taking it in his hands, still lying on the ground.

   "A bag?" He asked, giving me a strange look.

   "Don't you remember?" I asked him, hoping he would, explaining would take longer, and I really wanted to get going...NOW!

   "It looks like the one we gave Issac for one of his birthdays back when we were friends," He spoke, still not quite understanding.

   "Exactly," I breathed. His face formed an understanding expression.

   "Could it be his? If it is, he could've been here. He could've seen Rose!" I nodded, helping him up.

   "Only one way to find out," We raced out of the door, throwing the blankets on the ground as we went, velvet bag in hand.

A/N Hey guys :) I'm gonna have you answer a few questions for me, and I'll try to do something like this every chapter.

1) Who do you think kidnapped Callie?

2) What do you think Rose and Dustin saw that made them run away from their meeting place with Collette?

3) Team Dustin, Team Jasper, or Team Foster?

I'm also going to ask a question that's related to you guys, that I will answer too.

4) What are your top 3 favorite bands?

Mine are One Direction (obviously ;) ), Imagine Dragons, and Fall Out Boy :). -xx Em

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