Goodnight Daddy

(Sequel to Are You my Father?)
"The baby's yours Dustin,"
But what happens when Dustin leaves unexpectedly...what do they do then?


16. Chapter 15


   Hannah and I walked into Zayn's house, looking for our parents. The huge house was strangely silent, making us jump from fear when the phone began ringing loudly. I picked up the phone, glancing at Hannah, before answering in a shaky voice.

   "H-He-ello-o?" I stuttered. Hannah was waving her hands in front of me, wanting me to turn it on speaker, which I did as I rolled my eyes. A loud voice started talking through the speaker, too quick to  understand. "Wait, sorry, slow down please. I can't understand you," The person on the other end sighed heavily, then started again, slower this time.

   "Callie?" Zayn. I nodded before I realized he couldn't see me.

   "Yes," I responded.

   "Callie, go upstairs to my bedroom and grab the key that's under the mattress," I nodded, and as Zayn told me, I went upstairs to his bedroom to grab the key. When I had it I finally responded back.

   "Got it,"

   "K, is Hannah there?" He asked.


   "Have her lead you to the safe and enter the code 05161126," I nodded again, then walked over to the safe with Hannah and entered the code.

   "K," I spoke. "What is this for?" I asked him, suddenly confused on what he was asking us to do.

   "Emily, Liam, Harry, and I are in French jail. We need you to take $4,000 and bail us out," Hannah and I gasped, the phone almost slipping from my grip to the floor. Hannah wrapped her hand around mine, keeping the phone in place before she spoke for the first time.

   "What happened?" Her voice seemed strangely calm, like it happened all the time.

   "Just come to the Stradford's Police Station. See you soon," With that, he hung up. The line went dead, and the phone finally dropped to the floor.

    "What just happened?" I turned to Hannah as I asked her. All she did was shrug, grab the money, and run upstairs to grab her coat. My feet refused to move. Shock coursed through my veins, making my body frozen. So frozen in fact, that I didn't notice the footsteps coming up behind me. A cloth wrapped around my nose and mouth, instantly making my vision go black, my head spinning. I was falling into darkness, and falling fast. I was caught by two strong arms, comforting arms, and picked up bridal style. I felt my hair brush again the doorway, then heard two doors slam. One, the house door, then, a car. I was belted in, and the last thing I saw was a light headed figure sitting in the drivers seat, running his long fingers though his hair. Then, the blackness swarmed over me, forcing me into the abyss.


   "I heard nothing!" I screamed at the officer. I was now out of my chair, fisting my hair, worried sick over where Callie had gone. "I only went upstairs to get my coat and purse when she disappeared. I swear I didn't hear anything," With the last sentence my voice dropped back into a whisper. I had ran to the police station after finding somethings in the house messed up and Callie nowhere in sight. My fingers must have dialed her number pretty fast, cause soon after I saw she was gone, I threw my phone to the ground, shattering it into pieces. The officer that was asking me the questions wrote something down, muttering something I couldn't understand under his breath. My eyes glanced over to the paper, reading the words, 'Number 1 suspect...' then the paper was covered by his large hand, keeping me from reading the rest.

   "Miss, my notes are police business only, not for your eyes," His tone was light, but his words were threatening. I gulped and nodded, looking back at his face. He sighed before continuing, "Miss...I'm sorry your friend is missing right now, but you've got to realize that you're our number one suspect in this case so far, noting that there are no other leads. You have to remember something else about this, or you could be locked up for kidnapping," His fingers ran through his short cropped hair, a look of sadness crossing over his features and resting in his eyes.

   "I've told you all I know," I whispered, not able to remember anything else.

   "Then can we have your permission to search the house where this Callie was taken from? We will need to gather evidence," I nodded quickly.

   "Y-Yes. Yes of course," He nodded.

   "Ok then, but you'll have to stay in town until we can find clues that don't point to you. I don't believe you've done this, but other officers might not agree with me. We also need a number that we can contact you at, at any time. We can also give your teachers a note saying you can answer your phone in class on police business,"

   "Ok," I wrote down the number for him, sliding it across the desk as if I was making some deal.

   "We'll find your friend, ok?" All I could do was nod. He showed me out of the station and offered me a ride home. I declined his offer and took off walking. He told me to stay at someone else's house until the investigation was done, so I chose Niall's. I didn't want Louis and Kirsten to think that I was the reason Callie was gone, so I was going to wait to tell them until Callie was gone for 48 hours, the officer said I had a right to that.


   I woke up enough to open my eyes when I was carried into a house by the same strong arms that caught me as I blacked out. My vision was extremely blurry though, keeping me from seeing most of the things around me. One thing that was clear though, was the hair of the person holding me. Why their face wasn't the one thing I noticed, I didn't know. But, his hair, it was...perfect? I couldn't describe it. Everything about this person comforted me, made me feel safe. That doesn't sound like a kidnapper though right? I felt like I had known this person for years. I stared at his hair until I heard a door open, then slam closed. Darkness over took me for the second time, but this time it was cause all the lights were turned off, the only light coming from a crack in the curtains in the next room. He seemed to navigate the house without the light though, coming to a door, opening it, and setting me on the bed that was in there. Nothing felt wrong about the situation, though I still couldn't make anything out but his hair. His hands pushed the rag to my mouth and nose once again, but this time I couldn't fight back, for I was already too groggy to understand what was going on at the moment. My eyes lids felt heavy and began to close, shutting out the sight of his beautiful gold hair in the darkness.

   "Goodnight love, I'll see you in the morning," A voice whispered in my ear. He placed a pillow under my head and a blanket over my body. A door opened and closed, then the night rolled over me like an ocean wave, taking its victim down into the dark depths with it.

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