Goodnight Daddy

(Sequel to Are You my Father?)
"The baby's yours Dustin,"
But what happens when Dustin leaves unexpectedly...what do they do then?


15. Chapter 14


  "Ems, what are we doing here?" I asked her. She stood just outside the exit of the chunnel, the one that lead into France. She turned to look at me, her expression blank.

   She turned back before saying, "They're here...somewhere..." Her eyes kept roaming the area in front of us. Harry was speaking to a man in French, Zayn standing beside him, at a help stand. I couldn't understand, but they must be asking bout the four missing kids we were now trying to find.

   "How do you know?" I asked.

   "I believe Louis," Her voice was quiet as she still scanned the people walking by.

   "Why?" I asked, still unsure. It's not like I didn't believe Louis, it's just that it seems weird that she would say goodbye then just vanish like that. I always thought that he was just imagining it. She shrugged. My eyes glanced back to see Zayn and Harry walking over our way.

   "He said that he saw Jasper and Jason running towards the hospital over there," Harry pointed to a big building that loomed in the distance. "Other than that, he can't help us," Emily nodded.

   "Well let's go then," She spoke, taking off walking in the direction of the tall building. We followed her once again, keeping pace until we got to the entrance. Her small shoes clicked across the floor as she walked up to the front desk, ringing the small bell that was placed there. A tired, older looking lady walked out from the back room.

   "Can I help you?" Her monotone voice ringing in my ears. She had a heavy British accent. Emily scoffed at her rudeness before ringing the bell again. The lady's face fell into an angry expression. "I'm right here miss," She hissed, trying to keep her temper.

   Emily's eyes flashed to her face before replying, "Oh, I know. I wanted a less rude nurse," Her lip curled up in a smirk, her voice sounding innocent, yet full of malice at the same time. The lady, or Lucy as her name tag read, rolled her eyes before walking over to her computer and sitting in the chair.

   She took a deep breath before asking, "How may I help you miss?" A fake cheery voice came from her lips. Emily's eyes rolled before she spoke.

   "We are looking for a boy with shorter brown hair and brown eyes, and another that looks like him," She pointed towards Harry over her shoulder with her thumb. "Can you help us?" Lucy's eyes scanned over Harry. She nodded.

   "He was a patient here. The one that looks like him anyway," All our eyes widened.

   "W-What-t?" Harry stuttered out.

   "Well he was almost starting a fight while trying to find his friend, so we had to sedate him. The other boy stayed with him in his room until they woke up and left right away. I don't know where they went after that, just that they ran into the parking lot and turned right,"

   "They were on foot?" Emily asked. Lucy nodded, still giving her a glare. Emily looked thoughtful, like she had an idea...or a plan. "How long ago was this?"

   Lucy hummed before saying, "Last night. I wasn't at the front desk when they sedated him, but I heard about it and was here when they ran out,"

   "Do you know the name of the friend they were trying to find?" Zayn finally asked.

   "One of the nurses, that was looking after him while he was out, said her name was Rosalie. She was here with her friend Dustin that was in a coma for four months," We were all frozen, not one of us moving.

   "Is there anything else you can tell us?" I asked. She shook her head.

   "The rest in confidential, but I can tell you that Rosalie and Dustin checked out with a girl named Collette last night. The two girls have become good friends over the last four months they've been here,"

   "Wait...what else is there to add that's confidential?" Zayn asked. Lucy shook her head. Zayn reached into his pocket, pulling out his wallet. "What if I offer this?" He asked, waving a 100 dollar bill in his hand. Lucy's eyes looked at it hungrily, taking in the sight of it, her hand pulling up from the table to reach for it. But, before she could...the door to the lobby slammed open, a heavily bleeding man, with an unconscious child in his hands, rushed in, screaming for help. Lucy got up instantly, taking control of the situation, and running through the double doors with the medics as they rushed them to a room for help. We were left standing there, alone. I turned around to look at the other boys, then realized Emily wasn't beside me anymore. We all looked around before she popped up from the floor behind the desk.

   "What are you doing?" We all hissed.

   Without looking up, she replied, "Finding what she wasn't telling us," Her small fingers flew over the keyboard, her other hand clicking frantically on the mouse. Her hazel eyes scanned the screen, reading the names of patients enlisted here.

   "If we tell them that we are their parents, she will tell us what we need to know," Zayn hissed. Her eyes snapped up to meet his, a look of annoyance filling her face.

   "Ya they will, cause that's why you went straight for the bribe," She hissed back, her voice low and dangerous. She looked back at the computer, going back to what she was reading. "You and I both know that you don't believe they'll tell us anything," Just then, the door slammed open, and two police officers walked in. We all froze.

   "Miss, what are you doing?" One of them asked, removing his hat. Emily looked up, guilty, standing up so she was no longer bending down by the computer.

   "Umm..." She tried, but words failed her.

   "We came here for the bloody man and his son, but you four will have to come with us," One of the officers came around and grabbed Emily's arm. She rolled her eyes, but didn't argue back, knowing that she'd been caught. The other officer came over and herded us into the back of a cop car. We sat behind that cage, not talking, just sitting there until we pulled up to a police station and the car door was opened.

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