Goodnight Daddy

(Sequel to Are You my Father?)
"The baby's yours Dustin,"
But what happens when Dustin leaves unexpectedly...what do they do then?


13. Chapter 12



  I woke up with a pounding head ache. I didn't know why, so I walked over to the bathroom cabinet and pulled out pain killers. Taking two, I walked down the stairs to see Dustin curled up on the couch sleeping. A smiled crossed my face as I pulled another blanket around his shivering body. Walking into the kitchen, I looked out the window to the dark street, since it was early in the morning, to see two figures running down the street. I poured myself some water and walked over to the window, watching the figures with a confused expression. Two boys ran into view, stopping at a house a few blocks down the street, knocking on the door, and talking frantically to the person who answered it. Their arms flailed as they spoke, urgency showing in their features. I couldn't see them too clearly from where I was standing, but I instantly recognized them.

   "Shit," I muttered. Running as fast as I could over to the couch, I shook Dustin awake.

   "Whaaa?" He mumbled, still sleepy.

   "Jasper and Jason are looking for us! They're down the street right now!" I yelled. Instantly he was up.

   "Shit!" He yelled. He grabbed my hand and pulled me up to our rooms. Our bags were packed in record speed, hoping to get out of here before they reached this house. I was writing a note for Collette, when the door bell rang. Dustin and I froze. He had been in my room with me, helping pack up, but now...we were staring at each other in horror.

   "Fuck," We both muttered.

   "Do they even know what time it is?" Dustin asked.  I glanced at the clock, 4am.

   "I don't think they care," I mumbled, throwing the rest of my clothes into my bag. The doorbell rang again, followed this time by a restless pounding on the door. We both groaned, and I rolled my eyes. "Let's get out of here before Cole gets up," I whispered. He nodded and grabbed my bag for me. We were by the back door when a voice cut us off. I had placed the note in the kitchen, but it didn't seem like it would be needed.

   "What's going on?" Collette asked in her sleepy voice. She came downstairs with her hair in a mess, make-up smudged on her face, her eyes squinted from sleep, and in her pjs. I ran over and hugged her.

   "They're here," I whispered. Her eyes went wide; she knew what I was talking bout. "I need you to cover for us ok?" I asked her. She nodded not saying anything. She pulled me into a huge hug and finally whispered.

   "Be safe. Love you...all three of you," She put her hand on my ever growing stomach as we pulled away. I smiled at her as we kissed each other's cheeks. She stepped back, then went over to Dustin to hug him. They gave each other kisses on the cheek too before the two of us walked over to the back door and disappeared. We heard Collette's voice as she opened the door and spoke to the two boys.

   "Can I help you?" She yawned.

   "Are Rosalie and Dustin here?" They both asked at the same time. Oh, how I've missed them...but it's too late to go back now Rose. I bet they hate you for leaving...for leaving to be with Dustin...if only they knew the reason why... Dustin grabbed my hand and tugged me along as we vanished into the night once again.


   The door slammed in our faces. That was one of the million times that had happened since we started out search for the two. I looked over at Jasper whose face had fallen into a sad frown. I knew he missed Rose...and I knew he didn't want her with that dick Dustin. We never even got to tell her why our families hated his so much...we never got the chance to warn her. She never got the chance to know the truth that Zayn was her real dad. We never got to tell celebrate with her.There were so many missed chances and things we never got to do with her. It was depressing.

   "We'll find her mate...I know we will," I spoke, putting a hand on his shrunken shoulder. He nodded, not saying anything before turning and walking down the steps. The next house was a small, but comfortable looking house. We climbed the steps, knocking on the door, waiting for what seemed like years. We heard faint talking from inside, but couldn't quite understand what they were saying. There were three voices, two girls and one guy, giving us hope...but the hope was shattered when one girl answered the door, opening it just a crack , glancing behind her, then opening it all the way.

   "Can I help you?" She looked like she was just woken up, but we didn't care. 

   "Are Rosalie and Dustin here?" Jasper and I asked at the same time. She shook her head with a  confused expression...but there was something about that look...something that was different about it...something that I couldn't quite place...

   "I-I d-don't know a R-Ros-s-alie or D-Dustin,"

   "The girl goes by Rose," Jasper blurted out. She just shook her head.

   "I'll ask around if you tell me bout them," She spoke. Jasper and I looked at each other before explaining about the two.


   I was trying to buy them time...time to get away...time to leave...


    Jasper and I went on and on about them, trying to explain every little detail, so she could find them easier. We talked on and on about Rose, how she looked, how she smelled really good, her personality, her clothes style, how she know...carrying a child... , everything. Collette, as we learned her name was, just nodded and smiled, but...something still seemed off about her. She listened as we growled about Dustin...not really wanting to talk bout him, and not really caring if her was found or not. I don't even think that his family missed him that much...if they've even noticed he was gone... Her gaze flickered over us when we talked about him, her face staying the same, but her eyes looking defensive, angry...hurt.

   "He must be nice if she stayed at the hospital with him for four months," She defended. Jasper and I were taken aback. Her face formed into a scowl as she continued before we could talk anymore. "I'll ask around. Have a nice day," A fake smile was flashed our way before she shut the door. What was that all about? She seemed nice enough until we were being mean about Dustin... Jasper looked bout as confused and shocked as I was, but we shook it off and walked to the next house. Our adrenaline was so high that neither of us were tired, just wanting to find Rose before something bad happened. We ran over to the next house, running up the steps. Jasper reached out to knock on the door when it hit me. I reached out and grabbed his wrist, keeping him from knocking. He gave me a weird look, but I was looking at the ground, finally understanding what was so weird about Collette. It all ran through my mind at once, every little piece of it that all formed one big puzzle. The way she defended Dustin and looked pissed when we talked bad bout him, they clicked together. Her fake smile at the end and the way that she just nodded along as we explained she already The look of confusion that washed over her face in the beginning that didn't seem quite right to me and the way she stuttered, I thought it was from the cold, but now I know The voices that she was whispering to in the The way that she opened the door a crack, glanced behind her, then opened it all the

   "What are you doin mate?" Jasper's voice snapped me out of my train of thought. He was wresting with my grip on his wrist, trying to pull away. I looked up at him and he froze. "What?" he asked.

   "She knows them," I breathed.

   "What?" He asked again, his eyes big and wide.

   "She was lying," We stood frozen for a moment, then turned to run back to the house, but it was too late... We stood there, watching her garage door close and her car speed down the street...

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