The Voice (L.T) -On Hold-

Alex is an amazing singer, she has a mean step mom and a step sister. What happens when something happens and she can't sing anymore? The only way to get her voice back is to get 3 words from her true love. How hard can it be?


1. One

I replayed the video of me singing. My last video of it and of me talking too. I sighed as I stopped the video, I absolutely hated my adopted mom. She has this daughter her cannot sing and she wants to be famous. When I say she cannot sing, I mean she sounds like a dying cow. Anyways, I’m going to tell you how all this happened. Every little detail.

“Yeah, you wreck me.”

I sang, I always recorded myself singing. I knew I could sing, everyone did; I shut the camera off folding the screen back and putting it on my dresser. I remember when I was 10, right before my parents died they told me to never stop chasing my dreams. I haven’t stopped since I met this witch, aka my adopted mom.

My life has been hell since I was 13. I loved being in the orphanage I didn’t get treated like dirt, or anything. I was treated like a girl not some paper that you could throw away.

“Alexanderia!” I heard my sister call, stopping me from my thoughts. I got off my bed and made my way down a long hall-way, into her room. “I need you to go away.” She scoffed, my mouth gaping as I put her words together. “No, you called me. What do you need!?” I snapped. She scoffed turning her tv up louder. I rolled my eyes walking back to my room.


I walked out to the kitchen where this girl and Sabrina were sitting. Sabrina is my adopted mom, Carrie is my adopted sister. They gave me a glass of water and began talking again. I drank the whole thing and walked back to my room. It was late so I began getting ready for bedtime. I brushed my teeth, then my hair as I put my jammies on.




So this is the first story I've posted on here. So, please tell me if I should continue? I'll update when I get 2 comments I guess lol :) The next chapter will be longer I promise.

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