The Voice (L.T) -On Hold-

Alex is an amazing singer, she has a mean step mom and a step sister. What happens when something happens and she can't sing anymore? The only way to get her voice back is to get 3 words from her true love. How hard can it be?


5. Five


I walked back to my room after I was done getting something to drink. I pressed the up button on elevator call thing, (A/N I don’t know what that is, so if someone would tell me it’d be appreciated xD) after a few second the doors opened, I made sure the elevator was there before I walked in. I waited a minute before I pressed the close button. Right as I pushed it a guy hollered telling me to stop it from closing.

As he walked in the elevator I examined him, he had gorgeous hazel eyes, and tan skin; his hair was gelled up, and he had some facial hair growing. He looked pretty cute, though I couldn’t talk so I couldn’t make a conversation. There goes a chance at getting me voice back, I sighed as the doors opened for my floor. The guy had followed, “Where’s your room?” He asked; I pointed to 34B. “Mines next door!”

I reached my door and began to unlock, “What’s your name? I’m Zayn.” I stood there for a minute before trying to explain to him I couldn’t talk. I pointed at my mouth, and made my hand move towards him. “You can’t speak?” He asked, I agreed. He looked down at his feet; he reached for his phone that was in his back pocket; he handed me his phone that was open on the notes. “Tell me your name?”

I quickly typed Alex. I showed him as he nodded, “Alex?” He asked. He handed me his phone, after I got done typing I handed it back to him, “So, Alex Bell. Are you mute? Or are you just shy or something?” I sighed as I thought of what to call this.


He looked at me with his eyebrows raised. “Oh, well. Here’s my number, I gotta go back to my room with my mates before they think that I was mobbed by fans.” He gave me a paper and walked away. I stood there for a minute trying to figure out where I’d seen that boy before, he said his name was Zayn.. I shrugged as I grabbed my key out of my pocket and slid it into the card reader which unlocked my door.

I quickly shut my door behind me as I walked into the room. I wish I had someone to hang out with. I grabbed my phone and pressed the call app and typed in the number that Zayn had given me. Why did he give me his number? I thought to myself. I though for a minute before I texted him, I didn’t even know this guy, he probably gave me a fake number anyways.

Hey! It’s Alex, just making sure this is a real number xx

I sat my phone on the nightstand; I walked over to the dresser and grabbed some sweats and a t-shirt. I quickly pulled my clothes off and put those on. I walked into the bathroom and pulled one of the curlers out of my hair, I watched as a perfect spiral fell from the blue curler. I smiled as I rolled it back up, I shut the light out and made my way back over to the nightstand where I had laid my phone down. I pressed my lock button which had told me I had a message. I swept my finger over the little message icon.

Psh, a pretty girl like you I wouldn’t give a fake number to. Can I come over? Everyones asleep and I’m bored :p –Z

I replied with a yes, after a couple minutes there was a knock on my door. I walked over to the door and turned the knob, “Thanks, I was dying of boredom over there.” His think English accent rang through my ears. He made his way to the little love seat in the back of the room. “Are you here by yourself?” He asked, I shook my head no then nodded yes. I rolled my eyes and examined the room for some paper and pen. I grabbed the pen and paper and began write ‘I’m here in this room by myself, but I’m with my step-monster and her daughter.’ He chuckled as he read it. “I’m sure they aren’t that bad. What movie?” He asked as he saw the movies I had brought. I pointed to ‘A Walk to Remember’


He put the movie into the DVD player and we began watching it.


So, I told you guys I would update when I got 2 more hearts, well I got 4! So this is a kinda long chapter, (750 word not including this.) but I hope you guys like it! If I get 2 more hearts by 9ish, which is 4 hours, I will update again.

What do you think of Zayn and Alex?

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