Bad Boy's Not So Bad

Taylor is a senior in high school, and isn't the most popular girl in her school. She is from a poor family and only has one true friend. She's only kissed a boy once and that was in a game of truth-or-dare in eighth grade. She has no idea how to even talk to boy, that is before she meets Zayn Malik and his "crew." Zayn is a flirt. He just wants sex. He acts all bad, but Taylor isn't into that kind of stuff. Until...


4. What happened


We were still working on our project and it was 9. 

"Shoot I gotta get home!" I say looking at the clock.

"Ok, do you wanna come over after school again tomorrow?" Niall asks.

"Yeah sounds good! I'll see you tomorrow." I say grabbing my stuff and heading out the door.

As I'm walking out the door, someone grabs me by the wrists and pulls me aside. Of fucking course. It was Zayn.

"What the? Zayn?" I ask.

"Shhh. Why have we never met before love?" he says stroking my face with the back of his hand.

"I don't know," I say looking down.

"That's a shame," he says whispering into my ear, giving me the chills.

"Look, I really need to get home."

"Not until you either kiss me or give me your number." 

"No, just let me leave," I say. He shakes his head. 

I lean in and he leans in too. He lets go of my wrists so I could run if I wanted to, but I was gonna tease him. I quickly turn my head and kiss him on the cheek and run away.

SHIIITTTT. I can't walk home. What do I do?

I turn around and Zayn is looking at me. I walk back towards him.

"Need something?" he asks.

"Errr. A ride?" I ask. He nods and points to his car.

"Let's go." he says and gets in the car.

I give him directions and we finally get to my house.

"Thank you." I say opening the door, but before I can, he locks it.

"You don't think that lil thing counted as a kiss do you?" 

"Ugh seriously?" I say.

He nods. I lean in and he does too. But this time he grabs my face and literally forces me to kiss him. I try to pull away but he won't let me. I finally got away and he unlocked the door.

"Bye," I say with sass.

"Goodnight Taylor." He says with a wink.

What just happened.

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