Bad Boy's Not So Bad

Taylor is a senior in high school, and isn't the most popular girl in her school. She is from a poor family and only has one true friend. She's only kissed a boy once and that was in a game of truth-or-dare in eighth grade. She has no idea how to even talk to boy, that is before she meets Zayn Malik and his "crew." Zayn is a flirt. He just wants sex. He acts all bad, but Taylor isn't into that kind of stuff. Until...


1. Intro--boring


I wake up in my small apartment. I have the worst headache ever. Probably because my 6 year old brothers are running around screaming and it's only 5:30 A.M. And it's Monday, my favorite day of the week. Not really though. I try to fall back asleep, but it's just simply impossible with all this noise. 

I decide to get up out of bed and take a shower. I stay in the shower for about half an hour and get out at 6:10. I dry my hair and throw on a pair of skinny jeans and a long sleeve V-neck. I brush my hair and apply a small amount of mascara. By the time I'm done it's 6:30. That's the time I usually wake up. Maybe I have time to eat breakfast.

I walk downstairs and see my brothers already eating cereal and my mom was reading the newspaper.

"Good morning," I say.

"Oh morning Sweetie, how'd you sleep?" My mom asks.

"Ehh, not the best," I say grabbing a granola bar and some orange juice.

"I feel you," my mom says looking at the boys.

I love my mom. She's like my best friend. Obviously she doesn't make a lot of money, but we're ok. My dad left when the boys were about 4, so my mom is supporting us all on her own.

My best friend and pretty much only friend is Gabby DeVito. She's really pretty. She's kind of like me, but we both have our own personalities.

I started walking to school and finally got there. I walk straight to my locker. I look around for a second and realize that I don't know like anyone in this school.

I wanted to be more social, it's just kinda hard.

I walk to my first class, Chemistry, and try to see everyone and get to know them maybe in this class.

OOh some cute boys which I would never talk to.

"Ok class take your seats! We are doing a project and I'm going to assign you partners..."

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