Being A Runaway Twin

Winter Louise Styles was once a member of the Styles family. She had a fraternal twin sister named, Savannah Chloe Styles. Savannah has been always the flirty and slutty one. Harry had always thought that Savannah as the sweet and nice one. He had always liked Savannah better than Winter. Winter had enough of this hurtful things and ran away. Now, she's an uprising star. What will happen if One Direction bumps into her? What if this certain member falls for her?


2. Savannah Chloe Styles

Hello! I'm Savannah Chloe Styles! I was a bitch back when I was 15 years old. After my 5 minute older sister ran away I became a good girl. I really miss her. I told Harry everything I did to Winter and luckily he forgave me. I only did that because she had always been the popular girl at school because she was really nice and she was really intelligent. I'm !7 years old now and Winter Smith is my role model. She kinda looks like Winter. I have to go I'm at the VMA with my brother and his band. Winter will perform! I'm so excited!

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