You make me strong

Savannah has the perfect life and the perfect family. They may not be rich but they've got each other. There's this bad boy at her school that always tries to pull stuff on all the girls. Little does she know that when she becomes one of the girls she ends up meeting happiness, love, and lastly heartbreak.

Dedicated to my BFF Savannah!! Go check her out! Savannah_<31D


3. Him

Savannah's P.O.V

I was snapped out of my daze by Hallie snapping her fingers in my face, "vannah, hello! You okay there? Vannah! Stop staring!" "What? Oh yeah, um, let's go. I don't know how much longer I can be deprived of my comfy bed." I said a little nervous. We walked over to her silver range rover and got in. She started the engine and pulled out of the school parking lot as I just stared blankly out the foggy window. "Okay, spill." Hallie demanded. "What about?" "Vannah, why were you staring at Zayn Malik? You do know he's in one direction right? Ya know, you're second favourite band, why didn't you recognize him from one direction?" So that's who it was. I just can't get him out of my head. "I'll explain when we get to my house okay?" I just hopped she'd wait till then. "Okay but your telling me, no ifs or buts, I want the story." "Alright mum. You got it!" We both laughed our way to my house.

*skip car ride*

"Hey mum, hey Lex hey maya! Where's dad?" I asked my mum. "He's working late tonight." She answered. "Oh okay. Hallie and I are going to go do some homework and hangout." I said as we ran upstairs. We sat on my bed and I started to explain, "okay so ya know the Trevor situation right? Well while I was running I ran into Zayn. I don't know how I didn't realize it was him, but I didn't. He hugged me and spoke softly to me. It was truly magical. The bitter cold was barely noticeable in his arms. I had to keep running when I heard Trevor and his friends. I can't get him out of my head! The only problem is, I can't get jason out of my head either. He's the guy I met at the gas station. I'm just so confused and I don't know what to do now!" I was tearing up by now. She pulled me into a hug and told me it'd be alright. We started our homework and we were able to finish most of it. Haloes phone rang and she ended it after 2 minutes. "I got to go. My mums made dinner and she's waiting for me. Bye vannah. I'll text you later, yeah?" She smiled and hugged me goodbye. "Be careful and yeah, text me, I think I'll go eat something myself!" I rubbed my tummy and we laughed.

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