You make me strong

Savannah has the perfect life and the perfect family. They may not be rich but they've got each other. There's this bad boy at her school that always tries to pull stuff on all the girls. Little does she know that when she becomes one of the girls she ends up meeting happiness, love, and lastly heartbreak.

Dedicated to my BFF Savannah!! Go check her out! Savannah_<31D


1. Go Away

Savannah's P.O.V.

     I was running. As fast as i could wherever i could. I had no escape. They were going to catch me no matter what. The heavy wet tears stained my cold red cheeks as i was pulled aside away from the buildings alleyway, 'this is it, i'm gonna die at 18.' kept replaying through my mind as the tears poured from my red puffy eyes. "shhh, they'll hear us." he said as i was pulled into his toned warm chest. we pulled away and by then my tears had calmed, then i realised who it was, "you w-w-were i-in th-that car o-over there, y-you were following me?" i stumbled out the words as i trembled from pain and fear. "eh, yeh. But only because i thought something was wrong!" he held his  hands in the air as if he was surrendering? It kind of made me laugh, but all that came out was a whine. "I'm Zayn, and you are?" "s-s-sav-v-vannah" i kind of whispered it because he replied with a smile, "beautiful!" he pulled me into another hug, but i winced back in pain. I heard their voices and ran, but not before he had kissed my cheek. I still feel the wonderful tingly feeling.




Unknown P.O.V.

      'She's beautiful' is all i could think of right now. Her brown eyes with specks of green, and lengthy brown waves that flew behind her caught my eye. She looked tired and... worried? I was pulled out of my trance by her flying thorough the gas station door. I couldn't wait to get off work. "c-call the p-p-police, please now!" she was scarred. I called the police, "yes officer i am here with a young girl an- yes, probably around 18- okay but please hurry!" I hung up and hugged her for a moment before taking her to the back room for safety.



Savannah's P.O.V.

       My aching feet carried me all the way to a nearby gas station. i barged through the door and immediately asked the worker, a young boy around my age, to call the police. "c-call the p-p-police, please now!" i tried to hold the tears back but i was just so scarred. When he hung up with the police he held me in his arms while guiding me to another room. I sat down on a cold blue school like chair and continued to cry. "I'm Jason" he stated as he engulfed me in a hug. When i pulled away i was surprised at his beautiful complexion. His brown eyes, his toned, muscular body, his tan skin and his perfect blondish brown hair just added onto his gentleness to make him perfect. "what about you love?" he asked me in the clearest, raspy but sweet, British accent. "I-i'm s-savannah" after that we just talked.

      "what about your family?" he asked me trying to get rid of the awkward silence. "well, i live with my mum Jane, my dad George, my little sister Maya, shes only 10, and big brother jack who is 20. we aren't rich and all but we've got each other. what about you?" i asked him. "oh nothing really, just my mum, Rebecca, and my little 11 year old sister Jacquelynn." we just kept small talk until the police came. A police officer drove me home.

       "MUM!! DAD!!" i ran as fast as i could until i in their arms. "oh sweetheart we missed you! what happened!?" my sweet ole dad asked me. we went inside and sat down, i knew i had a lot of explaining to do.





"Hey sexy why don't you come over here and give us what we both want!" I hoped for the best and just kept walking. "You better come over here, NOW!!!" i stopped, my mind kept telling me to run, i did. i barely got of school grounds before he had grabbed my wrist and thrown me in his truck. he drove to some abandoned building and by now it was dark outside. he came around to the back of the truck. "Get out now!" i didn't move so he dragged be out of the truck and into the building. i screamed, "no!! Trevor please!!" i begged. he didn't let go of me. instead, he pushed up against the wall and tried to kiss me but i moved. He didn't like that, he grabbed my face a violently kissed me. He put his hand down my jeans and i screamed. "STOP!!!" i yelled at him. he walked out off the room. i was scarred and i knew he'd be back, so i took my chance and climbed out the window. Cold bitter winter air bit my fragile skin in the dark as i ran down the streets. I noticed a car following me and Trevor, the most dangerous grade 12 student at my school, with his 'friends' holding weapons, also chasing me. I got away from them both when i ran into an alleyway and stood against the buildings wall. Not even 2 seconds later, i was pulled by the arm. The touch of this person was gentle and soft. He hugged me and introduced himself as Zayn. The tingle he sent through me when he kissed my cheek stayed there. I heard them again so i ran off.

*Flashback Over*


       I explained this to my parents and they promised me they'd never let this happen again. My parents had calmed me down a little. But, i couldn't get his beautiful face out of my head.

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