Vampires and Werewolves

Two Girls (Ashton and River) are in this adopted center. Two boys come and pick out some girls One of the two girls gets picked. She didn't want to leave her friend behind cause they were like sisters to each other and they were there for one another. She left and the two boys took her to a home..... *Week Later* Ashton now knows 5 people her birthday is August 12 so they give her a present it was her best friend they adopted her best friend River. Then after getting to know River something bad happen they figure out that the Two of the five boys are Vampires and two of them are werewolves. One is still just a human. They dont like each other they hate each other. So they have to make the girls pick so they know. Someone else are Witches they have to pick who do they pick read to find out.


2. River's Side

*River POV*

I heard my door creak open, and I quickly sat up, just in time to see my dog jumping on top of me. Ghost pounced on my stomach, knocking the breath out of me. "Get off me!" I picked her up setting her on the ground. She was almost a full grown Husky, but I could still lift her up.

I looked over at my alarm clock seeing that it was Midnight. I looked down at Ghost confused. Usually she wound't wake me up till 5 in the morning. "What's wrong girl?" I threw my covers off of me, and put my feet on the ground. She wined softly, but I didn't know what was wrong. "Well, I'm going-." I was cut off by an ache inside of my mouth. I rubbed the side of my cheek. "Ow." Ghost began howling then. "Sh, your gonna wake Ashley and Luke." I said to Ghost. My mouth ached really bad now. I don't know what it is but it really hurts badly. I had gone to the bathroom and got some pain reliever to see if that would help. I took it and went back to my bed and laid down. 

I laid there just looking at the ceiling. I tried so hard to go to sleep but I could not go to sleep. That is weird usually I can go to sleep fast but I guess not today I can't. I try to read a book, I did everything I could. I even took Ghost out for a run to see if I could make myself tired. I came back and lied in bed again and played music. 

I am going to freak out nothing is working oh my god. I was laying there when my phone went off. I looked over to my left and picked up my phone. It was a text from a random number. That is weird barely anyone texts me or calls that is a random number and if they do they always say there name too. This is what the text says:

Text To River: From Random Number:

Hey River. I know you probably want to know who I am. Well, You will get to find out tomorrow. I hear that your mouth is starting to hurt so that means something I will tell you tomorrow. I would like to know where can I met you tomorrow after school. This is very serious too. We have to met tomorrow. You need to know what is going on too. Where can I met you?
Thanks- Alpha

That is weird Alpha. I have no clue on who this person could be but I thought about replying and choice to replay to this alpha person.

Text to Alpha: From River:

Hi Alpha or who ever you are. I really dont understand what is going on my mouth really hurts but that has never happened and how did you know my mouth was hurting. Also after school tomorrow I can met you by the football field.

and no problem. - River.

I looked at the time it was now 630 in the morning. Great I stayed up all night long great what fun will be today.

I got up took a shower quick and got dressed for today. I grabbed my bag and walked out of my bed room. I walked downstairs to where Ashley and Luke were.

"Hey Morning sunshine."

"Morning Luke."

"Have a good night sleep?"

"Yh, I did." I lied I could not go to sleep uh.
"That is good."

"Yah. Oh Ashley is it okay if I stay after school just for maybe 30 minutes the most?"

"Yah, sure why sweety."

"For a project im working on."

"Oh, yh sure. go a head."

"Thanks. I better head that way. Bye Luke. Bye Ashley." I said and walked out the door. I looked at the time and it was 745. I have about an hour before school starts what a long day will be today. I walked inside and got some breakfast. I started to eat it and it just didn't taste like all of the other times I eat it. Something about it just seemed different. I threw it away and walked to my class and got ready to start the day off.

*After School*

Thank god school is out. I remembered I needed to met Alpha at the football field. Yes I call him alpha cause I dont know his name yet. I decided to text him to see what he was wear so I knew what to look for.

To Alpha from River:

Hey what are you wearing so I can find you.

To River From Alpha:

Im wearing black jeans, Gray top, Blue shirt over top that isent buttoned up and sunglasses on.

To Alpha From River:

Oh okay Thanks. Im wearing Jeans and a Red top.

I walked to the Football field and saw someone with Black jeans and a gray top with sunglasses on. That must be him. I started to walk to him and my arm started to hurt really badly. 

"Are you River?"

"Yah, You Alpha?"

"Yes, but please call me Harry."



"Kay. Harry, you need to talk to me?"

"Yah, So where have you been feeling pain?"

"In my mouth and It just started to hurt in my arm."

"Okay, Good. How old are you?"

"I just turned 16 today."

"Kay. Well, Ill tell you this. You are changing now."


"Yes, See your a werewolf."

"A what! No I can't be. Im just a human running from you guys."

"No, you are a werewolf." I stood there thinking then my leg start to hurt.

"Come on. You have to come with me."

"What, No I have a family that Loves me and needs me."

"I'm really sorry but you have to come with me once you have changed and everything you can come home to say your goodbyes but you can't right now cause you are changing and going to be in a ton of pain."

"I won't make it to where we have to go though."

"Yes you can."

"No, my leg really hurts now."

"Here." He said and turned into this werewolf thing. Like this:

He changed into this and I just stood there shocked. Then he looked at me. I jumped back.

"Come on. Hop on my back."

I still stood there.

"River come on it's me Harry."

"Please don't hurt me."

"I won't hurt you im here to help. You are going to be one of these. I'm the leader this is what I do. I help the ones changing. Your next in line to so I need to help you. Come River Trust me."

"Okay." He said and laid down. I hopped on his back. Then he stood up and started to ran off.

We ran for a while. I just laid down on his back and hung on. Then after a bit we stopped. He laid down and I tried to get off of his back but I could not move at all my body ached badly. I managed to slide off his back and laid on the ground. Harry gave over to me and laid down next to me so I stayed warm. Then Harry got up and told me to stay. Then he ran off. I stayed there trying my best to Ignore the pain in my body now. 

*Hour Later ( I think it was an Hour Who cares. I dont know right now) *

Harry came back and he was draggin something. He put it down then went and got some fire wood. I have no clue how he did it but he made a fire. 

(Skip Deer Part: I think you know he cuts it up just dont want to type that part now)

He was cooking the deer then he changed into his human form and came over by me and sat down. 

He had told me everything that was going be going on. Then we ate and just talk about ourself so we would know each other better instead of being strangers to each other.

*Hours Later ( I dont know how many)*

It was now morning and this pain could not be any better. Harry had told me that he would not leave me till im changed and that he will be here for me when I need it. I really like him he is such a sweet and nice guy. 

*2nd Day*

Today im in so much pian I can't even move. Harry has to feed me now cause of all the pain but at least this should be over soon..... I hope :(

*3rd Day*

Today my pain has gotten even worst.

"Harry." I yelled.

"I'm Here River. I'm Here. Whats wrong?"

"It hurts worst then any other day."

"Let's see on the third day oh yh you are going to be in a lot of pain now cause yuor bones are now going to be breaking."

"Oh my god. Its hurts so much."

"I know. It will be over soon at least."

"I hope these days go by fast. I never want to deal with this again."

"I know. None of us do but if you want to be a wolf you have to."

uh..... For the whole Night I screamed in pain on how I can feel them breaking so much.

*4th Day*

Today i'm Still in pain but yesterday was the worst. Harry said that am suppose to have my teeth and nails grow today. That does not sound bad but.....

"Owch." I said and tried to grab my jaw but couldn't cause my arms are broken now.

"Is it your teeth?"

"Yah, I think so."

"Kay, that is good."

"Hey I have a question."


"When you went to school Monday did the food taste the same?"

"Um, Yh. Well, No not really it tasted different then the other times but that is probably that days food was horrible."

"No, it is cause you aren't going to like Human food for too long."


"Yah, you are a hunter so you get animals."


*5th Day*

Today is just even more pain. Fun Fun

*6th Day*

More Pain Lol Ik Boring but Hey Just wanting the days to get done with.

*7th Day*

"Today is the Day." Harry said. He looked at me then changed into his werewolf form. Then I started to feel weird and Everything in me was changing.

"Harry what is going on?"

"You are changing."

Then everything went so slow yet again it went so fast too. I looked at Harry and.....

"There. The pain should were off cause you are done now. All you need to know is some other things and you can do what you want and can do."

He walked me over to where the water was and I looked at the water and saw me as this:

Wow. I'm Finally a werewolf.

"Come on." Harry said.

We turned around and started to walk but then I changed back into my human form and black out cause I was so tired I just could not stay awake any longer.

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