Vampires and Werewolves

Two Girls (Ashton and River) are in this adopted center. Two boys come and pick out some girls One of the two girls gets picked. She didn't want to leave her friend behind cause they were like sisters to each other and they were there for one another. She left and the two boys took her to a home..... *Week Later* Ashton now knows 5 people her birthday is August 12 so they give her a present it was her best friend they adopted her best friend River. Then after getting to know River something bad happen they figure out that the Two of the five boys are Vampires and two of them are werewolves. One is still just a human. They dont like each other they hate each other. So they have to make the girls pick so they know. Someone else are Witches they have to pick who do they pick read to find out.


5. *Author Note*

Hey Guys I was wondering If anyone could help Aly and I get this book more updated. If anyone is interested please email me and let me know thanks guys.

So you can contact me:


Snapchat: Kiley2421

I guess that is all I have for now. But contact me and if you send me something on one of those please let me know that you want to help and stuff :) thanks everyone :)



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