Half a Heart

Alice fell in love once in her life and after it ended she never wanted to love again. She's been in relationships since then but they always seemed to fall through. Now she's 21, and trying to fullfil her dream of being an artist. Then one day an old face pops up out of the blue. Will she get a second chance to fall in love again? Or will it end terribly again? Read and Find out :D


15. "I Still Love...You..."

Alice's POV:

I decided to stay at Harry's with Lane and Louis for the night. I sat on the window seal and watched as the rain started pouring down. I had a cup of hot coco in my hands while I stared outside. I was alone in the room. I had no idea where the other three were. I looked down at the little notebook Niall gave me earlier. Under it was Zayn's drawing pad. I was flipping through both only because there was nothing else to really do. The rain was getting rougher. 

Lane's POV:

I sat on the bed and looked out the window as the rain poured down. I heard a soft cough so I turned my head to see Harry standing at the door with two cups. I smiled at him as he walked over then sat down next to me handing me a cup. I smelt the chocolate and knew exactly what it was. My face lite up as I took a sip of it. He smiled and chuckled a bit. 

"Where's Alice and Lou?" I asked.

"Alice is in the den, so Lou can't be too far." He chuckled.

"He still likes her?" I tilted my head.

"That's a complete understatement." He smiled the sighed. 

Alice's POV:

I walked to the kitchen to put the cup in the sink while the lights started flickering. I groaned. I set the cup in the sink then as I turned around the lights went out and I tripped forward. I felt someone under me. They didn't have a shirt on and I traced my hand over their stomach. I automatically knew then who was under me. As the lights turned back our eyes locked. We sat up but our bodies were still only inches away. His blue eyes peered into me, and I felt like every secret was at the risk of being exposed. He ran his hand through my hair without saying a word. My heart started pounding like wildfire. 

"W-what were you doing....?" I muttered trying to break the lock our eyes had.

"G-getting a pop.." He mumbled but I knew he was lying.

"You're lying....." I mumbled.

He smirked and pulled my chin up so our eyes were locked together again. I saw a bunch of emotion running through his eyes. He wrapped one of his arms around my back and pulled my body closer to his. He leaned down and kissed my lips ever so softly. I closed my eyes and kissed him back with a bunch of passion. 

"Alice....I still...." He mumbled as he pulled back.

"Still what..?" I said scared of what he might say.

"I still love you..." He said looking me in my eyes. I could see the pain and love lingering in his.

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