Half a Heart

Alice fell in love once in her life and after it ended she never wanted to love again. She's been in relationships since then but they always seemed to fall through. Now she's 21, and trying to fullfil her dream of being an artist. Then one day an old face pops up out of the blue. Will she get a second chance to fall in love again? Or will it end terribly again? Read and Find out :D


3. "Do I know you?"

Alice's POV:

After the mall we went to the ice cream parlor a few blocks away. I was up by the counter looking at the ice cream and waiting to order. Lane and Mary were sitting at a table chatting away like normal. I walked up and started ordering the ice cream. I waited while she grabbed it all. 

"I'll have a triple fudge chocolate heart attack." A voice said next to me. I knew that voice very well. My heart started pounding. I felt my arms starting to shake. Don't look Alice. Don't look. Then I felt someone tap my shoulder. I was so afraid to look but I did anyways. I looked straight into the eyes of the devil. Louis Tomlinson. 

"You look very familiar. Do I know you?" He asked. Right beside him was Harry freaking Styles. Ugh I hated them both. 

"N-no I don't know you." I stuttered. I grabbed the three bowls of ice cream then started walking to the table. 

"Alice!" I froze and just stared at Mary. She had just said my name loud enough so they could hear. Once she saw them she slapped her hand over her mouth. I think Lane could see the fear in my eyes because she walked over to me and grabbed the ice cream. I was still frozen with fear. 

"Alice?" Louis questioned.

"Didn't you date a girl named Alice back in freshmen year?" Harry asked.

Lane grabbed my hand and pulled me over to Mary. Then she went back and asked for lids and a bag. Mary grabbed my arm and we started walking out the door.

"Yeah I think so. Alice Violet?" He said thinking.

Alice Violet? Really...how hard is it to remember Valentine?! I pulled my hand away from Mary's grip. She looked at me with wide eyes. I turned around with my fists closed.

"Alice Valentine! VALENTINE!" I yelled.

They both looked at me with wide eyes. Then a smug grin came across Louis's face. That face always made my heart melt. 

"Valentine. How could I forget such a face. Except back then..." He began walking closer to me which caused me to tense up. I started backing up into Mary.

"Back then she had blonde hair didn't she?" Harry asked.

"Yeah." He answered standing right in front of me. He took some of my hair in his hand and stared into my eyes. Then all of a sudden someone slapped his hand away from me. I turned my head to see Danny. Oh my gosh he is my hero. 

"Tomlinson, get lost." He said taking my hand and Mary's and leaving. Lane followed us. We all got into Danny's car. I sat in the back with Mary. I started eating my ice cream.

"Danny you're my hero." I said with a spoon full of ice cream in my mouth and a smile plastered on my face. He looked back at me and smiled. Did I mention Danny went to the same HighSchool as me so he knew Louis? He knew everything. 

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