why me?

I was crying....... this couldn't be real this has to be a dream...... ill wake up and be in my bed.... ill run down stairs and ... they'll be there..... smiling....laughing.....and everything will be ok again....... but...deep down I knew that would never happen again they were gone.... and I would never get them back.......they were gone forever..... and its all his fault..... Alex McCann.... I hate him and that will never change.....ever.


3. WHAT!!

 Jason's POV

 I didn't know why I had taken her but I did. and she was pissed at me for it. she hadn't spoken to me since our little conversation in the park, before I took her.  and now she was a little more calm. she looked tired like she hadn't slept in days or weeks for that matter. I kept glancing over at her. and I don't think she noticed and if she did she didn't care. I had to look at the road for a bit to go around this really curvy road. after about 10 min. I looked back and she had fallen asleep but she didn't look........... happy? no she didn't look like she was resting she looked stressed and worried and ...............broken....


 I had fallen asleep I knew that because I was having that same dream again except this time I was there. I saw him die............and then everything goes back to the cop telling me he's dead. and again I ask "why me?" drop to my knees and scream till I cant no more.


 I shot up I looked around and noticed I was on a couch. I looked and saw him. and then I realized. I had woke up screaming and crying. like always or at least here lately. he looked at me with concern and what was that? anger? why?

 "what?" my voice was rough.

 " you kept saying my name. then you screamed 'no' really loud. why? and how do you know my name?"

 I blushed slightly. then looked away not being able to keep eye contact.

 " I don't know."

 " your lying."

 " trust me you don't want to know." I looked back with a sympathetic look.

 " oh I think I do. now tell me."

 I sighed and began to tell him." for the past two months I've been having these....dreams....nightmares really. every night." I stopped not wanting to tell him.

 " go on" he urged

 I took a deep shaky breath. " I dream that I'm somewhere deserted. there are 3 men in front of me. they have guns and are looking at me......weird. they have a2 cars behind them. just when I know I'm about to die, I hear tires screech against the road. 5 or more boys hope out. and run in front of me.........." I looked at him. " one is you. I get pushed back. I have a phone in my hand. I feel like I'm about to push call. but I don't. everyone has guns out and aimed at one person or another. you start talking. I don't remember what you said. but you looked........... mad?....." he looked as confused as I felt. " I hear a loud bang and I get pushed back behind a car. someone's keeping me there. then I'm there's cops and one is talking to me. he looks at me and says ' he's gone I'm so sorry' then I look and see............" I looked at him. he nodded for me to go on. but I didn't. he grabs my hand.

" look it's ok tell me. it was just a dream ok? your fine. I'm fine. everyone's ok. alright?" I nodded I gripped his hand it felt like I was still in the dream closed my eyes. and pictured it again." I look and see you. on a stretcher. not moving. I start to cry. and then I ask 'why me?' then fall to my knees and look up. and scream as loud as I can until I cant anymore." I open my eyes and look at him. " and then I wake up. crying and in a panic. just like you saw me do." he lets go of my hand and gets up. I watched him. he looked at me and sat down.

" what?"

 " I know that dream. it's the same one I've been having. for a little over a month. and then the only difference is. I see everything from my point of view."

 just then someone walked through the door it was my sister. she was hanging off this dudes back. what? is that her boyfriend? the one she never lets me even 200 miles of being close to? why? he looked familiar.......

                                                                Alex McCann

" lacy who the hell is that?"

 she looked up and frowned.

 " why? how are you here?"

 no. I finally relized who he looked like. that photo. the one of the boy who killed our parents. no she wouldn't! would she?

 " Alex, Alex McCann?!"

 him and my sister looked shocked and Jason looked confused. my sister decided to speak up now. of all times.

 " He's my........... boyfriend......for over........a..... year...."

 my temper flared and my eyes got wide.

 " WHAT!?"

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