recover my love

Its hard you know?
When someone close to you is ripped away.
Never going to hug again.
See smile again.
It hurts.
Its a feeling you can't explain.
Just a numb, empty feeling.
That's when a savoir comes along, to teach you how to smile again, love and laugh.
My recovery.


4. relax.

'How'd you know I got excluded?" I questioned towards Harry who is right now laying on the black couch next to me.


"The word got around." He replies like its no biggy. 


"You seem too familiar, but so new and different?" I say in confusion rolling onto my belly to face him. 


"Why?" I ask coming into eye contact with him. 


"Because I am. But I can't tell you why.. Yet." Harry mysteriously states smirking. 


"How old are you?" I ask Harry. I forgot to ask considering he isn't in education or anything. 


"Nineteen." He replies extending the 'teen' part. 


"Old." I mumble to myself. 


"Really? I don't consider myself that old." Harry offensively defends himself. 



"Well I'm seventeen so it does make you old." I say biting my lip ending the sentence. 


"Well maybe you're just young." He responds I raise an eyebrow to his remark. 


"I like you. You're mysterious ." I say squinting a little. 

"Just different." Harry corrects smiling.

"My mums going to kill me when she finds out I got temporary exclusion." I say pushing my hair back releasing a sigh.

"Well she won't while I'm around." Harry winks.

"Once I get home she will, I have no clue what I'm going to do about it." I take into consideration.

"Well you have right now, you're here not there." Harry takes into consideration.

"True." I reply biting on my lip.

Harry gets up from the couch and towers over me frowning.

"Dance with me?" He asks smiling.

I smirk and shake my head. Not taking no for an answer he pulls me up so I crash into his chest. His soft touch on my waist sends a weird tingling sensation up and down my back I hesitantly lift my arms around his neck, Harry picks me up and places me on his feet.

We move around his living room with no music and no sound; somehow this feels right. No awkwardness nor tension of any kind just pure passion and dance.

I learn his pattern and jump down mirroring his feet. I look up into Harry's eyes and smile. I haven't smiled since... Well I wouldn't even know anymore since it's been so long. A shine takes my eye as his eyes go a silver for the split second. A warmth takes over me and I just stare at Harry in wonder.

"You're eyes?" I ask in confusion.

"What about them?" Harry asks still swaying with me around the room.

"They're shining, like a silver colour." I say frowning. Harry's eyes continue to shine a silver colour almost unrecognisable.

"Give me a second." Harry almost demands running off into another door.

A slight tapping sound is heard. A loud shriek takes over my ear drums.

"Harry! Open up! What's going on?!" I ask in a rushed tone.

I run to the bathroom door and begin banging on it in a plead for Harry's voice.

"Harry!" I shout repeatedly in hope for reassurance.

The door clicks open and a tear stained Harry appears with his shirt ripped at the back.

"Jesus Harry! Are you okay? What the hell was that?" I ask in a rushed anger

"I'll tell you when it's time. You can't handle it yet." Harry replies budging past into the kitchen area.

I see a worry about his actions, like in the way he's pacing back and forth from the fridge to the table. I slowly walk up behind him as he takes a grip to the table edge puffing as if he just ran a mile.

I tap his shoulder and stand back a little.

"Harry?" I call in a quiet near to whisper.

"I'm sorry. I keep hiding things from you, I just can't tell you yet." Harry replies with his exposed back turned to me.

"I'm a little tired, I'll go." I say walking off in the realisation that I'm not wanted in his presence.

"No, you can sleep here." Harry offers grabbing my hand pulling me into his chest.

"Let me take you upstairs." He kindly says guiding me up the tanned stairs with white walls. White? Why white?

He leads me into a white door gosh why is everything white? Into a no surprise white bedroom with a black double he with gray sheets; pillows and covers.

"You can wear one of my over sized t-shirts and a pair of my boxer-shorts if you want?" Harry asks as I perch myself on his bed.

"Okay." I accept awkwardly.

He chucks me a plain white shirt and black baggy boxers. He leaves the room into what looks like an en-suit bathroom.

I take my clothes off folding them and then placing them on the floor neatly. I replace them with his shirt that comes to my mid-thigh and I pull his boxers up.

"Are you decent?" Harry asks covering his eyes coming pit of the bathroom.

"Yeah." I reply giggling at his innocence.

"I'll just be downstairs if you need me." Harry reassures smiling.

"Stay?" I ask in hope.

"Erm yeah, I-if you want." He awkwardly smiles coming into the bed with me.

I place my head against his chest feeling an instant warmth.

"Thank you." I say closing my eyes feeling my head bob up and down with his calm and relaxed breaths.

"For what?" Harry asks.

"Everything you've done over the last couple of days," I compliment smiling.

"It's okay, I wanted to, I'm here to save you." Harry replies stroking my hair calming me down.





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