recover my love

Its hard you know?
When someone close to you is ripped away.
Never going to hug again.
See smile again.
It hurts.
Its a feeling you can't explain.
Just a numb, empty feeling.
That's when a savoir comes along, to teach you how to smile again, love and laugh.
My recovery.


1. one.

I wake up to my mother yet again nagging, nagging for me to go to school.

"Ailish!" Mum shouted from downstairs. 


"Another shit day." I mumble to myself. 


"Yes?" I ask rubbing my head from over sleeping.


"You gotta go school!" She called back up. 


"No." I demand pressing a pillow to my face.


"You have to, its been three days now." She continued to moan. 


"I don't care." I say groaning. 


"You're going to get temporarily excluded now get up, you haven't eaten in days!" Mum also complains. 


"No." I again repeat. 


"Well I'm going work, I'll call your school but tomorrow, you will need to, now bye i gotta go see you tomorrow night," Mum coo's before I hear a door slam. 


I decide to get out of my bed. I look down at my bloodstained tissue and sigh. If only they knew what it's really like.

I go into my wardrobe and pick out skinny jeans and a gray jumper, i slip on my purple hoodie and then my white converse trainers, I comb my hair until its straight again. 

I run down the cream colored stairs and i reach my white door and push down the handle. Taking a deep breath, I stand to the open door and I inhale fresh air. It feels like years since I last exited this door.

I walk in the path of the front garden feeling slightly on edge with my appearance. 


I carry on my journey and walk through the alleyway dodging any mud or anything else while I'm walking through the enclosed greenery. 


I then find myself exposed to the park that sits to the left of me, I turn and walk up it, I get past a few houses and smile to myself a little. I get to the green and black swing set and sit on the right swing and i begin to bite my inner lip. 


I hear a squeak of the chain, not from me though, I look over to see a hooded person, I'm unsure to whether to speak up or not. 


"Hello." A ruff and husky voice chimes through me, somehow familiar. 


"Hi." I quietly reply.


"How have you been? Are you coping alright?" Where do I know this voice from and why is he asking about me? 


"Sorry but, who are you?" I ask as politely as I could.


"Harry. I know who you are, Ailish." Slightly creepy. 


"how do you know who I am why are you so familiar to me?" I ask confused. 


"We met once or twice, when we were young though." He said sighing. 


"Ok." I admit, that doesn't seem the answer though. No. That can't be it. 


I turn my head to the far end of the park staring at the zip line. 


"Harry?" I ask whipping my head around.  


Nothing. No one. I look around to find no existence of anything or anyone. 


the swing isn't even moving anymore. 


No footsteps to be heard from the quiet field. No one on the paths. No sight of anything. Just me, in confusion...






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