Frostbite (16+)

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  • Published: 22 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 26 May 2014
  • Status: Complete
Harry is struggling with the sex addiction that controls his life, leaving him depressed and frustrated. On top of everything he's feeling a growing affection and sexual attraction toward his best friend, Louis. But it's surely because of his addiction, right?


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5. Sticky Mess

Harry shifted on the couch and awoke from the pain. A groan escaped from him as he shifted again to look at the clock hanging on the wall. He had slept for almost two hours, a deep sleep that, if nothing else, did make him well rested.

He must have slept in a bad position, because pain had settled in both his neck and his back. Harry tried to sit up, and while the pain wasn’t really unbearable, he decided he wasn’t really up for it right now and fell down in lying position again, grunting with annoyance.

“What is this I am hearing?” Louis came from out of nowhere (not really, Harry just didn’t know where he came from, but it was either the kitchen or his bedroom).
“The intense snoring that chased me into my own bedroom is now replaced with… certainly not snoring!” He laughed lightheartedly as he revealed where he came from.

Louis grabbed both of Harry’s legs with the intention of shoving them aside and get some room on the couch, but he quickly read Harry’s face and concluded that it was a bad idea and let go of them.
“What’s the problem?”

Harry slid slightly further in on the couch, trying his best (and failing) at making room for his best friend on the couch.
“I don’t think I slept too well.”
“I think you slept too damn well, judging by that little snoring session of yours!”

Harry ignored his pain and kicked after Louis, but he was too far away to actually accomplish anything by that movement.
“That’s not what I meant! I’ve got back pains now because this couch sucks and you refuse to let me throw it out and buy a new one!” That’s wasn’t really true, but Louis ignored it. He just smiled brightly at Harry.
“Want some help?” He lifted both his hands.
“I’m very good with my hands, I can give you a little massage and try to relieve you from some pain.”

Very good with his hands… well, those words didn’t really help much at all. If anything, it put Harry in a major inner conflict. Did he even want to know just how good Louis was with his hands? Even if it made his back better, would it be possible that it could cause more harm than good?

“Yeah, sure,” Harry said, ignoring every danger sign flashing in his mind at that very moment. He knew it wasn’t a very good idea, but he couldn’t say no to the very tempting offer he was getting right now.

“You wanna take it here, or in the bedroom?” Louis’ innocent words were not translated innocent in Harry’s mind. He’d love to take it here. And then in the bedroom, before moving to the bathroom. Maybe the kitchen too, or the balcony. Harry would love Louis’ touch anywhere at any time of the day.  But no… no, he didn’t want that at all. That was just the uncontrollable addiction speaking.

“Here is fine,” Harry mumbled without really realizing what he was going along with right now. Louis left the room for about five seconds, and when he returned he jumped up on Harry’s ass. Harry was laying face down on the couch with Louis sitting on top of him. This was just great. This was great.

Click. Harry could hear Louis open something. And then rub his hands together, before they touched his naked skin. Warm, oily hands that could easily slide over his back. And the smell was amazing, it smelled like a cross between flowers during the summer and something warm and oriental. It was a great smell.

For a moment Harry was afraid this massage would be too erotic, afraid his cock wouldn’t behave. Luckily, when he moaned out, it was in no way sexual. It was rather painful, and he had definitely underestimated the muscles in Louis’ hands.

Harry couldn’t contain himself. As Louis’ touched him, massaged him, almost hit his sore back, he moaned loudly. Louis didn’t comment it though, something Harry was very grateful about. It was just so… so damn painful. On the bright side, Louis did definitely know what he was doing, putting just the right pressure on the right area of his back.

Five minutes passed. Five painful, almost unbearable minutes. After that, Harry had silenced and Louis no longer put so much pressure into the massage. It was comfortable now. Harry ignored his boner that was pressing into the couch. His bottom lip was pressed between his teeth, because he could no longer make a sound. Any sound that did not come from pain, came from pleasure. And right now he didn’t want to reveal just how good this was.

The massage wasn’t really the worst part. No, Louis was moving on top of his ass as he was massaging him; an accidental grinding movement that also made Harry move ever so lightly. That little friction… if Harry hadn’t been too busy enjoying this scenario as a whole, he would much sooner realize how that little friction affected him.

A low sound of pleasure escaped, and at that very moment there was no return. Harry was no longer even trying to be sensible about the situation. He was now driven by his desire. Common sense, what would be best in this situation, any rational thinking was long gone when he spoke his first words since the massage started.
“Harder, Lou…” His words were thick with arousal, but he hoped Louis wouldn’t notice.

Louis did as he were told, and as an effect of him putting more power into the massage again, he was moving faster on top of Harry. He created even more friction between Harry and the couch. At this point, Harry started to move in the same rhythm as Louis, grinding against the couch like a 13 years old boy that had just entered puberty.

If Louis noticed what was going on, he was ignoring it. If anything, it almost seemed like he started to move his hips very well aware of what was happening under him. Though Harry was sure that was just his mind playing tricks on him, letting him pretend that this was real. This moment that was so very sexual for him was probably every bit as platonic for Louis.

Harry moaned once again. This time it was not a low moan, it was not a muffled moan. It was a sexual moan oozing with his arousal as his hips started to move even faster, breaking with Louis’ rhythm. He was closing in on the orgasm now. It was slowly building up inside him.

Harry grabbed a hold of Louis thigh, not quite sure what his intention was. He just tried to pull the guy closer to himself, but Louis didn’t take the hint, and that was probably for the best. Instead, he started moving faster too, really riding against his ass.

Then it happened. Harry bit down on his own arm, muffling a pleasure scream as he came in his own boxers, slowly steadying his hip movement. He was shaking beneath Louis, and for a few seconds his world was a blissful place without worries.

“Harry?” Louis’ soft voice hit Harry after he had regained his breath and his heart had stopped beating like crazy. Well, the latter quickly started rising again.
“Y-yes?” He was actually stuttering at this point, still on his stomach, face down on the couch with Louis on top of him.

Silence filled the room, even the clock ticking became painfully loud. A few intense seconds passed, Harry stopped breathing in anticipation, waiting for Louis’ reaction on what had just happened. But it never really came. He just felt the weight lift off his body as Louis got up.

“Lou?” Harry breathed while adjusting his face, making him lying in shelter of his arm. His cheeks were rosy, both from the orgasm and the embarrassment creeping in right now.
“Harry,” Louis replied. He said it in a confirming way, but Harry didn’t know what it meant. He was all together very confused.   

“Should I go to my room and leave you to yourself?” Louis spoke softly. And he knew. It was obvious by the way he was acting now. He knew exactly what had happened, yet his words were so non-judgmental. He didn’t seem frightened from it, if anything he just sounded a little bit bewildered.

“Yes, I would appreciate that.” Harry tried sounding casual, using his every day tone, but this situation was not casual. It was rather awkward on his part. They would usually just talk about anything problematic, but this was… this was something to suppress and hopefully never, ever speak of. 

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