Frostbite (16+)

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  • Published: 22 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 26 May 2014
  • Status: Complete
Harry is struggling with the sex addiction that controls his life, leaving him depressed and frustrated. On top of everything he's feeling a growing affection and sexual attraction toward his best friend, Louis. But it's surely because of his addiction, right?


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9. On the floor

The front door swung open and two unsteady young lads walked in. By the time the door was closed, Harry and Louis had already collided into a kiss, breaking every rule about it in Harry’s mind already. Locked together in a kiss, they stumbled over the shoes lying on the floor as they clumsily moved further into the apartment.

Louis broke the kiss as he was pushed up against the wall of the living room. His heavy eyes looked glassy; the lust was evident in his face. Of course, Harry would’ve known even if he was blind, based on Louis needy grinding against his own groin.

“My room or yours?” Louis’ word was spoken against the full lips of Harry. It wasn’t a hard question to answer, Harry just threw a glance towards the bedroom hallway. His own door was closest. By nothing more than 20 inches, but still 20 inches longer before he could get what he wanted. But the couch was even closer.

Harry took a hold of Louis, pulled him by the jacket towards the couch while he himself was walking backwards. Well, that was until he wasn’t. Louis had suddenly stumbled in the rug and fell towards Harry who immediately lost his balance.

If Harry hadn’t been close to piss drunk it would maybe hurt the way he fell on his ass with Louis on top of him. The alcohol was numbing, and he could hardly feel it. But he could feel the weight of Louis in his lap.

“I- I’m sorry,” Louis stuttered and suddenly seemed hesitant and uncertain. This didn’t go as he had imagined and he didn’t seem comfortable with the sudden change of events. Luckily, Harry knew exactly how to comfort his best friend, and gave him a warm reassuring smile before pulling him into another kiss.

Harry had considered saying something, but it was easier to break the awkward silence with a kiss. He didn’t even have time to feel bad. He avoided asking Louis if he really was okay with this, because he was so afraid of rejection. Louis could change is mind at any point, but in reality he couldn’t. It would drive Harry to madness.

There was no need to worry. As they came closer and closer to the floor, the room between them became non-existing. And by then Harry got (for the millionth time that night) proof that Louis wasn’t entirely unwillingly. His boner was pressed against Harry’s thigh.

Harry could hardly breathe. His body was craving this, his hunger for Louis was unbearable. The sweet kisses they shared tasted if ever so barely from the sugary drink Louis had before they left the party and his heavy breathing hit Harry’s cheek.

“I need you… it.” Harry said in between kisses. He could no longer contain himself, and his big hands was rightfully placed on each of Louis’ firm butt cheeks, grasping and groping. He pulled the tiny body closer to his own and the slight friction it caused against his own groin made him whimper.

“It?” Louis lifted his head and gave Harry a challenging look, but Harry shook his head. His hips made a thrust up against Louis’ body, and they both knew what Harry needed.
“Don’t you dare to play with me, Tomlinson.”

Louis gave in. The little playful spark left the corner of his eyes, and was replaced with something else. Something that was unknown for Harry. Louis moved down his body, started to kiss, suck and bite carefully on his neck, which was an absolute soft spot for Harry. His body was trembling and he couldn’t contain his moans any longer.

Louis started unbuttoning Harry’s shirt as he moved away from his neck and further down his body. Harry’s eyes were only halfway open, and he was in a state of bliss like no other. It was not long ago that he didn’t even know that this was something he wanted. But he knew now. His whole body was so filled with that knowing, that anything else was squeezed out of him. It felt like he didn’t know of anything other than Louis right now.

“Stop,” Harry nearly moaned out as Louis had stopped unbuttoned his shirt and instead was unzipping Harry’s pants with his face ready to bury himself between the legs. Louis eyes found their way to Harry’s flushed face and he smiled an intoxicated smile.


“Don’t suck me off… oh my God and Satan in hell and heaven…” Harry’s voice became shaky as he spoke because of Louis’ simple action of cupping his hard on.
“I want to fuck you so hard right now, Lou. Let me fuck you, I need to fuck you.” Harry just said fuck three times in one breath of air before he sat up and looked at his best friend who was lying between his legs.

“That’s not a very nice way to ask for something… or not to ask for something… or something.” Louis still seemed pretty drunk and a little confused, but still so playful that Harry could ignore the doubt that was visible in his face.

Harry twisted his legs around Louis before he rolled them around so Louis was lying flat on the floor and Harry was on top of him, slowly opening his pants.
“Please… oh fuck, you’re so gorgeous. Please let me fuck you, Louis. That tight little bubble butt of yours, holy shit.”

All of the sudden Louis was giggling. A childish giggle that had no place in a situation like this one, but it was still so suiting. He was obviously laughing of Harry’s desperation. But Harry himself just couldn’t contain himself any longer. He was begging with his pants undone and his shirt half way unbuttoned.  

Then it happened, the happening that was going to remove any hesitation and bad conscience from Harry (if only for tonight). Louis grinned and nodded now.
“Bring it on.”

Louis’ pants and underwear was off within seconds, and more than a few buttons jumped across the living room when the shirt was ripped off. Harry had to take a moment to just stare on the naked body before him while he pulled off his own shirt.

Louis’ cock was not the biggest in the world, but it was absolutely beautiful. A beauty in a genitalia way. It was resting against his stomach, rock hard. Harry just had to take in this view, because there was no guarantee that he would see this again.

Harry put two fingers in his mouth, soaked with his saliva he pulled them out again when he moved over Louis and gave him a soft kiss now, everything moving in s low motion in his head as one finger found his way to the tight opening and slowly moved inside Louis.

Harry moaned lowly into the kiss as he entered a whole new territory. He had tried anal sex before, but this was completely different.
“So tight,” he whispered against Louis’ lips. He was almost dizzy because he was so turned on, yet he felt like he couldn’t rush this. Louis had to like it, he had to be gentle. 

Harry started to fuck Louis with his finger, slowly moving it in and out. And then another finger. Louis seemed to like it. He tried to grasp after Harry’s dick to stroke him, but he seemed too distracted to go through with it. His lower lip was between his teeth, and he could no longer share a kiss with Harry either. Just trying to keep quiet.

“Now,” Louis gasped out. Harry knew it was a little too soon, he knew they should have had lube, but he didn’t care and none of that mattered as he pulled his pants off. Louis was going to get what he wanted, what he asked for. Harry convinced himself that this was a favor to his best friend who was directly asking for it.

Harry removed his fingers and pulled his cock out of his boxers. He looked down on Louis’ face as he pointed his erection towards the opening, the tip was dribbling with pre cum. Slowly he pushed inside, watching the face beneath him struggle between pain and pleasure.

“Are you okay?” Harry was fully inside, leaning over Louis. His hips wanted nothing more than to move, the tight feeling around him was heaven on earth. But he had to keep his priorities straight. Just because he failed to be straight himself, obviously.

Louis shook his head. As in no. And for a moment Harry got nervous, more nervous he thought he could be when he was drunk. In general he wasn’t a nervous person, and at least not when he was drinking.

“Don’t stop,” Louis said moments later. It was obvious that it was a bit painful, but his words comforted Harry. It wasn’t that bad. The pleasure was drowning the pain. And Harry was in no way hard to ask.

Harry started thrusting his hips, moving slowly in and out of Louis while moaning from the pleasure. And at some point, Harry’s intention of being gentle was long gone. His craving for animalistic sex became overbearing and he couldn’t control himself. 

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