Frostbite (16+)

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  • Published: 22 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 26 May 2014
  • Status: Complete
Harry is struggling with the sex addiction that controls his life, leaving him depressed and frustrated. On top of everything he's feeling a growing affection and sexual attraction toward his best friend, Louis. But it's surely because of his addiction, right?


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4. Hot Shower

Harry woke up alone after just a few hours of sleep, something that came as a pleasant surprise. After fucking Louise once, he went on for a second round… and a third one. Yes, it took him four orgasms in one day from this girl to even get him a remote feeling of nausea. That was probably the best compliment he could give a girl lately, and the strange part was that Harry was convinced it would pass. He would surely contact Louise again. Maybe it was because she was so professional. He liked it like that, because it felt like strictly business. No cuddles or sweet words, no heartfelt lovemaking. The only sticky mess was what their bodies created together.

Another pleasant surprise appeared when Harry sat up in bed and noticed a small note on the pillow beside him. It made him smile, and when he read the note, his smile grew into more of a grin. And even though this was more “lunch break on work” than strictly business, she still managed to not overstep any lines.

“Morning, Gil!
Last night was on me, congrats on giving me my first orgasm while working, ever! Call me anytime for a new get-together. xoxo Louise”

It would be no understatement to say that Harry found the fact that Louise actually called him Gilbert (well, nick named him Gil apparently) amusing. He even chuckled a little while reading. Maybe that was part of what created the distance between them and made this sexual relation bearable.

Harry yawned, before he just threw the little note to the floor and got out of bed. He was not well rested at all, but decided to get up rather than just sleep through the day.

A third pleasant surprise met Harry after he’d put on some clothes and opened his bedroom door and an undeniable smell of take-away pizza hit him right in the face.
“Lou? Are you awake?”

Harry followed the sound of Louis voice, but it was impossible to hear what he said. When Harry entered the kitchen he understood why. His best friend’s mouth was so filled with fresh pizza that it was hardy closing.

“Not saving any for me?” Well, Harry wasn’t really worried that Louis would eat it all up; he just tried to force Louis to invite him to sit down and eat. It worked wonderfully, Louis just nodded to the chair on the other side of the table. No hesitation was needed before Harry was sitting down and almost choked himself with a slice of pizza.

“I wasn’t expecting you up this early,” Louis said after he was done chewing. Harry didn’t understand what he meant straight away. It took several moments, and by the time Harry realized just how aware Louis was about his lacking of sleep he was done chewing and could actually answer straight away.
“Oh.” Sadly, that was all he had to say.

“Holy shit, did I just make the great Harry Styles blush?” Louis teased, which made Harry kick him under the table.
“You did not!” He was not blushing at all! Well, almost no blushing, anyway! Just a slight tint of pink, but it wasn’t the fact that Louis had heard him (they lived together; it wasn’t like it was the first time). It was just… for some unknown reason, Harry felt uncomfortable, but not embarrassed. All of a sudden, it was like he didn’t want Louis to know that he slept with anyone.

Harry had as of lately been experiencing a feeling that previously had been completely unknown for him. And that feeling was the shame creeping in under his skin. His shameful need for release, his new affection for Louis and all of the sudden the fact that he had bought sexual services made him feel a bit uneasy. Even though it wasn’t the first time.

“Harry, hello, answer me!” Louis’ voice finally went through to Harry and he lifted his gaze to meet Louis’ eyes. He had been spacing out for a moment there, lost in his own thoughts.
“Did you say anything?”

Silence. Louis gave Harry a bit of an annoyed grimace that Harry recognized so well. Louis needed the attention, and was always a bit offended when he didn’t get it.
“I’m so happy you’re not a dog,” Harry mumbled when thinking how craving and clingy he would have been as a little pet.

“Do I have to repeat my question, Mr Styles?” Louis ignored the dog comment, and that was probably for the best. He still seemed quite annoyed, but it would surely pass on its own like usual.
“You must most certainly do so, Mr Tomlinson,” Harry said, mirroring Louis way of speaking now when he was slightly pissed off.
“Are you showering first?”
“Are we out of hot water when it’s my turn if I say no?” Harry was significantly faster in the shower than Louis was. They both knew that.
“Yes,” Louis confirmed, and that pretty much determined who would be showering first. Harry wasn’t up for a cold shower right now.

Harry continued eating in silence, watched Louis carefully as he also ate. No one needed to say anything, Harry would shower first and Louis would then use the remaining hot water. Louis would then take a steaming shower, soaping up his body, let his hand slide down his chest. Maybe he would be leaning against the wall, maybe his feminine hand would wrap around his own growing cock. Maybe his lips would be parted, if only barely, and soft moans of pleasure would escape…

The very second Harry realized his breathing had become heavier and he felt his own cock twitch in his pants, he almost stumbled away from the table and hurried out of the kitchen.
“I’m gonna take a shower,” Harry shouted while undressing on his way to the bathroom.

Harry was stroking himself before he even got under the water. His pants were around his ankles and he had one hand on the sink for support, biting down on his full lips. His shame was, if not long gone, on a break as he let his fantasies of Louis in the shower play through his mind.

Harry stepped out of his pants and into the shower, turned the water on while he played with himself steadily. Cold water hit him for a moment before the temperature rose, but he didn’t step away, he was too lost in his own fantasy and need. He wanted to press Louis up against the wall, he wanted to have their erect cocks against each other, grind himself towards that slim little body of Louis’.

His hand moved faster and faster as he got closer to the edge. Considering he had fucked a girl just a few hours ago, the thought of Louis brought him to an orgasm unbelievably quick. His knees trembled a little as he came, biting harder down on his bottom lip to stay quiet. One thing was Louis hearing him and a girl, but him alone in the shower while thinking of his best friend? He’d rather stay quiet.

When shampooing his hair, Harry felt much more relaxed than at the breakfast table. It was just another orgasm he needed to calm himself down. Everything always felt better after a quick wank or a random fuck, and his little Louis fantasy really helped big time.

By the time he stepped out of the shower, he realized just how tired he actually was. After all, the sex filled night with Louise didn’t exactly bring too much sleep. After drying off and putting on a clean pair of underwear, he decided that a powernap on the couch was just the thing he needed right now.

“Bathroom’s free!” Harry shouted as he walked through the door and into the living room, not encountering Louis at all on his way. He almost fell down on the couch and pulled a blanket over himself. If Harry had been counting sheep, he wouldn’t even have passed ten before falling to sleep.

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