Frostbite (16+)

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  • Published: 22 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 26 May 2014
  • Status: Complete
Harry is struggling with the sex addiction that controls his life, leaving him depressed and frustrated. On top of everything he's feeling a growing affection and sexual attraction toward his best friend, Louis. But it's surely because of his addiction, right?


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2. Gilbert

It took no less than two seconds from Harry opened the front door, to Louis showed up in the hallway with his sweatpants riding low on his hips. His hair was messy as if he had been rolling around half asleep on the couch (which he had), and he had a tired gaze that oozed of sex.

“That was one long fucking walk,” Louis murmured in a sleepy voice. He was clearly irritated, but Harry hardly noticed because he was so distracted by the half naked body in front of him.
“I needed to clear my mind,” Harry replied after licking is lower lip. Any lies about where he had been were better than the truth. But in retrospect, saying he was going for a walk when he rented a room at a nearby hotel to get a shag… probably not the best excuse.

“You missed dinner.” It seemed like Louis had wanted to state that for the last two hours, because the second the words were out, he took a step back and pirouetted  towards the living room, as if the conversation was over.
“Don’t come here and tell me you made dinner,” Harry said with a humorless laugh as he stepped after Louis. He put a cold hand on his shoulder and turned him back around, realizing just then how close they were.

“I sure as hell did, your plate is on the kitchen counter.” Louis gaze met Harry’s eyes and almost made him shiver.
“Just because you take Chinese food out of a box and put it on a plate, it doesn’t qualify as cooking.” 

Harry pushed Louis away, partly because they were too close right now and partly because he was letting his bad mood out on his best friend. Louis answered by laughing, which luckily disarmed what could have turned in to a bad fight. Then again, everything with Harry was a possible fight these days, and Louis was an expert on handling it.

“I can’t cook,” Louis said as if Harry didn’t know already. He returned to the couch and pulled a blanket around himself before Harry sat down beside him.
“No, you can’t. Nor can you clean, do laundry, take care of your economic responsibilities or switch of the lights when you leave the room… why do I even let you live here?”

“You don’t switch off the lights either!” Louis kicked Harry’s thigh playfully and had a playful grin across his face.
“But I pay the electricity bill,” Harry said and winked at Louis because he was so obviously winning this little debate right now.

“You love me,” Louis then replied, as an answer to the original question, before he got up on his feet and disappeared into the kitchen. Harry could hear the microwave go on.
“And I have a great sense of humor; it would be so boring and sad here without me!” Well, Harry had to admit, that was probably true.  Louis was his main source of what little happiness in his life right now.

What Louis failed to mention while bragging about himself, was his amazingly hot little body, his absolutely delicious abs and sexy hair. And with that mental image, Harry let out a loud sigh, and pushed his hand down in his crotch as if to say “stay down, boy”… touching didn’t really seem to help.

Harry was filled with a mixture of feelings, leaving him nauseated. His fright for ruining anything with Louis and his guilt for involuntarily half-fantasizing about his best friends… He just couldn’t control his thoughts that just wandered off.

As Harry got up on his feet, Louis came out of the kitchen with a plate.
“Where are you going, I just warmed your dinner!” Louis stood there like a real housewife ready to pleasure his husband. Except not the pleasuring Harry needed.

“I’m off to bed, not so hungry.” This honestly felt like the second bad excuse this night. Probably because it was. Louis expressed his slight despair by dragging his hand through his hair, looking like he wanted to say something, but he didn’t. His eyes just glanced from Harry’s face and down on the food, and he seemed disappointed.

With that, Harry went to his bedroom and closed the door behind him. For a moment he just stood there in the dark, looked out into the room. His bed was made up, his room was clean, and he had even picked up the laundry from the corner of the bed room earlier that day. There was no reason why Harry was going to sleep alone tonight.

When he went to the hotel room, it was a decision based on 1) he was paying a prostitute he found online for sex, and 2) he didn’t want Louis to be bothered or ask questions. But rational thinking was non-existing in the state of need Harry almost constantly found himself in lately.

Harry took a few steps without switching on the light, before he fell backwards on the bed and closed his eyes, letting his mind wander along with his hand. He put in a real effort as he tried to replace the blame of his growing erection, pushing Louis out of his thoughts. Pushing out how he had welcomed him half naked, pushing out how his delicious chest rose and sank calmly and how his sweatpants was hanging so low, Harry could only imagine his trimmed pubic hair only half an inch away from the waistband.

Harry had his hand down his boxers, his hard cock pressing against his palm when he realized he had no chance driving Louis out of his head alone. Admitting that, Harry took his free hand down his front pocket to find his phone, and opened recently dialed numbers and clicked on the one on the top.

“Hey, you’re speaking with Louise! How may I please you?” Her sweet, sweet voice had such a playful tone, and man she was ready to please. He already established that earlier that night.
“Hey… it’s Gilbert.”

A small laugh on the other end of the line was audible now, which made Harry smile if ever so slightly. He was glad she remembered what he presented himself as when he had called her a couple of hours earlier.
“Harry Styles,” she murmured in a lot more sexy voice than her hello-voice. Just to state the fact that yes, she was fully aware of who Mr. Gilbert was.

“Are you free for the night?” Harry relaxed a little more, didn’t even give this idea a second thought, even though everything about it was unusual: A hooker to his home apartment? Never. Going for a second round with the same girl? Well, saying never to that one would be a bit of a stretch, but ever since his little problem started to really dig deep into him and he felt nauseated by little sluts after fucking them… then never. 

“Harry, I left your hotel room just fifty minutes ago,” Louise pointed out. Harry wasn’t quite so comfortable when she used his name in a conversation like that, but I didn’t comment on it.
“Fifty-eight minutes actually,” Harry corrected as he started stroking his cock carefully.

“And you were done after 45 minutes when I paid for an hour.” Not that Harry cared much; he had gotten what he had asked for in those 45 minutes.
“Are you asking me to give you the last fifteen?” Louise’s smile was impossible to not hear in her sensual voice.
“I am asking you for that “all night” offer of yours, Louise. I’ll even pay extra for being so short notice, if you get here in twenty minutes.”

A four minute chat from there, where Harry gave his address to a stranger and felt the efficiency of this girl in regards to the whole Louis situation. Luckily a situation Louis stayed in the dark about.

“Okay, okay,” Louise said when Harry explained how she had to act and what she had to do and what to say if Louis asked any questions. Harry had a feeling this would be the bad excuse number three of the night, if Louis was still up when Louise arrived. “She’s a friend of the family” didn’t really explain why she went straight for his bedroom. But Harry was horny and thinking with his dick right now.

“I’ll be there in 20, Harry.”
“Don’t use my name like that.” Harry finally got a chance to say that, after it had bothered him throughout the whole conversation.
“Mr. Styles, then?” Louise asked playfully, but it wasn’t particularly well received with Harry.
“Okay, Gilbert. I gotta freshen up before I come over so I must hang up. Be ready for me, goodbye honey.”

And with that, Louise hung up and Harry was left waiting with nothing to distract his mind for twenty minutes. Twenty whole fucking minutes that felt like an eternity. 

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