Frostbite (16+)

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  • Published: 22 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 26 May 2014
  • Status: Complete
Harry is struggling with the sex addiction that controls his life, leaving him depressed and frustrated. On top of everything he's feeling a growing affection and sexual attraction toward his best friend, Louis. But it's surely because of his addiction, right?


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7. Avoidance

”Why don’t I ever listen to you?” Things had turned out quite differently than Harry had expected. Right now Louis was drunk off his ass, just like Harry had warned him about after a few shots too many.

They were on the bathroom floor. The door was locked, and Harry was leaning up against the wall, quite drunk himself, with Louis’ head in his lap. Dangerously close to his private parts. This was so good, so perfect.

This was also absolutely horrendous. Just the fact that Harry had to try his best thinking of the nastiest stuff he knew, just to keep his member down. The queen naked, dirty underwear, dead puppies. Sadly, his drunken mind easily drifted away from the bad stuff and back into the reality, where his friend was too close for his own good. Too close for anyone’s good, to be precise. His so very good friend was also really drunk, probably didn’t even notice that Harry was sporting a semi-hard cock.

”Lou?” Harry spoke softly, but as Louis adjusted his head to look up at him, he realized he didn’t really have anything to say. Their eyes met, but the only thing filling the room was silence. It stayed like that for a while. Louis smiled up at Harry. His eyes were nearly closed, but the smile seemed so genuine and almost childlike.

“Harry?” Harry recognized this conversation, they had tried it before. But this time he was positive it would be more successful. Well, successful in terms of being finished, or at least started on. Louis just seemed like he were going to say something.

“Yeah?” Harry stroked his hand through Louis hair, knowing he wouldn’t mind. They had always been that kind of intimate with each other.
“Harry,” Louis repeated and smiled again, even wider, his eyes closed now.

Harry was right, seconds after it came. Everything he had tried to avoid this week.
“Do I turn you on?” His words were a bit slurred from the alcohol and his lips were curved up in a smile that seemed almost careless, yet he sounded serious.
“You’re drunk,” Harry remarked quietly. He knew Louis was referring to the massage happening, because his dick was hardly visible at all right now.

Surprise arose in Harry when Louis did his next move. All of a sudden, Louis had moved one of his beautiful small hands up to Harry’s crotch, and Harry couldn’t think of a single reason to stop him.
“Do I turn you on, Harold?”

Louis no longer smiled. His eyes were open again now. Harry opened his mouth to answer, but he was completely blank.
“I- I- I…” He stuttered out. Louis was not just checking. No, his hand was moving. He was stroking Harry through the fabric of his jeans while closely watching him for some kind of response. It wasn’t really hard to get, considering the fact that Harry’s dick was needing the attention and quickly growing to make Louis aware of that.

“Answer me, please.” In one movement, Louis unbuttoned the jeans and then zipped it down, moving his hand down the pants. Harry’s boxer was so thin, that he could feel every twitch of movement in the feminine hand touching him.

“No,” Harry finally murmured. His eyes were only half open and his breathing was heavy now. His answer and his body’s reaction did not in any way correspond, and both Harry and Louis was well aware of that fact.
“Don’t lie to me,” Louis breathed.

Truth be told, Harry didn’t really consider it a lie. It was rather an avoidance of truth. Harry was not more turned on by Louis than by anyone else. At least that was what he was telling himself over and over again, even though flashes of Louis was running through his head when he fucked other people, and even though no one else made him just as crazy as Louis did.

No, it was not a lie, because this was all his addiction. Like drugs made people dependent on money to get what they needed, Harry felt a bit wrongfully dependent on Louis for what he needed. It made perfect sense (or so Harry wanted to believe).

“You’re dick is throbbing under my hand, I know you’re lying.” Louis sat up a bit, still with his hand down Harry’s pants. They were still sitting close and Louis was still a bit too drunk for it to really be okay that Harry didn’t stop him.

But Harry was too busy to stop him right now. He was debating in his intoxicated mind. He understood that he had to come up with some sort of confession to Louis now, but what was the best one? Would he even be able to admit that he had quite the sex related problem? Would he be able to put in words how his body was constantly craving intimacy and touches, how he felt like he could hardly function without at least seven orgasms a day? Or was it better to pretend that this was all about Louis? That the only reason they were on the bathroom floor right now and he had a raging boner, was because of the little bubble butt he had to see around his apartment every single day?

“Fine,” Harry said at last. It was barely audible, but he could see in Louis’ eyes that he had heard it. They were drunk and this was very strange and Harry’s heart was racing and this was just all too much. He was scared and nervous and horny and anxious all at once. But nothing bad happened. It was already too late for that, if Louis was going to react dramatically, he would have done it after the massage. Or during the massage.

“Fine, what?” Louis asked, a smile playing in the corner of his mouth. He removed his hand, and Harry was stressing about it only for a second, before Louis’ hand moved to the waistband of his boxers.
“Y-you know,” Harry stuttered. He felt more vulnerable than he had felt in his entire life. His words were slurred from a mix of adrenaline, alcohol and desire, just waiting for Louis to leave the subject. And more importantly, waiting for Louis to just put his fingers around his cock already!

“I want to hear you say it, Harry,” Louis whispered as he moved even closer. By the time he said Harry’s name, his lips was nearly touching Harry’s ear.
“Say it,” he whispered and made Harry shiver.

“Y-you… oh lord, Louis Tomlinson, you make me so horny I’m about to… please just touch me, I can’t take it anymore.” Harry reached the point Louis had intentionally pushed him towards; desperation. Harry needed it and he needed it right now. Not even if he had fucked for 48 hours straight would he not need Louis at this point.

The waistband of Harry’s boxers was pushed aside and his cock became visible, resting against his stomach. Louis moved his head to look, and while his eyes were on the penis, Harry’s eyes were studying the amused face of the person he really honestly loved the most in this world.

Louis wrapped his hand around the erect dick, pumping it just a few times before looking wide eyed up at Harry. This was obviously a first for Louis just as much as it was for Harry. Yet he seemed so much more at ease with it than Harry felt. More at ease with it than Harry had ever expected too.

“Can I take it in my mouth?” When speaking, sounding a bit uncertain, Louis seemed so pure and innocent. Harry felt like he was dirtying something holy when he nodded and watched at Louis sank down, licking pre-cum off the head of the cock.

Harry moaned low and bit his lower lip to stay quiet, like he always did. They were, after all, almost in public. There was a party going on right on the other side of the door.

As Louis put the tip in his delicious mouth, Harry had to grab onto him for support. He felt dizzy as fuck too. All his blood had probably left his head and went south. At this moment Harry felt blessed to be as drunk as he was, or else he would probably have shot his cum into Louis’ mouth already. That would have been both embarrassing and kind of rude.

Louis started impressing. He took Harry slowly deep into his mouth. He worked the dick in his mouth like it was something he did every other day. He sucked it hard and even gave Harry’s tender balls some attention, something almost no girls did. Harry loved it.

“Oh my gooood,” Harry moaned out a bit too loudly, only to feel a hand pressing against is mouth. It only made the whole situation even more arousing. Louis were sucking him off, naturally talented. It was a bit sloppy, but he still did so much right that the faults were easy to ignore.

Harry pulled a hand through Louis’ hair, keeping it there in the back of his head, twisted between the hairs and following the movement of Louis as he was taking the dick in and out of his mouth.

For a moment, this truly felt like heaven. It felt like there couldn’t possibly be anything better in this entire world, than to be sucked off by your best friend who you also lived with. Hopefully in the morning, it could be blamed on a cloudy judgment. There was alcohol involved.

A muffled moan escaped Harry and landed right in Louis hand. How that boy could do so many things at once seemed more amazing than when girls were multitasking with Harry. Everything Louis did just seemed so much better.

Louis pressed two fingers in between Harry’s plump lips. Harry spent approximately one third of a second thinking before he took the fingers into his mouth, sucked on them as if it was a… something else. He was not gay, but right now he could suck on any part of Louis for sure.

Someone pounded on the door. It was not a careful knock; it was as if they were trying to break it. Louis jumped off Harry and breathed heavily, his lips glistening from spit and pre-cum. Harry tried to quickly get up on his feet. Someone was shouting something on the outside, but he was more focused on putting his jeans back on than listening.

Another three hard pounds to the door. Harry shot a glance towards the mirror.
“You’ve been in there for ages, open up!” Harry ignored the voice, sounding a lot like Liam. He also ignored Louis’ eyes on him for a while. He kept eye contact with his mirror image, acknowledging that he looked like a total mess.

Finally, Harry looked at Louis and then at the door. Louis was far steadier now than when they walked into the bathroom. He also had an expression on his face that Harry had never seen before.

Harry put a hand on the door handle. Before he unlocked the door with the intention of returning to the party, his eyes wandered down Louis’ body. His best friend stood beside him with an obvious bulge in his pants. 

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