What Happened?

Hi I'm Kylie and long story short my brother is the worst brother ever!!! So what is going to happen? Read to find out!!!


6. The police station

So I went with the police and went to see my drunk of a brother. What used to be a bright,smiling,clean face was now a dirty,crusty,frowning face. What happened to him? I mean he never did anything bad! But maybe it's because the love of his life Eleanor (I don't ship Elounor it's for the story!) broke up with him for one of her cheats. Or maybe something just snapped inside of him and he was just tired of supporting everybody in the family with only him and dad working we didn't get that much money, but I know this is not about money it's about something else and I'm going to find out so finally I sat down and said "Hi big brother" 

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