5 Boys Adopted Me (Niall Horan FanFiction)

I'm Lizzy DeClare. I'm a athletic person, I love to run, Plays soccer, Skate, and even play rugby. I'm just a normal 17 year old orphan..


7. 6

Niall's P.O.V.

Did she really just do that to poor Niall? That's a bitch move.. Seducing is a good thing.. Why not seduce now?

I walked up to her all cool like and rested my forehead on hers, Our nose touched and sparks were everywhere.. I only thought of us. She had a little twinkle in her eye. She smiled, I slowly closed my eyes and leaned in for the kiss that will tell me if I am in love with her, Not that I am.. I'm just seducing her.. Heh..

Our lips didn't touch, I felt her finger on my lips. I opened my eyes to see her laughing trying to keep a straight face.

"Not cool.." I mumbled on her finger

"No, That's was cool that you were trying to be romantic with me!!" She giggled

I grabbed her hand and we walked out the small room together, I whispered

"Have a smile on your face, Pretend were getting along."

She nodded as she seen Louis and Harry nuzzling with there girlfriends. Her face frowned as she seen that.

Elizabeth's P.O.V.

They all looked happy together.. I wish me and Niall were like that, That'd be cool..

Its so sad just to think 'What If he turned normal again and didn't want me anymore?'

I hope-- No scratch that.. I WISH we would stay together forever.. I admit, He's a fine Irish man! Just.. I think about the negative to much..

"Hey Liz!!" Jamie yelled to me

"Hey Jay." I said sadly

"Whats wrong?" She asked signaling Kayla to come over here

"It seems that Niall doesn't want me.. He held my hand and all and tried to kiss me, but it was to soon, And you and Louis, And you and Harry.. Your all happy a-.."

"Happy? Were forced to date people we don't know! I mean Louis had a wife and kids before me!" Jamie said

"And Harry is hot.." Kayla blurted out

Jamie and I looked at her confused

"Sorry! It kinda slipped out my mouth!" She defended herself. I laughed

"Hey, you made her laugh!" Jamie yelled. All the boys looked at me and noticed my tears, Harry and Louis ran towards me and gave me a great big hug

"Oww my ribs.." I laughed while Louis was tickling me, But he stopped and looked at me for awhile..

"Louis?" I asked and he broke down into tears

"Lou, whats wrong?" Everyone but Niall crowded around him He pushed everyone but he to the ground

"Whats your name?" He spat in my face

"E-Elizabeth.." I said scared

He looked at me his face getting softer..

"Elizabeth Melissa?"






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