A life within Poetry

I like to write and so after beginning to suffer with depression i began to write poetry to express how i felt and pieces of my daily life.


15. Suffer in silence

I regret my decision to them because they now suffer,

Maybe more than myself!

I wish i could erase every word that left my mouth

about the incident.

Maybe then we would still be happy I would be happy

- on the surface at least-

And they wouldn't have to suffer! Not one bit!

In any case, it was my fault!

My stupidity and ignorance led to this outcome!

I should be the one to

suffer Wholeheartedly by myself,for myself!

I should not have involved them

they didn't need to know the dirty secrets beneath the surface!

Maybe if they hadn't known

Things would be different now. Yes! Surely i would suffer

But id rather suffer in silence.

Than watch my parents crumble before my eyes!

Its my Fault! It always is!

Even things that have no meaning are my fault!

They would not blame me

But i would blame me. In the end i'm the reason they 

Suffer maybe even in silence!




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