A life within Poetry

I like to write and so after beginning to suffer with depression i began to write poetry to express how i felt and pieces of my daily life.


17. Asleep

The darkness tears at my rigid soul.

I lay there like a phantom of the night.

awake to hear the shreaks of the wind

and the voices of the house.


She is with my but in body not mind.

She speaks but with shut eye lids.

She is the first to fall asleep within the

comfort of her house within the night.


Finally i fall deeply into the world in my mind.

I dream as my imagination takes hold of

my dormant state. I wonder what she's 

dreaming about or thinking unconsciously. 


When i wake light pours throughout the room

She pokes my face to say "wake now!". I grunt.

don't want to wake to the truth 

That is my life's reality.



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