Head over Heels<3





“One to test your agility, and flexibility.”

“Okay cool”

He had me running and dodging arrows and bullets. I did a lot more than I thought I could.

“wow your ability to move is incredible I haven’t even seen this from Natasha your amazing…”

“Did you just say I was amazing…AWE does someone have a little crush on me?”

“Well erhh.. ughh”

Right then a there, I kissed his cheek. Right before he had time to respond Thor came in.

“Ms. Jade Ann I believe it’s my hour now.”

“Already? Wow okay, cool. So what are we doing?”

“We are cooking.”
“OOOhh Fun. What are we making?”


“YAY!!!” I screamed like a child.

As we were making the dough I felt a body come against me and hold both my hands to help me stir. He was comforting and warm. I never felt that way before…It was strange. When we were finish we kind of burnt them in the over because we were making a fort out of pillows.

“Ms. Jade Ann I am truly sorry I burnt the pop tarts.”

“I don’t care, I had fun”

We laughed and went back in our fort and fell asleep. Right then Clint walked in.

“WHAT THE HELL! JAY ANN AND THOR???” he screamed

“What?” I questioned

“The damn kitchen is a disaster!”


I thought he was gonna pull a dad and tell Thor to get away from me, and to be honest I was glad he didn’t. I had a good feeling about Thor I don’t know what it is but is good I tell you.

“CLEAN IT UP NOW!” he yelled

Nope, he was pulling a mom! 

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