1D and the MermaID ✔️

18 year old Aqua, is tired of being a mermaid, she wants to walk along the beach holding hands with her true love. When her dad finds out she keeps sneaking out to go out in sea he locks her up in her room. But that doesn't stop aqua she finds away to escape and where do you think she ran away to? She swam to shore and she grew legs there she meet 5 guys. Who..? Well One Direction of course. Who will fall in love with who and will she be able to keep her secret from those 5 boys.



26. Chapter 25

🐬 Aqua's POV:

I led Grace to the part of the beach that I always swim at, there is never anyone around.

I set my bag down and took my shoes and socks off. She looked at me confused

"You coming or not?" I asked

She hesitated "what if people are around?"

"Trust me, there isn't. People never come over here" I replied "come on"

I jumped into the water, maybe if she sees me as a mermaid, she'll trust me more and she wouldn't be so hesitant.

I swam up to the surface and she didn't notice my tail, I swam up to the edge "trust me now?" I said showing her my tail

Her eyes widened "your a mermaid to? How did you know I was a mermaid?"

I nodded "I knew ever since you asked for the gloves. I acted the same way when I first started. Now are you coming in or not?"

She nodded and she took her shoes and socks off, then she dived right in.

We spent hours swimming and getting to know each other. I told her about how I found out about my powers and when I ran away from my house.

"So, Grace. Why did you run away from the ocean? I asked her, we we floating in the water relaxing.

"Well, I lived at an orphanage and I was scared, everyone teased me because I was different from everyone else. So when I was of age I ran away and decided to live here, kind of like you."

"They teased you because you had powers?" I asked

She nodded "I guess they teased me because I was the only one there with those powers. I didn't know how to use them at the time."

I nodded in understanding "I never told anyone about my powers because I was afraid I would get teased. Also because no one in my family had powers and of they did they never used them."

"So you've been living here ever since?" I asked her

"Yes, sometimes I still go back to visit some of my friends- who didn't judge me. And they would let me stay with them for a few days. But other than that I've lived here for a year already. I ran away when I was 17 years old." Grace said, I nodded along as she told me her story.

I can't believe She's been here for a year. I have been here for almost four months and even I miss home..... My family and friends.


"So how would like to meet my boyfriend and his mates?" I asked Grace as we walked on the boardwalk.

She looked at me, nervous "it's okay, you'll love them once you get to know them."

She gave me a small smile "do they know about you?"

I nodded "I told them last week. I didn't want them to find out the way they did when they found out about me."

She looked at me interested "what happened?"

"We were on a boat and we were interrupted by a storm" I told her and her eye widened "and that storm was my dad"

Her mouth opened in shock "your dad was creating the storm?"

I nodded "he doesn't have powers, like I said before but he has a trident and-"

"Wait!?" Grace interrupted "your dad is the king!"

Ops, did I forget to mention that....

I nodded and her eyes widened even more. "So your like..... A princess?"

"Well I wouldn't call myself a princess but I guess" I replied

Sometimes I forget that my dad is the king. I just feel like a regular mermaid.

A regular mermaid with powers, my subconscious adds

"Wow!" Was all grace said processing it all "okay, I kind of understand why you ran away from home now."

I nodded "anyway, what were you saying? You were talking about a storm." Grace said

"Oh yeah, well he was mad at me because he thought I told them my secret and he wanted to 'take care' of the situation by drowning them....." I told her everything that happened

"So here we are" I said walking up to the lads house. 

I'm here with Grace :D behave.... All of you


I texted Harry as we walked up to the door. My phone vibrated in my hand

C'mon in, the doors open. Don't worry about me, it's Louis you have to worry about.

-H xoxo

I smiled and shook my head at Harry's text. He's got a point, it's Louis who we have to watch out for. 

I looked over at Grace "you ready?"

She stood a few feet behind me, she looked nervous, but she nodded

"Don't worry, You guys will get along great." I smiled and opened the door letting Grace enter first.

"Honey I'm home" I shouted as I shut the door, I laughed at myself..... I've always wanted to say that.

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