1D and the MermaID ✔️

18 year old Aqua, is tired of being a mermaid, she wants to walk along the beach holding hands with her true love. When her dad finds out she keeps sneaking out to go out in sea he locks her up in her room. But that doesn't stop aqua she finds away to escape and where do you think she ran away to? She swam to shore and she grew legs there she meet 5 guys. Who..? Well One Direction of course. Who will fall in love with who and will she be able to keep her secret from those 5 boys.



22. Chapter 21

🐬Aqua's POV:

Once the taxi arrived at Harry and the lads house, Harry handed him some- somewhat soaked dollars. The man didn't even care, he just took it and nodded.

I got out the car and helped Harry out and grabbed on to his arm. He tried to get me to let go of him because as he said he was "Fine" but I didn't want to risk it.

I finally let go of Harry so he could unlock the door. I stood a few feet behind him, suddenly getting nervous.

How do I tell them? How do I start? I bet they have so much questions. Gosh! This is so nerve wrecking.

Okay.... Umm, Let me think of ways to tell them.

Suddenly a hand brought me out of my thoughts. Harry was waving his hand in front of my face trying to get my attention "Aqua, you there?" Harry chuckled "Are you coming in? I mean you are the one who told all of us to meet here" he smirked

I blinked a couple of times snapping out of my thoughts and nervously laughed at Harry's comment.

He moved to the side opening the door and letting me go in first. I gulped and walked in.

Okay Aqua, deep breaths..... You got this, YOU CAN DO THIS!

As I walked through the familiar house I saw four figures sitting around the couch talking and watching tv amongst themselves, probably keeping them selves busy as they waited for Harry and I to arrive.

Louis looked up at Harry and I then looked away but then did a double take look as if he realized Harry and I were standing there. But he was mostly focused on Harry. His eyes widened and he stood up quickly, "Harry!" Louis yelled, the rest of the guys turned around to see what he was looking at and they stood as they saw Harry. They all ran up to Harry and hugged him.

"We were so worried about you mate!" Liam said worried

"I'm glad you are okay!" Niall said, still clinging onto Harry everyone else nodded in agreement.

After a moment of standing there silently, letting them have their moment. They all turned to me, I gulped. This is it then.....

"Alright..... Let's get to it then" I mumbled. I motioned for them to sit down "Please sit down, this may take a while. If you guys have questions- which I'm pretty sure you guys will- I'll answer them when I'm done telling you"

They nodded and gathered around the couch. Harry sat in the middle, Louis sat next to him on his right and Niall on his left leaving Liam to sit next to Louis and Zayn next to Niall.

Since there wasn't really any much room on the couch I sat in front of them on their coffee table- hopefully it doesn't break on me.

Plus sitting here Is better, I could look at all of them as I told my story.

I took a deep breath "Alright, here goes" I mumbled to myself, I shifted uncomfortable, all of their gazes were on me and it was making me even more nervous.

"So, are you going to start or....?" Louis trailed off

Oh right I kinda dozed off for a second, I shook my head as if that was going to clear my head. "Right, sorry.... Where do I start-" Louis cut me off

"How 'bout at the beginning" alright sassy pants

"Well.... It all began when I ran away from home-" I started off

"Where did you live before? Was that the day we meet you?" Niall interrupted

"Uhh.... yes and I lived in the ocean" I replied and their eyes widened

"Like in the water" Zayn added

I nodded "how- oh wait never mind" Liam started off but then realized

"I lived in the ocean with my family and..." I don't know if I should say this "and other mermaids and mermen-"

"Wait! There's more!" Harry said shocked

"Well duh Harold, how do you think she was made?" Louis replied sassily again

Harry glared at him "shut up Lou."

"Guys let her talk" Liam interrupted their little fight

"Thanks." I said to Liam "Well, the thing is.... My dad didn't like me sneaking out, but I couldn't help it. I liked to swim and wander around. My father told me to stay away from the surface and I did all my life. I never went near it. But as I grew up the more curious I got and I snuck up to the surface. And ever since then I would sneak out every chance I got. No one knew I went out there."

"Just like no one knew about my special gifts" I said telling them my story. They just sat there listening to me as I spoke, they would ask me questions, I answered them or told them I would answer it once I was done. "I thought it was just me with these gifts, no one had them and I didn't want to be the only one in the entire kingdom that had them. So I kept quiet about it. My dad didn't have any powers and neither my brother. So I didn't know how I got them."

Niall raised his hand, I looked up at him. It's like we're in school and he's raising his hand to ask a question "yes?" I asked

"Uhh what kind of powers are you talking about" he asked and they all nodded in agreement, oh right they don't know about them.

I got up "wait right here" I said and walked away

"Where are you going?" Harry asked

"Give me a second and I'll show you guys" then with that I left to the kitchen and carefully filled up a glass full of water and walked back to the boys

They looked at me confused "you went to get a drink?" Louis asked

"No, just watch" I said and placed the glass on the coffee table in front of them and stood back a few feet.

I lifted my hand to make the water come out of the cup but I was nervous and it wasn't working "well.... Nothing is happening" Louis, once again sassed

I glared at him "just sit there and watch" I shut my eyes and pretended they weren't there. I took a deep breath and tried again

Just then I heard gasps and I opened my eyes and their eyes were about to pop out of their faces.

"You can move water!" Liam said sounding excited

"Yes, not only that but..." I made the water float right in front Louis. He looked kinda scared, like if I were going to dump the water on him. He tried to move back and away but there was no way he could leave since he was squished in the middle of all of the boys.

Then i twisted my hand around as the water floated, I put my hand up in the air as if I were making a stop sign and the water froze and it fell on Louis lap.

"Woah!" They all said at the same time.

Louis picked up the frozen water and held it up. "Awesome" he said and passed it around

I smiled "stick it back in the cup" I said and Zayn put it in the cup as best as he could.

I crouched down close to the cup I put my hand into a fist and held it close to the ice cube. Steam started to appear and in a few seconds there was hot water melted in the cup. I picked it up and gently shook the cup so they could see that it was water again.

"That is awesome!" Harry said smiling

I handed him the cup "hold it up" I said. This is my last trick.

I held my hand over the cup and moved my hand "alright, turn it upside down" I grinned

They looked at me confused, they didn't notice... "Do it" I said

"But it's going to spill everywhere" Niall said

I sighed "just do it, trust me it won't"

Harry did as I said and turned it upside down as if he were going to dump the water on the floor but the water stayed in the cup and didn't move "what the..?" Harry mumbled

"What in the world" I heard Zayn mumble

I smirked, Harry handed me the cup and I shook the cup so it could spill on the table. The only thing that came out was a jello type gew "go ahead and touch it"

Louis was the first to reach for it and he moved his hand away from it as fast as he could "it feels weird"

Liam reached for it "it's like...."

Harry finished for him "jello"

"That is awesome" Niall said for the millionth time "actually you are awesome."

I smiled "thank you"

"Do you got anymore powers?" Zayn asked

"Uhh not that I know of yet..... Although I just found out that I could kind of control the weather" I added

"Wait so, when I was thundering today..... Was that you making the storm?" Liam asked

"Not exactly"

"What do you mean?" Harry said

"It was my father...."

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