1D and the MermaID ✔️

18 year old Aqua, is tired of being a mermaid, she wants to walk along the beach holding hands with her true love. When her dad finds out she keeps sneaking out to go out in sea he locks her up in her room. But that doesn't stop aqua she finds away to escape and where do you think she ran away to? She swam to shore and she grew legs there she meet 5 guys. Who..? Well One Direction of course. Who will fall in love with who and will she be able to keep her secret from those 5 boys.



20. Chapter 19

🐬 Aqua's POV:

Being in Harry's arms almost made me forget about our current situation.

But how can I forget this, when my dad is trying to kill us.

The waves started to move faster, they were coming from every way possible. I gulped, I guess my dad doesn't care about killing me with them. All he cares about is keeping himself and the rest of the mermaids and mermen a secret. He didn't even let me tell him that they don't know my secret.

I thought about the time I made the Lightning happen, was it really me?

I balled my hands in a fist and I started feeling that same feeling I felt when I was with my dad in my head.

Maybe if I concentrate I can stop my dad from making the waves bigger. I took a deep breath and stared out into the sea.

I could feel my dad trying to fight back but I fought back. Just then I got a vision of my dad using his trident

He held it and pointed it to the boat. Then a beam of light shot straight to the boat and I gasped.

Just then we all felt the boat get hit from the bottom. I heard a splash and I looked around

No! No

"Harry!" I yelled

This can't happen! No! He fell off the boat. The guys noticed Harry missing and I ran to the edge of the boat getting ready to jump in after him but I felt myself being pulled back

I screamed as they pulled me away, tears streamed down my face and I tried to get out of there hold but I couldn't. "Aqua! Stop" Liam shouted

"No! I gotta save him! I gotta go after him" I yelled

"There is a storm out there, you said you can't swim." Niall said

"I can.... I have to go after him, please let me go!" I shouted

"I'll go after him" Liam said and I stopped and looked at him

"No, you can't. You'll drown to" I cried and let them move me away from the edge.

They tried to calm me down and then they finally thought I was calm I ran past Liam and Niall.

I heard them calling my name but I ignored them and jumped off the boat into the water.

Once I made it in the water I felt myself begin to change. My blue tail appeared and I looked around for Harry.

I don't care if they find out my secret now, I've kept it from them for such a long time. They were bound to find out.

I can't let anything happen to Harry or any of the other guys. Even if that means me showing them what I really am, even if they hate me for not telling them.

I swam everywhere trying to find Harry but I could find him. I looked up at the boat and saw figures around the boat, they were looking down into the water.

Just then I saw someone stand at the edge of the boat, they took their shirt off and through it in the boat.

No, I can't let him jump in. I think it might be Liam, I have to stop him. But how? I used my hands to make the wind hold him back against the boat but it wasn't use, he was fighting the wind.

I took a deep breath and swam straight up to the boat. Here goes

"Stop!" I yelled before Liam could jump in. "Don't jump, you'll drown."

Liam stopped and looked at me wide eyed, along with Niall, Louis and Zayn.

"How?" Was all that Liam could manage to say, the rest of the guys had their mouths open.

"I'll explain everything later, I have to find Harry" I said and got ready to dive back into the water  "stay on the boat, don't try to come after me. I'll find Harry on my own. I just want you guys to stay up here where it's safe. I can't loose you guys either" then I dived in and began to look for Harry

🐢 Liam's POV:

Just as I thought this couldn't get worse, it did. Something hit the boat which caused it to shake and the waves were getting bigger

Suddenly I heard a splash and Aqua started yelling "Harry!"

We looked around and Harry was missing, he fell off the boat and Aqua was crying. She started running, she was going to jump off the boat but Niall, Zayn, Louis and I grabbed her before she could jump

She started thrashing and screaming "Aqua! Stop" I yelled trying to calm her down

But she wouldn't listen "No! I gotta save him! I gotta go after him!" She yelled trying to get out of our hold

"There is a storm out there, you said you can't swim" Niall said trying to reason with her

"I can...." she cried "I have to go after him, please let me go!"

"I'll go after him" I said trying to calm her down. She can't swim and neither can Zayn, plus I'm a better swimmer than them. I'll find him

"No, you can't. You'll drown to" she cried and let us move her away from the edge. We walked her to go sit down until she calmed down.

After a few minutes she looked calm and we started thinking on what we were going to do. But then Aqua bolted out of her seat past me and Niall

"Aqua! Stop!" I yelled along with the rest of the lads. We ran after her but she didn't listen, she dived right in.

What did she do! Is she trying to get herself killed? She can't swim!

We all crowded around the edge trying to find her, but we could see her or Harry anywhere

After a few minutes, Aqua never swam up to get some air, I started to get worried "I'm going to jump in" I said and began to take my shirt off

"Be careful mate" Louis said and I nodded I went toward the edge getting ready to jump in but I couldn't move

"What's happening? I can't move" I said trying to fight the force pushing me back. It felt like the wind was pushing me back

I tried fighting it and was going to jump when all of a sudden Aqua came up from the water "stop! Don't jump, you'll drown."

My eyes widened "how?" Was all that I could manage.

"I'll explain everything later," she started saying, ignoring our shocked faces "I have to find Harry. Stay on the boat, don't try to come after me. I'll find Harry on my own. I just want you guys to stay up here where it's safe. I can't loose you guys either" then she turned around and dived in the water.

All we saw was a long blue tail come out after she swam away. We all looked at each other with our mouths wide open


They know!!!

Where's Harry!!?!

Tell me what you though? What were your reactions?

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