1D and the MermaID ✔️

18 year old Aqua, is tired of being a mermaid, she wants to walk along the beach holding hands with her true love. When her dad finds out she keeps sneaking out to go out in sea he locks her up in her room. But that doesn't stop aqua she finds away to escape and where do you think she ran away to? She swam to shore and she grew legs there she meet 5 guys. Who..? Well One Direction of course. Who will fall in love with who and will she be able to keep her secret from those 5 boys.



10. Chapter 10

Harry's POV:

Today is the day of the party, the one Monica, I believe that's her name, invited us to.

I told the lads and they were getting ready to leave, I was already dressed, I was waiting for everyone else.

I had a white t shirt and shorts, Monica said to meet her at the dock so I'm guessing it's going to be at the beach

I'm going to pick up aqua from her hotel and were all going to leave to the party

"Come on lads, hurry up!" I yelled

Soon they started coming down one by one, then we made our way out the door.

I drove in my car, Niall came with me while Louis, Zayn and Liam drove the other car so we could all fit.

I drove to aquas hotel and she was already waiting in the lobby for us to arrive, she made her way to the car

But I quickly got out and greeted her with a hug and a kiss on the cheek, she waved at Louis, Zayn and Liam in the other car. I opened the car door for her and she said "thank you" I nodded and then i made my to the drivers seat and got in, aqua greeted Niall in the back. Then we were off to the dock

Once we made it we made our way out the car, we were looking for Monica to see where we should meet but she wasn't in sight

Why were we meeting at the dock anyway?

We saw a group of people walk buy and they were walking towards the boats

Oohhh that party is on a boat

"Let's follow them" I said pointing towards the people and they all nodded

Once we got to the dock we saw people getting on a yacht where Monica and her friend Jessica were welcoming them on

Monica saw us and she smiled, then she excused herself from them and made her way towards us.

"Hey guys! I'm glad you could make it" she said "well come on aboard"

Everyone started walking but one person, Aqua

She looked unsure and kinda worried "hey what's wrong" I said

Niall looked back and he noticed we stopped so he stopped the lads

"It's just.... umm, I'm scared of boats and I can't swim," then she started rambling "plus I get really sea sick and I don't want to ruin the party" she said quickly

I remember she told us she didn't know how to swim one day, but I had a feeling she didn't want to get on the boat, for some reason I don't know, so maybe she was just making up the last part

I was going to say something but Monica interrupted me "you could lay down in one of the rooms so you could be comfortable"

Aqua shook her head "no it's fine, you guys go on, have fun. I just remembered I had something to do, sooo..." she trailed off

I didn't want to go with out aqua "How about you guys go on and enjoy the party and I'll go with aqua"

"Are you sure we could all just go somewhere else" Liam said

"No it's fine, have fun" I said they nodded and went on board

"No harry it's fine you don't have to come, you can stay on the boat" aqua said shaking her head

"No it's alright" I said taking her hand

"Are you sure? I'm sorry I ruined the part for you, it's just... I'm scared of the water, I mean being surrounded by lots of water, scared that I might fall in" she said looking down

"Hey it's ok, we could do something else that doesn't involve water" I said smiling "how does that sound?"

She looked up at me an smiled "sounds great"

I turned towards Monica "hey thanks for inviting us, but were going to go" I said

She frowned "are you sure, she could just lay down In a room or something, I'll give her a life jacket" she said kinda annoyed

"No, I'm fine, I don't need a life jacket" aqua said through her teeth

Monica bit her lip "alright, I'm sorry, go on have fun" she mumbled something I didn't hear

Then we left to the car

Monica's POV:

I was welcoming people on the boat then I saw harry, liam, zayn, niall, Louis and aqua so I walked up to them

"Hey guys! I'm glad you could make it" I said "well come on aboard"

Suddenly aqua didn't want to go so everyone stopped and harry was asking her if she was ok and as said she was scared of the boat and that she couldn't swim

So I said "you could lay down in one of the rooms so you could be comfortable"

I said that just so they wouldn't leave it would ruin my plan. Plus if she said yes it would of been easy to lock her in there

She ended up saying no and that very one should go and she was saying reason so she didn't get on, I don't care if she's scared or not I just want to party already

Harry turned towards me "hey thanks for inviting us, but were going to go"

I frowned, my plan isn't going as I want it! "are you sure, she could just lay down In a room or something, I'll give her a life jacket" I said annoyed

"No, I'm fine, I don't need a life jacket" aqua said through her teeth

I bit my lip to prevent me from saying something I don't want to say in front of harry so I said "alright, I'm sorry, go on have fun" then I mumbled 'somewhere else'

Then they left to Harry's car

I huffed angrily, My plan failed

"Monica! come on time to party!!" Jessica yelled from the boat

I made my way on the boat and Jess helped me on

"Hey where's harry and aqua?" she asked

"Aqua is scared of water, she can't swim so harry being the gentleman he is decided to take her somewhere else" I said rolling my eyes

"Oh" Jessica said "well at least we know she's scared of water, we could use this against her someday"

I looked at Jessica "were not killers Jessica, were not going to drown her. we may be mean but I wouldn't go that far" I said

I walked away towards the middle and started dancing with everyone else, at least Liam, Niall, Louis and Zayn are here

Aqua's POV:

I was relived when harry did it was ok to leave and do something else, that side involve water

He really is sweet, and I really like him.... A lot

Harry decided to take me to his home and we were going to cuddle and watch movies all day. This is better than being in that boat.

I hope you liked this chapter, sorry if it was short

Please don't comment and say if I dont update soon your going to remove this story from your favorits, that's rude and I can't update all the time. I can't update when ever you want me to. It's just a story I'm sure you can live with out it. And if you want to remove it then just do it and don't comment because that's rude.

I'm sorry if that was mean but I just had to say that.

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