Breaking bad

Savannah broken, lost and confused. Her boyfriend beats her she has a bad history and then it just gets worse she's troubled he's danger. What could go wrong?


8. I'm sorry

Chapter 8: I'm sorry

* Savannahs pov*

  I felt ryan become calmer within my grasp and he turned to look at me and pulled me into yet another hug while sobbing into my hair. 
   There were two holes in the walls and I could tell his hands were bleeding because there was blood on the wall too.

Savannah: ry let's go get you cleaned up okay?

   He sniffled, nodded and then kissed my head. 

Savannah: j where's the first aid kit? 

Justin: it's in the bathroom under the sink

   I gave him a thankful looked and walked towards the bathroom with ryan on my tail. I made him sit on the toilet seat while I fixed him up.
   It was only one hand that was bruised so I cleaned it up with water and a towel the antiseptic wiped, I then put bandages and suffix and put it in a sling. 
   The whole time I was doing this ryan was looking at me but never directly in the eyes. We kept silence until my curiosity got the better of me. 

Savannah: why did you leave? 

     He to his gaze off the first aid kit to look at his lap. He began to fidget and ignored me.

Savannah: please ryan 

Ryan: I-I-I was afraid of dad

Savannah: and you think I wasn't 

   Tears were threatening to fall but I refused to let them.
    Ryan just kept looking at his lap.

Ryan: I'm sorry savi I didn't think 

Savannah: damn right you didn't think! I stayed with that stupid bitch for 3 years by myself! 

   He stilled stayed quiet and I still wasn't finished talking so I carried on.

Savannah: I only told Justin the big picture I didn't tell him the details because they would give him nightmares just like they give me! Then I ran away when I was 13 and I said with that scum bag Liam for 4 years. I lived under his roof so I obeyed his rules and to think you could have prevented that! 

Ryan: savannah I'm so so sorry. I had no idea. Ugh I feel like such a dick! Wait no I am! Sav I'm so sorry, I know it will take time for you to forgive me but I will wait and I'm never gonna let you go again. 

   We hugged and he kissed my forehead and we walked back into the sitting room to find Justin and the boys all talking very quietly but as soon as we walked in the whole room went quiet. 
    I was liked over and sat beside Justin on the couch. Ryan sat in the armchair opposite me. 

Savannah: why so quiet?

Justin: nothing really

  I let out a yawn and leaned my head in Justin's shoulder and he put his arm around me.
   I'm beginning to feel a lot safer, especially because I'm with justin. There's just something about home that makes you feel safe. 

Justin: baby it's getting late and you look tired lets get you to sleep. 

   'Baby' that name made me get butterflies inside and like every time he touched me I got weak knees. What is this weird annoying feeling? 

Savannah: yeah ok j 

   Justin gave all the boys a look meaning to leave. They all stood up and said goodbye.
   Ryan came over and kisses my forehead and whispered "I love you" into my ears. I nodded as in to reply.

Ryan: keep her safe bro

   He addressed that to justin. All the boys let themselves out while Justin and I went upstairs. I went into my room and he went into his. 
   I quickly got changed into my pjs, did my teeth and washed me face. I made my way to Justin's room and and knocked on the door waiting for an reply. 

 *justin pov*

  I got changed and did my face and teeth and I was about to go and say good night to savannah when I heard a knock on my door and I went over to open it to see a very adorable looking savannah. 

Savannah: hey 

Justin: hey beautiful 

   I saw her blush a little when I made that remark. I moved a side to let her come in.

Savannah: look I know I probably shouldn't be asking this but I just don't want to be alone so I was wondering if I could sleep in here. 

   She wanted to sleep in here with me? Hell yeah of course. 

Justin: yeah I get it sure I don't mind

   She let out a sigh of relief while she thanked me. She stood there waiting for me to tell her to get in but I didn't want to tell her I wanted to give her the option. I need her to trust me, I need her to let me in, I need her to let me help her. 

Justin: you can get in you know

Savannah: oh yeah ok. 

   She clambered into bed and pulled the covers over her as I turned off the lights and then I climbed in next to her. 
   I lay close to her to let her know I was here and then I put my arm around her and kissed her cheek.

Justin: goodnight princess 

Savannah: goodnight j bear



Omg I'm sooooo sorry for not updating I'm just really busy but I'm on a break now soo I'll be able to update more!

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