Breaking bad

Savannah broken, lost and confused. Her boyfriend beats her she has a bad history and then it just gets worse she's troubled he's danger. What could go wrong?


1. I don't care


    *savannah pov* 

   Well hey I'm savannah, savannah butler also known as savi or sav. I live with my 'boyfriend' Liam well my so called boyfriend. I mean he says we're together but I don't know because he cheats in my with other girls all the time and he beats me. I want to leave him but I can't because I love him and I mean where else would I go? 

   I'm a runaway I ran away from home when I was 15 because my dad beat me and my mom died and my brother well he's been missing for years. When I ran away I ran so far and I was homeless and then I met Liam and he took me in.

   When we met he was 19 he was in the drug business and I became his toy and delivery girl and bate and stuff. I'm 17 now and he's 21. I think I need help to get out of here because I can't do it alone, at the moment he's all I have, all I ever really had.... 




hey guys this is the first chapter look I know it's short and stuff but I hope you like it! X

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