Isn't she lovely

Pacing around in the bathroom staring at the object on the counter, two minutes when by and I walked right up to it, I picked it up with shaky hands

Looking at the object I smiled happy,
excited, but also scared and frightened.


Harry had texted me to go meet him, he had to tell me something very important.

So did I. I hope he will react the same as I when I found out.


9. Chapter 9 - The Confession

Alli's POV:

3  weeks later

I'm 8 weeks pregnant now and my belly is getting big, and now im starting to get all the symptoms, cravings, morning sickness, you name it  

today is the day im finally going to tell roy, i've kinda been avoiding him, well ive been avoiding everyone. But im not going to hide anymore, im going to tell them all. i just hope roy doesnt say anything to harry, that is if he still keeps touch with him

Surprisingly Roy wasn't here, he's probably running late, "psst.... Barbra!" i called out for her, she was a few feet away from me, she was helping me clean around the place 

she looked around and then she saw it was me trying to get her attention "i'm going to tell roy... well everyone, about me being preg-" the bell on the door bell rung making me look that direction, uugh this is making me nervous "I just dont know how to yet" and guess who it was, Roy

barbra nodded before she could say anything roy came up to us "Sorry i was late, traffic" 

I got up early in the morning, its still morning, but im getting pretty tired. Time has passed and i was growing more nervous, ok this is it. im going to tell him

"Hey Roy, i have to tell you something" i said going up to him as he finished attending the customer, is it hot in here or is it just me

"sure, whats up alli" he said smiling, i fiddled with my hands and took a deep breath, i honestly dont feel so good right now.

"Alli, are you ok, your face is pale, you look like our going to be sick" he said looking worried

oh no here it comes

i ran as fast as i could to the bathroom, I heard Roy calling my name behind me. Luckily i made it in time and i started to vomit, suddenly i felt someone behind me, they held my hair back and rubbed my back as i continued to vomit

When I felt like i was done, I stretched my hand and flushed the toilet. I was still on the floor "Are you ok alli" Roy said helping me sit on the toilet, i wiped my mouth, i hope i dont have any vomit on my face, that would be embarrassing

i nodded "Fine... I-I'm fine"

"What happened, why did you throw up, did you eat something bad?" he said looking at me worried, "Roy...I..I"m.." i couldnt look at his face, so i looked at the floor

"hey its ok, you can tell me" he said rubbing my hand

I took a deep breath, i just have to say it,

just say it and get it over with. "I.." ugh i cant do this, I felt a hand under my chin "you can tell me" he said again

i swolloed the lump in my throat "I'm pregnant"

He didnt say anything, he didnt move, he looked frozen.

Dang it

I sighed i knew this was going to happen. i got up from the toilet getting ready to leave, he grabbed my hand stopping me from going anywhere 

He still didnt say anything, it looked like he was thining or still processing what i just said to him "Roy, i'm sorry i didnt tell you.. i was just... i was scared what you would think of me, i havent told anyone besides barbra"

he ran a hand through his hair, "How.. how long, i mean how.." he tried to speak but couldnt get it out, but i knew what he ment

"i'm 8 weeks" i said looking his way but not at him

he looked shocked, well more than he was before "But you cant even tell, i never even noticed"

"Thats why i would wear baggie clothes, so no one could tell, plus this apron is big so you cant tell" i said looking at him

"Does... does he know?" he asked

I looked away and bit my lip "Alli.."

"No, no he doesnt. Please, Please dont say anthing to him. I dont want him to feel guilty or i dont want him to come back, hes worked hard to get into the Xfactor he deserves to be happy." i said grabbing his hands begging him to keep quiet

he sighed "fine, i wont tell him, but he has to know"

"i tried telling him, but the day i was going to tell him he broke up with me and i never got to tell him"

"can i.. can i see your belly?" he asked nervous, i smiled sure. I took off my apron and then i lift my shirt showing the small bump

he gasped then smiled "Do you want to touch it?" i asked knowing that would make him happy

He looked up his eyes were twinkling it looked like he was saying 'can i?' i nodded and he took a shaky hand and he put his hand over my belly, he smiled then he gasped "It moved!" he said happily


pic of her belly ---> 



i told the rest of my co-workers and they were all happy for me, i didnt expect that to happen i thought they were all going to look at me differently or i thought they wouldn't want to talk to me ever again but i was wrong. 

I told everything to Roy, about the break up, from my dad kicking me out, me moving everything. He told me he still kept in touch with harry but they would only talk when ever he was available, i was sad to know he was talking to harry but i was also happy for him, just cause he doesn't want to talk to me ever again, im not going to make Roy stop talking to him, there best friends.


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