Isn't she lovely

Pacing around in the bathroom staring at the object on the counter, two minutes when by and I walked right up to it, I picked it up with shaky hands

Looking at the object I smiled happy,
excited, but also scared and frightened.


Harry had texted me to go meet him, he had to tell me something very important.

So did I. I hope he will react the same as I when I found out.


20. Chapter 20 - I'm your dad



Alli's POV:



Once we arrived to my house, I got out and carefully took out sleeping jenny and carried her up to the door, Harry following close behind


"Here let me help" he said and took the keys from me and opened the door, he held it open for me and helped me in.


He closed the door behind him and looked around the house. Dang I really should of cleaned this morning "I'm so sorry for the mess" I gestured to all of Jenny's toys and some of her clothes on the floor, some cups on the tables, It's pretty bad. "I haven't had time to clean"


"You have a lovely home," he said following me to Jenny's room "this isn't that bad, you should see our house when the lads stay over, it's horrible there's clothes all over the place and food on the floor, the counters, it's like there was a food fight" he said chuckling


I smiled at him, I miss hanging out with him, like when we were younger.... before he left. "When did you move out?" he asked curiously




Were in the kitchen waiting for the tea to be done, "Uhhh.... I left once you left" I replied to Harry


"Why didn't you stay with your father" just then the water was boiling, "i haven't seen him since I left" I got up from the stool in the kitchen and went to get the tea.


I poured it into his mug then mine then made it they way he use to like it, yes I still remember. It's my favorite way also


"Oh uhh I probably should of told you more specifically sorry, errr my dad kicked me out actually" I said looking away from him, my voice coming out weak. I tried to act like nothing was wrong with me and that I was fine but just thinking about my dad....


"What, I'm so sorry how I mean why!?" he asked surprised. He noticed that I was upset and put his hand on top of mine


"You know my dad and how strict he is. After you left I told him I was pregnant and he was so angry, he uhh..." I stopped for a second to take a deep breath and calm my self, I don't want to cry in front of him. "He literally pushed me out the door and told me not to come back, he said to get my stuff and leave, that he wanted me out of his house before he got back from work, and that's what I did. I got my stuff and left" I said blinking back the tears, Harry looked shocked and sorry, I spoke before he could say something


"It's fine though, I'm fine" I bit my lip


"No it's not, how could he do that and just abandon you like that." Suddenly I felt his thumb run across my lip to stop me from bitting my lip "I know your not fine Allison"


"I haven't seen him since" I softly replied "I figured that maybe he would get over it soon, so I let him have his space for a couple of days, but then I went to find him hoping he won't be mad a me anymore and that I could maybe come home again" my lip trembled and I bit my lip to stop it then continued "I knocked on his door for hours waiting for him to open but he never did, I looked through the window to see if he was home but all of his stuff was gone," tears escaped out of my eyes but I quickly wiped them away


"I knocked on my neighbors door and asked them about my dad and they told me that he moved and they didn't know where he went. I guess he was so ashamed of me that he had to leave" I laughed a pathetic laugh.


"Allison, he put his hand on mine "Im so sorry"


"It's fine, it's not your fault" I replied


"Well it kinda is, I'm the one who..." he trailed off, I understood what he meant, he's the one who got me pregnant


"He didn't even say good bye to me" I couldn't hold it in anymore and I started crying, even though my dad was strict I loved him so much and I know he loved me to but I guess I was wrong.


Harry got up from the chair he was sitting in and came around and started hugging me and whispering comforting words in my ear, I hugged him back and held him close to me and didn't let go, i could hear his heartbeat, I didn't want him to leave me again.


After an hour of silence I finally stopped crying and I knew it was time to talk about jenny, Harry knew it as well so he asked me another question "where you ever planning to tell me" he said softly


I nodded "I was going to tell you the day I found out. Which was the day you broke up with me" I looked away from him


"Oh" was all he said after a few minutes of silence he finally spoke "but you could of told me the next day when I saw you at the bakery or before I left or any other time" he said raising his voice a little


"I was upset harry, if you didn't remember I was trying to avoid you that day and well every other day." I replied glaring at him, here comes the fighting again "and you were doing a pretty good job avoiding me as well during all those months and years, I already told you that I tried to tell you, how many times do you want me to remind you"


"Well you could of tried harder" he shot back


I gave him a 'are you serious' look "I shouldn't have to try harder, clearly you didn't want to speak to me or hear about me ever again, I got the hint." All I want to know is why he was shutting me out, why he was ignoring me and why he changed


He rolled his eyes "does jenny know I'm her dad? does she ever ask about her dad? where does she think her dad is?" he kept asking questions


"She doesn't know your her father, I told her that her dad went away for his job and that he would return..." i said trailing off, i walked to the living room then sat down on the couch


"Did she ever ask about me, like what I did or where I worked, anything?" He said pacing across from me


"Obviously she asked about you! every time she would see other children playing with their dad she would get sad and ask about you and-" Harry cut me of


"And what! what would you tell her"


"I would tell her that your at work and that you miss her so much that you couldn't wait to see her soon" I replied


He sighed "What if I never returned here? what would you tell her then? she would probably still wonder who her dad is and how he looks, would she wait for him to return but then she would see that he never came! what would you do then!" he yelled


I ran a hand through my hair "I don't know"


"huh! what would you say to her!" he said yelling again


"I don't know harry!" I yelled then lowered my voice "can we please stop yelling we might wake jenny up"


Just then I heard footsteps coming down the stairs and I looked towards the hallway and saw jenny's figure standing there rubbing the sleep away from her eyes, I got up to go pick her up


"How did she get out of her crib?" Harry asked and I turned towards him


"She knows how to climb out of it" then I turned towards jenny "hey baby what's wrong"


She let out a small yawn "I heard yelling" she said then I picked her up and walked over to the couch


"Oh I'm sorry jenny, we didn't mean to wake you" I said to her and sat her down on my lap


She looked at me then Harry "why is Harry here? why were you fighting with each other"


I looked at Harry and he looked at me then jenny. I know what he wanted, I could see it in his eyes. He wants to tell jenny


"We weren't fighting..." I trailed off "we were... umm just talking really loud" oh god I'm such a bad liar, I'm pretty sure jenny didn't even buy that.


"Hi Harry" jenny said timidly, she sent him a wave and Harry smiled


"Hey there jenny" Harry smiled and waved back, he really looked happy to see her, happy that she was his daughter.


"Uh jenny I got a surprise to show you" I smiled and made her face towards me


Her eyes grew wide and she jumped with excitement, she loves surprises "what is it! is it a new toy!"


"Uhh no," then she frowned but then she smiled when I said "it's even better" I looked up to Harry and smiled


"Your dad's here" I looked at Harry again and he looked surprised, like he didn't expect me to tell her just now. But she deserved to know just like Harry deserved to know jenny is his daughter.


Then he smiled "really!" she jumped for joy "where is he?"


I looked at Harry when I heard him speak up. "Jenny" he said getting her attention, I let go of jenny as Harry came closer to her and knelt down in front of her, jenny turned towards him and smiled waiting for him to speak again "I'm your dad"









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