Isn't she lovely

Pacing around in the bathroom staring at the object on the counter, two minutes when by and I walked right up to it, I picked it up with shaky hands

Looking at the object I smiled happy,
excited, but also scared and frightened.


Harry had texted me to go meet him, he had to tell me something very important.

So did I. I hope he will react the same as I when I found out.


19. Chapter 19 - Flashbacks/Fights and Makeups








Listen to Oh Hell by SoMo for this first part. It goes with the beginning



Harry's POV:

1 year before


I rolled over laying on my back, I stared up at the ceiling. I had the biggest headache


I sat up, wait where am I? All I remember is going to the club and I meet a girl


I looked beside me and there she laid, one leg sticking out of the blanket, her back was towards me, giving me a glimpse of her bare back


I looked on the floor there was clothes sprawled all over the floor, I looked down and saw I was naked as well.


I don't remember anything. I don't remember even getting in this room. All I remember was I was drinking and then I meet that girl- who's name I have no idea, then we started dancing and drinking a few drinks then those drinks lead to more and I guess that lead to this


I got up as changed before she woke up, I grabbed my keys and stumbled for a second, this headache was horrible


I'm never drinking again....



**three months later**



I sat up and looked besides me there laid a random girl


I felt my head throbbing, ugh here comes the headache


I put on my clothes and left the room, like I always do.


I don't know why I keep doing this, getting drunk and sleeping with random girls


All I know is that I need to stop



(A/N: that was a flashback now this is the present time)



Harry's POV:



It's been a few days since I found out that I was a father, I don't understand why Allison never told me or tried getting in contact with me.


I just got out the shower and I'm in my way to roys house to talk to him about this, why didn't Roy ever tell me. We spoke on the phone and through skype he never mentioned it. I thought he was my best friend, best friends tell each other this kind of stuff.


Fifteen minutes later -felt like five minutes because I was driving so fast just to get here- I parked my car on the side of the road, someone else's car was here, I don't recognize it.


Should I come back later? No I came here for answers. I walked up to the door and I was getting ready to knock when I heard laughter and footsteps, it sounded like they were running around in there


I walked over to the window to see if I could see what was going on and I could see Roy


He was kneeling on the floor he opened up his arms and there I saw Alison run into his arms, they looked happy, what's going on, I felt... I don't know what I felt but I didn't like it


He tackled to her to the floor then lifted up his head and spoke, I couldn't hear his voice was muffled. Then I saw a little girl running towards them, not just any little girl my little girl, jenny


I couldn't take it anymore and I walk to the door and started knocking -more like banging- on the door. I kept knocking until someone would open the door


Finally in what felt like hours Roy opened the door and he looked surprised



Roy's POV:



Alli, Jenny and I were playing freeze tag while my beautiful girlfriend was in the kitchen getting us drinks.


Jenny was it and she was chasing us around the living room, I'm currently frozen on the floor, kneeling down. I saw Alli running towards me to unfreeze me but I decided to tackle her down


She screamed in surprise "hurry jenny I caught her" I said laughing


"Roy!!! no your cheating!!!" Alli said struggling in my grip


Suddenly jenny came running into the room, a big grin on her face, she was giggling as she ran with her tiny feet, she's so adorable. She looks so much like Harry it's crazy.


"Tag!" jenny said tagging her mother "your it!!"


We all laughed when we were cut off by banging on the door, I looked at Alli and she looked at me, both wondering who could be banging like that


I slowly got up and told Alli to take jenny to the kitchen with Jessica just in case it's a intruder


I walked to the door as they kept banging impatient, dang who is knocking like that-


Once I opened the door I didn't expect to see Harry standing there, he looked mad, no angry. But why?


He stormed in past me "Harry?" I said "what's going on?"


He looked at me angrily "where is she!" he yelled


Who? Alli?


"Who? what are you talking about, why are you shouting"


"Allison!" he yelled "I know she's in here, I saw how you guys were all on each other"


"What?" I asked confused


"Through the window, I saw" he yelled


Ohhh, he's probably thinking the wrong idea "no Harry it's not what it looked like, at all"


"Oh really-" he stopped then spoke "why didn't you tell me!" he yelled


"Tell you what, what are you talking about" I asked confused? That she was over? Am I not aloud to hang out with her


"why didn't you tell me that i had a daughter, that Jenny was my daughter!" he yelled frustrated and ran a hand through his hair


I was going to speak but he cut me off "your my best friend and best friends tell each other these things, I had the right to know for gods sake!" he yelled getting closer to me "or did you want her all to your self!"


"What! No how many times do I have to tell you, Alli and i are just friends. You know that she's like my sister! Plus you already know I have Jessica, I love her and if you haven't noticed I'm having a baby, with Jessica'' I yelled back at him, I'm sick of him saying there is something going on between Alli and I


"Then why didnt you tell me!" he yelled


"Beca-" I was cut off once again but instead it was a different voice




Allison's POV:



"Because I asked him not to tell you!" I yelled at Harry as I walked into the living room where they were arguing


I was in the kitchen with Jenny and Jessica and we could hear them arguing and I was sick of hearing them yelling at each other because of me, so I asked Jessica to take Jenny to Roy's room and stay there with her


He backed away from Roy and turned towards me "Why" Harry spoke "dont you think I have the right to know that I have a daughter"


I laughed a bitter laugh "I tried to tell you! I tried to tell you so many times but you were to busy getting drunk and partying all the time, you never answered my calls or texts, you changed your phone number. I was sick and tired of trying to reach you, so I decided to stop trying."


"you could of at least told my mom or sister, they could of gotten in touch with me" he replied


"don't you think I tried that harry! I did! But you wouldn't even answer them half the time so I decided to stay away from them, I haven't seen your mom since you left and that was my first time seeing Gemma in three years" I shouted at him, then I started telling him the story about how many times I called


** Flashback **


I tried to tell harry over the phone I would tell him to meet me but he wouldn't come


I called several times and he stopped answering his phone.


I called his phone a few month later hoping for him to answer, three rings later and he finally answered, I was nervous to hear his voice after all these months "Harry's phone, Louis speaking"


Oh man, it's not him "Umm may I speak to harry?" I asked Louis, I think that's one of his band members


"Uhh...Harry stepped out, may I ask who's calling" Louis spoke


"Oh, no it's ok I'm not- it's not important" I said sadly


"Do you want to leave him a mess-" I cut him off


"No it's ok, thank you bye" I said then hung up and never called again


*** end of flashback ***


"who else knows about jenny? Who knows she's my daughter" Harry asked he's starting to calm down, well sort of at least he's not yelling anymore, I've never seen him this mad in my entire life.


"just Roy, Jessica and someone else. No one else knows she's your daughter, well I don't think they figured it out yet" I said oh yeah and my parents, my mother calls me on the phone from time to time and we chat on Skype so she could see Jenny, who knows about my dad, I haven't seen him since he kicked me out. I went to see him one day but all his stuff was gone, he never even said bye to me.


"who knows" he said "what's their name?"


He's going to be so mad when I tell him, hey where's Roy? I think to my self and look around for him and he's standing a few feet away from us watching cautiously.


He even knows Harry is going to be mad once I tell him, Harry loved Barbra, almost like she was his own grandmother


"who else knows" Harry said raising his voice, he startled me and I turned towards him


"Barbra" I said looking away from him.


I glanced up at him and he was fuming, he was pacing back and forth, it looks like he wanted to break or punch something. Then he finally spoke


"So everyone knew but me! No one decided to tell me, I just saw Barbra and she didn't say anything about it" he yelled clenching his hands


"I told them not to tell you, that's why no one told you anything! Because of me so don't go yelling at Roy for something he didn't do! He wanted to tell you from the start but I begged him not to" I yelled back "so if your going to yell at someone yell at me not him or anyone else"


There was a silence and I just wanted to leave, I can't be here any more


"I cant take this anymore!" I yelled "I'm leaving" I turned towards Roy "I'm sorry to have to put you through this"


"oh no! Your not leaving until I see Jenny" Harry said grabbing my arm


I yanked my arm away from him "where Is she?" he asked and walked into the house looking through every room, I followed him behind


I don't want to stop Harry from seeing Jenny, that's his daughter to and he has the right to see her, but right now I just want to take her home and come back when Harry is calm


He kept opening every door then slamming them closed every time he didn't find her, he finally opened Roys bedroom door and stopped


"shhh!!" Jessica shushed him and stood in front of Jenny "she fell asleep"


I pushed past him and entered the room to grab Jenny "thanks for watching her" I told her and she nodded


Harry just stood there and watched Jenny laying there, he didn't look mad anymore, he looked calm, just like he wasn't screaming a few minutes ago


"Can I..." he trailed off, I know what he wanted. He wants to hold her


I nodded and picked Jenny up from the bed, she turned in her sleep and I cooed in her ear "shh shh shh shh, it's ok"


Then I carefully set her in Harry's arms, he adjusted himself so she could sleep comfortably on him


Just watching them two together makes me feel happy, that's how it should of been in the first place. Harry would of known about her and none of this would be happening.


Harry looked....happy?

He watched as Jenny slept in his arms and smiled, he gave her a kiss on her head, a tear rolled down my cheek and I looked away.


"Harry" I said interrupting his moment, I really don't want to take her away from him, he looks so happy but I have to leave now.


He looked up and knew that I was leaving. He shook his head "let me hold her some more, please"


"I have to leave now Harry" I said looking away from him, I can look at him cause then I'll just give in


"please Allison" he said, I hate how he calls me Allison, he use to call be Alli. I got use to him calling me that and not my whole name. I don't like it


I made the mistake of looking at him and I gave in "come home with me then, you can hold her there" I said and I saw a smile spread on his face


I hugged Roy and Jessica good bye and apologized for what happened today, then Harry carried her to my car and set her in her car seat. I got in my car and Harry got in his car and he followed me home.



Sorry for switching POV'S so much


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