Isn't she lovely

Pacing around in the bathroom staring at the object on the counter, two minutes when by and I walked right up to it, I picked it up with shaky hands

Looking at the object I smiled happy,
excited, but also scared and frightened.


Harry had texted me to go meet him, he had to tell me something very important.

So did I. I hope he will react the same as I when I found out.


17. Chapter 17 - Surprises

Alli's POV:

I woke up the next morning, I made us breakfast and I took jenny a quick shower before we left. i put on a cute little blue dress and blew dry her hair, her hair is growing longer and her curls are starting to curl more.

I grabbed Jenny's bag full of her stuff, extra clothes and snacks then I grabbed my purse, phone, keys and I picked up jenny, locking the door behind me

I sat her in her seat then I drove to the bakery. It was 11 in the morning so there wasn't that much cars out.

Once I got there it was quiet, there wasn't any customers, not even a single worker in the shop, are they closed or something "hello?" I called

I walked towards the back, I heard something fall in the kitchen so I made my way towards the kitchen.

The lights were off, what's going on-

"Surprise!!!!" everyone yelled, starling me a little and the lights turned on

What the?

"Happy birthday alli" Barbra came out of the shadows

Oh I completely forgot today was my birthday, and valentines day

"Thank you" I replied "I totally forgot today was my birthday"

Roy and Jessica came out from the back carrying a cake it said 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALLI!' and two candles a '1' and a '9' both of them lit.

"Make a wish" Jessica said

I don't know what to wish for, so I'll just blow them out. I got everything and every one I need right here, well except one person.

"Help me blow them out" I said to jenny, "make a wish jenny" i said since i have nothing to wish for, jenny closed her eyes tight, making her wish then we blew out the candles

"What did you wish for" i asked jenny

"If I tell you it won't come true" she said then hopped out if my arms and ran to Roy and hopped into his

"Do you know what I wished for," she try's to whisper but I can hear every word "I wished for mummy not to be lonely anymore, and for daddy to come home" she says, my eyes widen along with Roy's and we share a look.

i have no idea how to respond to that I'm sure Roy doesn't either "Mummy's not lonely, she has you" he says and hugs her close

"Thank you so much everyone" i said hugging everyone "oh and happy valentines day"


We ate cake, talked and I helped around the shop, well tried to because Barbra wouldn't let me.

After an hour or two I had to get going "thank you so much for this guys but I have to get going, I have to go grocery shopping" I said to everyone

"Aww alright Hun, we will properly celebrate your birthday later" Barbra said hugging me

I laughed "alright" then I hugged everyone bye and I left to the grocery store.

I parked into the parking lot and then took jenny out of her chair. "Time to buy food!" i cheered to jenny as we walked into the store. I gave her a big kiss and let her walk next to me as i grabbed a shopping kart.

Minutes later the kart was almost full, "mommy! i wanna get out" jenny said stretching her arms from the shopping kart chair, i helped her off and set her on the floor so she could walk around behind me. "Don't go wondering off ok jenny" i told her and she nodded

I rolled the kart to the next isle where the cereal section was and started looking for a cereal

hmm... which one, ahh here we go Frosted flakes "Jenny which cer-" i looked around for jenny and she was no where in sight, i started panicking and left the kart and started looking for her

"jenny!" i called for her, where could she have gone "Jenny where are you!"

then i found her in the next isle, i ran to her "Jenny! dont run off like that you scared me" i said as my heart beat slows down to its normal pace and i bend down to hug her "what are you doing over here" i said

"I was talking to the nice lady" jenny said "she said she knows Harry and the boys!!" she exclaimed happily, then i see what shes holding, its a cup with all the boys on there, then i look up to the lady shes talking about and i gasp at the familiar length then stand up to my full length


"Alli" gemma replies surprised, i havent kept much contact with harrys family since the break up, i kinda have been avoiding them "How have you been, i havent seen you since..." she trails off

"Mum" jenny said tugging on my jeans "you know her?" she asks, her eyebrows frowned

Gemma looks at jenny then me in confusion "Mum?" i'm still in shock and dont answer

"She's your daughter" Gemma asks puzzled

"Uhhh... yeah shes my daughter jenny" i reply, i really hope she doesnt make the connection

She smiles "Shes so adorable" she waves at jenny and stares at her in awe, then i see it in her eyes, she made the connection, she knows.......

"She's...." she says surprised "She looks just like him'' then she looks back at me and i look anywhere but her

"Alli, why didnt you say anything" she asked "Does he know"

i gulp "No" i said finally looking up at her "please gemma, dont say anything. I will explain everything later just not now, not here" anywhere but here

"What do you mean he doesnt know!" she yells and i shush her "he has the right to know alli"

"Gemma, i know, i know i tired to tell him but..."

"you have to tell him" she looks around as if shes looking for some one or if anyone is listening "He's here" she said

"What!" i whisper yell and take a step back grabbing jenny, incase i need to make a run

"He's here, you have to tell him now" she says

"i cant- im not ready, not like this" i said "where is he"

"He went to the bathroom, he should-"

"Gemma, oh there you are, look what i found" He chuckled, i froze in place, he sounded like he was behind me

i looked at gemma and gave her a pleading look and she looked away, towards harrys direction behind me, i grabbed jenny's small hand

Alright you can do this, i turned around and harry was smiling but once he saw me it slowly left his face



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There are people in this world with extraordinary gifts, we weren't asked to be special, we were just born that way.

Some of us can move objects with our mind. Others can read your mind, or make your thoughts there own.

Some can see the future. So if your like me, you can do all of them.

One thing I can't do is see the future, unlike the others, I have other gifts no other has (I haven't actually met anyone else like me)

I can teleport from one place to another and slow down time for a few minutes, but if I learn to control it, it can last for as long as I want, I also can sense when something was wrong and when someone lied to me.

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