Isn't she lovely

Pacing around in the bathroom staring at the object on the counter, two minutes when by and I walked right up to it, I picked it up with shaky hands

Looking at the object I smiled happy,
excited, but also scared and frightened.


Harry had texted me to go meet him, he had to tell me something very important.

So did I. I hope he will react the same as I when I found out.


13. Chapter 13 - Welcome Home

Alli's POV:

The nurse took jenny so they can get her cleaned up and they told me to rest

My baby was born 12/24/10 at 8:50pm 
I yawned, then I drifted of into sleep


Barbra's POV: 

We were in the waiting room while Alli was in the delivery room. It was just Roy, jessica, his mom and dad and me

The doctor told us that Alli had her baby and it was a girl and that Alli is sleeping, she must of been exhausted
He told us we can go look at the baby 

The doctor showed us the way to where they kept the baby's and there she was, little jenny, that's such a cute name for her

She had a little pink hat on and little prices of her hair was sticking out, she had brown hair, she was wrapped in a pink blanket, she looked like a little burrito the way she was wrapped

An hour passed and then a nurse came and told us alli was awake and that we could go see her 

*** (sorry about changing POV's a lot) 

Alli's POV: 

I woke up and it was 10, the nurses brought me some food and they told me I had visitors, I told her if she could send them in 

Soon I head a knock at the door "come in" I said my voice coming out a little tired 

I saw Roy's head pop through then Jessica, Barbra and Roy's parents, I wish my parents were here, I haven't seen or talked to my dad since he kicked me out and I would talk to my mom on the phone so I keep in touch with her, but she can't come since she lives in the US 

"Hey how are you?" Roy's mom asked 
I smiled "I'm good, but tired" 

"We got to see the baby, she was so adorable" Jessica said smiling 

I smiled, I was going to say something when a nurse came in pushing jenny in, in one of the little bed things they have 

It had a little name tag with her name on it, her birthday, height and weight and time she was born 

"Can I hold her" Barbra asked 

I nodded and she carefully picked her up from the little crib, then Jessica got to hold her then Roy and his parents and soon I got to hold jenny in my arms again. 

They were taking pictures of me holding her, of the baby, of them holding her, lots and lots of pictures

Soon it was time for them to leave and time for me to feed jenny. 

When I was finished the nurses came in and took jenny out and they helped me go to the bathroom and then I fell asleep again

Next morning -Christmas Day-

I woke up and had to feed jenny again, I held her and watched her drink from the bottle

I held her for a while and I kissed her forehead just before the nurses took her again 

I turned on the tv to keep me occupied since I had nothing to do, I was still pretty tired to I went back to bed

I woke up again and it was 1pm.
More of my friends came to visit, they brought me flowers and balloons 

2 days later I was finally aloud to leave the hospital, Roy came to pick me up and take me home, 

Roy came in and he was carrying a baby carrier and a baby bag, I changed jenny into a cute little outfit and then Roy out her into the carrier, then he helped me into a wheelchair, the doctor said I had to use it incase I was still weak. But I felt fine

Soon Roy pulled up in my drive way, he helped me out then he went to get jenny, he held my arm as we walked and he carried jenny in the other

I unlocked the door and he helped me in, there were balloons everywhere and flowers and stuffed animals. I was really happy 

There were gifts by my tree, I guess there the gifts I never got a chance to open. I'll open them later 

"Thanks for everything Roy, your an amazing brother" I said happily and I hugged him 

"Your welcome Alli, what are big brothers for" he said chuckling and he hugged me back 

Then we went to out jenny in her new room, Roy took her out of the baby carrier and set her inside her crib 

"You can go take a shower if you want, I'll watch her for you" he said 

"Ugh thank you, I feel disgusting" I said laughing and I left to go take a shower


Hours went by and Roy had to go. Soon it was me and jenny, this is going to take time to get use to. 

I made dinner and then I feed jenny and she went back to bed, it was really late out and I was exhausted so I went to go to sleep 


I woke up to the sound of crying I checked the time 

3am, ugh man 

I got up and made my way to Jenny's room with a bottle of milk I picked her up and feed her, when she was done I burped her and changed her diaper then I went back to bed 

I woken up to crying again, it was 6am and I made my way to her room, I changed her diaper and tried to get her to fall sleep but she would so I sang her a lullaby but she wouldn't go to sleep, then I remembered 

One time I was watching Harry's audition again and once he started singing I felt jenny move, like she liked the song or Harry's voice 

So I started to sing isn't she lovely to her and she started to calm down and soon she was fast asleep in my arms 

It took a while and now it was 6:30 am and I made my way to sleep for a little while before she woke up again.



sorry i haven't updated in a while, i have a lot of homework to do, i have a research project then i have to read this book and then i have to do chores at home. ill try to update again soon sometime.


i hope you liked this chapter, i'm working on the next chapter but i wont post it soon, i still need to edit it and get more ideas

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