Isn't she lovely

Pacing around in the bathroom staring at the object on the counter, two minutes when by and I walked right up to it, I picked it up with shaky hands

Looking at the object I smiled happy,
excited, but also scared and frightened.


Harry had texted me to go meet him, he had to tell me something very important.

So did I. I hope he will react the same as I when I found out.


12. Chapter 12 - Christmas/birthdays


Alli's POV:

I'm officially 9 months and 39 weeks one more week and my baby girl is almost out, my belly got really huge, its been really hard to sleep as well, its pretty hard to find a comfortable position to lay in, or it gets really hot. 

i'm really tired, i get real tired quickly and not to mention that i have to waddle, my feet hurt, my back, well everything does. im just tired of being tired... if that makes any sense

my doctor told me that now that im almost due, my body is getting ready for childbirth so my muscles may loosen and i might get nausea, she told me to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. 

Not only am I going to be due sometime next week but next week is also Christmas and Barbra is having a small party but its going to be held at Roy's house, his parents offered and they have a big house.

I've done a lot of Christmas shopping, for Roy, Barbra, my close friends, and of course my baby girl. I still haven't figured out a name for her, i guess ill know it when the time comes.

oh and remember like 4 months ago, when Roy and I ran into Harry at the mall and he thought something was going on between us and Roy told him he had a girl friend, well it turned out to be true, he was going to tell me that day. Of course shes going to be at the party, her name is Jessica and we've become real great friends,

I still work at the bakery i just don't do everything i use to, Barbra doesn't let me help around as much, but right now i have a 2 week break, Barbra is scared i might 'pop' anytime soon.


*** A week later***

-Christmas eve- (12/24/10)

Roy's POV:

Alli's belly got real huge, i mean HUGE!

She can't do as much as she could and she waddles everywhere like a penguin its pretty funny.

So today is Christmas eve and were at my house for a Christmas party, Everyone's here, from the bakery, to some friends and familys its getting a little full in here

I still kept in touch with harry, even after the mall insident, we skyped a few times, well when ever alli wasnt around, alli knew i would talk to him but she didnt want to see him, harry would ask about her, i can tell he misses her. Harry meet my girlfriend over skype.

Harry texted me he was going to call me today if he could, i know how busy he is now that hes in a famous boyband, im so happy for him

Right now were alll out side, we made a fire and were eatting, drinking, talking, just celebrating. It's 5 pm.

Everyone is laughing, having a good time. Barbra brought over some pasteries from the bakery so we can eat and let me tell you they are delicious. Jessica is sitting next to me, she has her head on my chest and my arms are wrapped around her kepping her warm.

Two hours went by and we were sitting around the fire talking others were dancing. My phone started rining and i dug around in my pockets trying to find it, then i checked the caller id. It was harry

i went inside the house so i could go answer since it was loud out side


Harry's POV:


Today was Christmas and Louis birthday, how cool is that. Double the presents. We were at Louis house, they threw a party and were celebrating Christmas and his birthday. We were all inside, sitting around the fireplace, chatting having fun. 

The adults were in the living room, drinking, talking, laughing, while Louis, Niall, Zayn, Liam and I were outside, we made our own little fire and we were talking, having fun, louis turned 19 today.

Its 7:34pm and i told Roy i would call him today so i decided to call him, now that i have a chance, i wonder what hes up to

"Harry" i heard roys voice "Merry Christmas" he said in a cheery mood

"Roy, hey Merry Christmas, how are you?" i asked

"I'm great, how have you been" he replied

"I've been great as well, how is your Christmas?" i said

"Its real fun, We are having a party and like everyone is here" he said chuckling " its pretty crowded, i had to step inside 'cuz it was to loud out. How is your Christmas going?" he asked

Hmm... so everyone is there, i immediately thought of Allison 
"It's great, I'm at Louis house, were celebrating Christmas and his birthday" I told him, I introduced him to the lads over Skype one day so he knows who they are 

"Wow that's great, tell Louis I said happy birthday" Roy said

"I will" I said smiling 

"I'm sorry for coming out 3rd on the xfactor, you guys were amazing and I'm happy for you guys. I know you'll make it really big, I know alli has always said that." Roy said

"It's alright, I'm just glad we've got to be part of it, it was fun I got to meet 4 amazing friends, Allison's always said that, she really believed in me" 

"Yeah and she still does, don't tell her I told you this, but she would always watch you on the xfactor" Roy said 

That brought a smile to my face. At least I know she still misses me "really, she would" 

"Mmhhmm" Roy said 

"I miss her so much, how is she? is she at the party to" I asked 

"I know she missed you to, she's doing ok and yeah she's here, I think she's outside with Jessica and everyone else" he said 

We spent what felt like hours talking on the phone soon it was 8 

Roy was laughing as I told him some of the things that happened to me during the xfactor 

I was going to speak when I heard her voice in the background "Roy, oh there you are I was looking for you, were about to open gifts" 

"Alright I'm-" Roy was saying when I heard what sounded like glass breaking 

I heard a gasp which sounded like Allison's voice. What happened I'm starting to get worried 

"Alli!" I heard Roy's voice, he sounded scared 

"Roy! what's wrong, what happened to Allison" I yelled through the phone 

It took Roy a while to answer "oh uh nothing, she just... she dropped her glass cup and then she cut herself by accident" why do I feel like he's not telling me something 

"Oh ok" I said not sure of what else to say 

"Well I got to go, it was nice talking to you have a Merry Christmas" I'll talk to you soon he said in a rush

"Uhh alright, bye and you to" I said then he hung up

Alli's POV:

Everyone was having a blast, we were sitting by the fire outside and we were listening to music and talking

Roy got a phone call and he dismissed himself and went inside to take the call. It was pretty loud out here, I'm surprised one of the neighbors aren't complaining 

I ended up talking to Jessica and we were laughing telling stories, Roy ended up staying in the house for an hour and soon it was time to open gifts, Jessica went to the bathroom and Barbra told me to find Roy so we can open the gifts 

And I did just that, I looked in the kitchen, in the bathrooms, the living room I was getting pretty tired I went to check in his room and there he was talking on the phone he was laughing pretty hard, that's how I ended up finding him, 

"Roy, oh there you are I was looking for you, were about to open gifts" I said that I felt pain in my stomach which caused me to drop my glass I was holding, then there was a puddle around me.... my water just broke 

"Alright I'm-" Roy started but he noticed I was in pain, I clutched my stomach and held myself against his dresser 

Alli!" yelled and came over to me 
He removed the phone away from him and mouthed 'harry' my eyes went wide 

Then he pulled the phone back to his ear, I think harry was saying something and Roy looked scared 

I whispered "don't say anything" 

"oh uh nothing, she just..." He looked at me for help "she dropped her glass cup and then she cut herself by accident" he said making up a lie 

I started taking deep breaths and told Roy that it was time, he looked scared 

"Well I got to go, it was nice talking to you have a Merry Christmas" he said quickly then hung up 

"It's happening! now!" he said as he helped me 

"Yes! she's coming now" I gasped and took deep breath trying to stop the pain but it was just getting worse 

We made it down the stairs carefully and then to the living room where everyone was, I was breathing trying to keep calm

"Mom! Alli's going to have her baby now!" he shouted for everyone to hear 

I squeezed Roy's hand and took deep breaths, ugh! this hurts so much!! 

Roy's mom came running to me "come on let's get you to the car" 

Roy was on one side while his mom was on the other side helping me walk, we made it to the car and Roy helped me in the passengers seat while he got in the back 


I screamed from the pain, I was sitting on the hospital bed and the doctors were getting everything ready 


My face was sweaty and it was hot in here

"Alright push" the doctor said and I did just that, I pushed and pushed, screamed in pain 

"One more" the doctor said an I did again "I see her head, come on one more"

I pushed for the last time and I heard a baby cry, I felt relieved and I felt so tired  

I saw the nurse wrap the baby in a blanket and she brought her to me, I held out my hands to hold her and she set her carefully in my arms

She was so small, she was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, I started tearing up and I kissed her forehead 

My baby, my little baby jenny 



Oh no harry heard! but
Yay!!! She finally had her baby!!


I might not update any of my story's in a while, i have to do a research project and read 'the help' and do questions, ill try to update when i can


please comment what you thought and check out my new book 'The Blind Date'

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