6. Chapter 6

Amanda's POV:

I can't believe the masquerade ball is in three days! I'm really excited but also nervous.

What if Carmen makes me clean or makes me drive all the way to china just so I can't go. Ok I might have exaggerated but that's how Carmen is and if she doesn't think of that idea I'm pretty sure Kate will give her that idea.

You know I still don't know why she doesn't like me, I never did anything to her. So why does she hate me? she probably acts like that or she really is a mean person.

Nobody at my house knows I bought a costume yet and I'm going to keep it like that. They don't have to know if I got one or if I'm actually going to go.

"Hello, what can I get you" I asked the customer that came in

"Can I have an iced coffee with milk and a strawberry & creme" she said

"Would that be all?" I replied

"Yup" the customer said

"Name? and your total will be $5.70" I told the customer

"Macy" then she handed me a $10 and I gave her her change

Chloe started making the drinks while I attended more customers once she was done making both drinks I called out for Macy and she came and thanked me and walked over to her friend that was sitting down at one of the tables.

After attending everyone that ordered we had a few minutes to our selves "wow! today was packed" Chloe said as she walked over to me and leaned against the counter to take a break before another customer came in

"I know right, probably because it's to hot out" I replied, I cleaned down the counters while Chloe started washing the dishes

"Oh can you go in the back and get a new package and refill the sugar machine" Chloe asked

"Sure" I said and walked out to the back room

"Oh and the ice to" she called out

I grabbed a package of sugar then walked to where they keep the ice maker, which is a really big machine that makes the ice.

I grabbed a bucket and filled it with ice then dumped it into an even bigger bucket where we keep the ice and kept pouring some ice in until it was full. Then I rolled it back to where we were, then I refilled the sugar machine.

I started sweeping the lobby, I cleaned down the tables and fixed the chairs that were messed up. Once I saw that more people were coming I went back to help Chloe.

I attended two customers then the next customer was up and it was Zayn, so if Zayn is here does it mean Liam is here to!? they usually hang out together. "Hey" I smiled "what can I get ya"

"Can I have two iced caramel macchiato's, a chocolate croissant and a chocolate chip cookie" I took down his order

"Your total is $11.30" I wrote down his name on the cup and passed them to Chloe so she could get started making the drinks

He handed me the money and I gave him his change then I grabbed the cookie and croissant and gave it to him.

"Thank you" he said and grabbed the stuff and stood off to the side, just then I saw Liam walk in, he walked towards Zayn and I heard what he was saying to him "did you order already"

"Yup" Zayn said "oh here's your chocolate croissant" he said handing it to him

"Zayn" I called so he could come pick up his drink and he and Liam walked up

"Here is your iced caramel macchiato's" Zayn grabbed one and Liam grabbed the other "have a nice day"

"Thanks" they said at the same time

"Hey" I heard Liam call just before I turned to walk away

"Yeah" I replied

"Haven't I seen you before" Liam said looking at me

"Oh uh yeah we go to the same school" I replied

"Oh right, I knew you looked familiar" he said, so he's seen me before that's great! I never actually thought he would notice me.

I smiled "are you going to the masquerade ball on Friday?" he asked "I heard that it's going to be great"

"Oh uh I still don't know, I might" I replied, just then a customer came in

"Well maybe I'll see you, " he said and looked at my name tag "bye Amanda"

"Bye Liam" I bit my lip to stop my self from squealing with excitement and walked over to the customer and attended him. Once he left Chloe spoke

"What was that" she said talking about Liam

"I have no idea" I replied with a big smile on my face, just then a thought crossed my mind, was he going to ask me out to the masquerade?

"I think he was going to ask you to be his date on Friday" Chloe said smirking

And wiggling her eyebrows

"Nooo.... I don't think he would, why would he ask me? he doesn't even notice me"

"Well he sure did noticed you now" she replied

Hmm... I will never know now. I just don't want to get my hopes up high because I know I won't get asked out, let alone by him.


Once I got home I started cleaning, let's see what is on the list today

- To Do List: -

• Sweep

• Mop

• Wash dishes

• Do laundry

• Vacuum

• Cook dinner

Ok time to get started, at least it's not to much this time

After an hour or so I finally finished cleaning and I started cooking dinner, I haven't seen anyone since I got home

Viola is probably out with Katie and Carmen is probably out by the pool

Once dinner was ready I walked out to the yard and saw Carmen sitting by the patio on her laptop "dinner is ready" I said walking up to Carmen

"Did you finish your chores?" she said not looking up from the screen

"Yes, I finished everything on the list" I replied to her then she looked up

"Good, I'll be right in" I excused myself and set up the table just then I heard the front door open

"Hey dinner is ready" I said once I saw viola enter

"Oh hey, thanks i'll go wash up and I'll be down in a minute" she said and ran upstairs to her room to go wash up

After a few minutes viola and Carmen entered the dining room and sat down, I brought them there plates and set it down in front of them then I poured them water

"I can't wait to go to the masquerade ball mom, I got my dress and everything all ready" viola said

"You are going to look very beautiful viola" Carmen replied

"Are you going to the ball to?" viola asked me

I was about to speak but Carmen cut me off "oh no she can't go, if you both go who will clean the house? plus you have a lot of cleaning to do that day"

"What! that's not fair, please let me go" I pleaded "I never go anywhere, please let me just go out that day"

"I said no and it's final" Carmen snapped and continued eating


Once dinner was over I washed the dishes and angrily walked to my room, I can't believe she's not letting me go, it's not fair that I can't go anywhere

I took a shower and by the time I got out it was 11, I stayed up till 12 doing my homework then I fell asleep on my bed, today has been exhausting


I hope you guys like it, I tried to make it nice and long


Sorry I haven't updated in a while.

Unedited, I wrote on my phone so sorry for any mistakes

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